Zenith Launches A New Generation Of Defy Xtreme Sea Series

Challenge The concept of the ultimate watch comes from F1 racing, and its design is closely related to its functions. For example, the dial incorporates two complementary construction methods: a multi-level process (different materials are stacked on top of each other) and a honeycomb process (to make the material stronger). The engineers also used the physical principles of shock waves to design the case to disperse the impact. The chronograph’s spiral hands also ensure greater resistance, as they can evacuate energy in the event of an impact.
先进 ZENITHIUM This advanced material is applied to one or more mandrels. This new material is three times harder than stainless steel and combines metal titanium (increased strength), aluminum (weight reduction), and niobium (shape memory). As a result, DEFY Xtreme is super powerful, unbreakable, and safe even at 100 atmospheres or 1,000 meters deep.
Such a technological miracle delivers a new aesthetic vision. Rose gold brings a new design concept, which has inspired the whole series, whether it is a tourbillon, a chronograph happy, an aviation model or a kinetic energy storage model. On the case or strap, the contrast with titanium and Kevlar fiber is so striking; on the dial, carbon fiber is set against the rose gold propeller, pointer and movement cover. Overall, the contrast between the two colors gives this watch an unexpected impact. Today, ‘fashion charm’ has become its new impetus.
ZENITH Defy Xtreme Chronograph Sea
Material: black titanium, carbon fiber
Movement: El Primero 4000 SX automatic winding movement (31 stones)
Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds, date display / stopwatch function / helium exhaust
Strap: black titanium, tempered glass fiber blend, butterfly clasp
Water resistance: 1000 meters
Mirror: Sapphire Crystal
Exaggerated and domineering case shape
     Defy Xtreme is a sports series launched by ZENITH in 2006 and a turning point in the design of ZENITH watches. This is because in the past, Zenith watches were more classic, but Defy Xtreme appeared in an exaggerated and domineering case, with a diameter of up to 46mm, a completely black black titanium case, and a number of technology concepts and materials. The completely professional appeal also presents an amazing appearance. When it comes to innovative or composite materials, Defy Xtreme fits almost exactly from the inside out. The first is the black titanium material of the case. Although it is similar to a titanium alloy, its hardness is 60% higher than that of stainless steel and it is twice as light as titanium alloy. This is to prevent such a huge case from being overly heavy, and To be able to cope with severe collisions, precisely because of its high hardness, ZENITH also developed special diamond drills and cutting tools to make Defy Xtreme’s watch cases, bands and other parts.

The combination of black titanium and carbon fiber
     The unique double-grid crown guard bridge, combined with black titanium, is the standard to withstand the impact design. This time, the carbon fiber material is added to the bezel, which echoes the carbon fiber push handle, which shows the Xtreme sports style.
Multi-level visual effects
     The design of the face plate has also been specially conceived. It seems that the multi-level visual effect is actually composed of Hesalite, aluminum and carbon fiber materials. However, in the chronograph model, a fourth carbon fiber material is also added. Its multi-level concept is derived from the honeycomb structure, which can effectively resist impacts and disperse the impact force from the outside. Even a small seconds turntable is designed with a device, that is, when the impact force reaches a certain stage, the The device will be released to allow the turntable to rotate, forming a physical effect called Helical, which increases the strength of the faceplate force. Inside, of course, is Zenith’s proud El Primero movement, from tourbillons, power reserve chronographs to chronographs. In 2008, a micro three-tier date dial (Stealth) was added, but among them Most importantly, ZENITH has exclusively developed a material called Zenithium. It is a new metal made of titanium, steel and aluminum. From development to use in El Primero high-speed movement, it took a total of five years to complete the volume. This material emphasizes the ability to absorb external shocks. Defy Xtreme uses a total of three bridges on the balance wheel, escapement wheel and chronograph wheel set, so it can stabilize key wheel sets and maintain accurate travel time and timing.

Professional strength up to 1000 meters
     The black titanium screw-in case back provides Defy Xtreme’s 1000-meter-high water resistance. The words on the case back are also unambiguously changed to blue.
Surprisingly calm and resolute
     In 2008, Defy Xtreme added the Sea style, which mainly appealed to the concept of summer sports and the sea. Therefore, many details of the watch are presented in blue, such as time scales, numbers and time dials, and other parts continue the original Design, but the overall dark blue with black titanium visual effects, surprisingly stable and resolute, but ZENITH has also significantly increased the composite material, such as the use of carbon fiber material for the bezel, and more particularly, ZENITH was originally in the The Chinese and Israeli stainless steels contain a mixture of Kevlar fiber and aluminum, while the Sea model uses black titanium to cover a reinforced mixture with 20% glass fiber. Defy Xtreme’s overall use of innovation and composite materials has reached a very high level. After the change, this time series Sea series still has many different new ideas.