Want To Be As Independent And Romantic As Zhong Chuxi And Miao Miao? You Need A ‘moon Beauty’ Fanghua Shuangdan’s Favorite

Recently, the TV drama ‘Youth Must Be Early’ was held in Shanghai. The first star exposure of male and female starring is the popular fried chicken-Hu Yitian and Zhong Chuxi!

The opening ceremony of the TV series ‘Youth Must Be Early’

 With her wonderful performance in ‘Fanghua’, Zhong Chuxi became the new national goddess in one fell swoop. With a sharp-edged high-end face, the fans shouted as if she saw the shadow of Shu Qi and Zhang Ziyi.

Film ‘Fanghua’ stills poster

 Due to the setting of the two heroines in the film ‘Fanghua’, Zhong Chuxi and Miao Miao are often compared by the media and the audience. The two not only staged wonderful life duels in the movie, but also lived their own colors outside the play. As the saying goes, ‘beauty is the nature of girls.’ In real life, whether they are shooting in magazines or dressing daily, Zhong Chuxi and Miao Miao each have their own styles. Zhong Chuxi is bold and independent. Romantic and fresh. However, in choosing the taste of the watch, the two have reached a consensus.

 Recently, the two wore Blancpain women’s series ‘Moon Beauty’ watches and took photos to show their unique temperament and style. As a ‘romantic choice for independent women’, the Swiss luxury watch brand Blancpain’s women’s series moon beauty watch has been loved by many Chinese and foreign stars for its vivid moon phase expression, and the moon phase face has become Blancpain’s second Logos.

Moon phase face of Blancpain
 Blancpain has five different moon phase expressions, playful and agile, different expressions, or joy, or arrogant, or ridiculous, or thinking, some playful, some sexy, but there is no lack of ‘romantic’.

Wondering what made Moon Beauty a favorite of Fanghua Shuangdan?

Today I will introduce 3 models of Huadan, let’s find out!

Blancpain Women’s Eccentric Date Retrograde Moon Phase Watch
 Although this timepiece is not from Blancpain’s traditional full-calendar moon phase series, it has the functions of moon phase profit and loss and retrograde date display. It perfectly integrates romantic feelings and watchmaking creativity, and will capture the hearts of thousands of women. At the same time, the most romantic elements in the history of Blancpain-mother-of-pearl, gorgeous diamonds, smart pointers, soft moon face, etc., are set in favor of the ‘heart’ and cannot extricate themselves.

Blancpain Women’s Date Moon Phase Watch

 This watch has a bezel set with 48 diamonds and a stainless steel case with a diameter of 29.20 mm. The delicate white matte dial features willow-shaped hands and a playful and romantic moon phase indicator for beauties. This
‘Moon Beauty’ smiled, and there was a beautiful mole on the corner of her mouth. There is also an interesting historical story-in the eighteenth-century France, the mole on the corner of a smiling mouth represents a provocative attitude. At that time, women of the court aristocracy would respond to admirers by painting a beauty mole, and the meaning changed with different positions. The location of the beauty mole on this watch means that if you meet the man you want, she secretly conveys ‘Yes,
 I do! ‘.

Blancpain Women’s Calendar Moon Phase Watch

 Stars and time are two cosmic phenomena that human beings have been obsessed with since history. The full-calendar moon phase watch is a great achievement in studying the deep relationship between astronomy and chronograph. This women’s full-calendar moon phase watch makes you look intoxicated, mother-of-pearl surface, graceful and elegant, 6 diamond hour markers, shining, moon phase indicator at 6 o’clock, delicate and vivid, platinum Case with crocodile strap. Date, week, month (full calendar) function processing is simple, clean, clear and transparent, and the balance is rare, and the power reserve function of 100 hours (without winding within 4 days) makes people unexpectedly amazed Pere’s watchmaking process has reached the point where the fire is pure.

 Blancpain believes that romance is a word above love, a yearning for the ordinary world, a serious enjoyment of life, and a state of high-level aesthetics and freedom and joy. Romantic independence does not require a figurative scale. Women start to focus on themselves, that is, they have independence. Independence does not mean refusing to care and accompany. At the same time as being spiritually independent, you can still enjoy the spark of heart and the joy of sharing.

 However, Moon Beauty is not just ‘romantic’, it is also ‘independent’. Moon Beauty is equipped with Blancpain’s 100% self-produced mechanical movement for women’s watches. Energetic, embellish the most wonderful life with the most secure company.

 Fanghua Shuangdan loves Blancpain Moon Beauty, how about you?