Tradition And Innovation Blancpain Brings A Lifestyle

The following is an interview with Liao Yu, Vice President of Blancpain China

Q: What new changes do you think have brought to the reconstruction of the Basel watch exhibition venues this year?

A: The new design, new look and new weather are the overall impression Basel gave everyone this year. The whole venue looks more orderly. With the increase of the space of the venue, the brand has more leeway in the design performance of the image. The change of Blancpain’s venue is that the overall area has been doubled by one and a half; the product display space and conference room have been added; the exterior design of the entire Blancpain pavilion is a new 3D three-dimensional design, showing the brand’s different product series styles and manual Craft culture. The most important thing is that the exhibition hall on the first floor of Blancpain introduces the lifestyle elements unique to Blancpain, the ‘Life Experience Club’. Everyone can enjoy Blancpain’s cuisine, fine wine, cigars and other exquisite lifestyle culture here. .

Q: Many people this year described the Chinese market in 2013 as the ‘winter’ of watches. Major brands are conservative and wait and see. What do you think of this year’s market?

A: It should be realized that the high-speed growth of the high-end watch industry in the past ten years has passed, and it has begun to enter an era of stable growth. The future market trend should gradually move towards stability, calmness and order. The guests will also look at it more objectively and realize that the brand is more core. The market has begun to enter the real strength contest from the surface. The future market for the brand needs to be treated with a more solid, pragmatic, and pragmatic approach, including technical, service, and core competitiveness. Brands need to be more solid in making products, serving customers, and developing steadily.

Q: Under such an environment, will it have any impact on the development of Blancpain in the Chinese market?

A: Blancpain is a brand with real core competitiveness, and its strength can be displayed more in this more orderly and rational market. Our competitiveness is actually the core of our real product making, such as our technology, our R & D capabilities, our pragmatism, we take each watch model, every function seriously, and take quality and craftsmanship seriously. These are the core competitiveness of Blancpain. Blancpain’s development in the Chinese market can be described as a thick and thin development. In the future, the brand’s unremitting commitment to tradition, innovation and service will not change, and the strict requirements for products and the serious responsibility to consumers will not change. Dealing with consumers Treating this market will show more sincerity and a better service attitude, so that brands can gain consumer and market recognition with a true and sincere attitude.

Q: This year coincides with the 60th anniversary of the Blancpain 50 hunt series. Will there be any major moves in China?

A: Blancpain’s Fifty Hunt series is a professional diving watch series. It is a watch from the practical point of view that brings real value to fans. Fifty Xun represents respect for diving professionals and insights into the diving industry. We will have some touring exhibitions and 60th anniversary commemorative activities this year, and at the same time, there will be some new series of watches to bring to you. The sporting spirit behind the pursuit of breakthroughs and challenges is represented by the person behind it. Now a person wearing a diving watch may not go diving, but this watch definitely carries his dreams and feelings for sports and the ocean. This spirit and pursuit Irrespective of gender, is the inherent cultural root of human beings. We very much hope that through the story of Fifty Xun, this series will create a culture that is more accepted by watch lovers, rather than simply a commercial gimmick for business purposes.

Q: The Blancpain 50 Xun watch launched an entry-level model that only cost more than 70,000 this year. What are the considerations?

A: The Bathyscaphe series is part of the Blancpain Fifty Hunt family. It is a series of Blancpain that was launched in the 1950s. This year’s new Bathyscaphe makes this series more complete. We use new materials, new The design and new technology of this series made a brand-new molding and interpretation of this series. In this year’s full series, we have for the first time breakthroughly adopted silicon hairsprings to enhance the accuracy of the movement. We have adopted a patented material such as liquid metal to ensure a perfect fit with the ceramic inner ring. Tuo, the design is more fashionable and more contemporary.

Q: This year, Blancpain combined Carrousel and Tourbillon, Carrousel, Three Questions, and Extraordinary Time for the first time. Why did two high-performance watches with such a breakthrough and innovative spirit be launched in one year?

A: Innovation is the tradition of Blancpain. The innovations of basic models, complex models and high-complexity functions are all the traditions of Blancpain, and they are the same every year. In the past six or seven years, every year Basel at Basel will introduce many new movements, and this year is no exception. In particular, the ultra-thin Carrousel Tourbillon watch, the Carrousel Minute Repeater, the deep-water timer and the application of a large number of silicon hairspring technology are all new products this year. Blancpain, as the representative of traditional Swiss manual mechanical watchmaking, is the most valued brand in the industry for the exploration and development of internal movements and mechanical watch functions. Its responsibility lies in continuously seeking innovation and development in the practical functions of mechanical watches. At this point is the pioneer of the Swatch Group and the industry’s top watch.

Q: Blancpain has always attached great importance to the research and development of women’s mechanical watches, and this year also launched a number of women’s watches with complicated functions or exquisite craftsmanship, can you explain for us? Will this series of women’s watches continue and develop in the future?

A: In terms of making women’s watches, Blancpain’s women’s watches pay great attention to beautiful and elegant appearance. Second, they pay attention to design while taking into account the use of high-quality movements, including the use of functions. Focus on both. Blancpain’s women’s watch designs are becoming more and more beautiful and elegant. At the same time, they also pay attention to the internal movement technology and provide women’s watches with real core values. These are two characteristics of Blancpain’s women’s watches. For women’s watches, everyone likes to use quartz movements, but Blancpain has never used quartz movements. Blancpain women’s watches are all mechanical movements and movements with complex functions. We spare no effort to increase its actual value and the actual weight of women’s watches. This year’s Blancpain women’s chronograph has an elegant and elegant design. The distinctive eccentric chronograph movement is also a completely independent new movement. The watch that combines the elegant design and practical functions suitable for women is continuously developed for women. This is Blancpain’s heritage of tradition and innovation.