The Most Advanced Design Concept Recommended By Three Top Brands Luxury Watches

Tambour LV Cup watch specially made by the Louis Vuitton Cup, the dial integrates the shape of the sail, the 9-minute minute hand chronograph, and the 10-minute mark is marked by a striking red
The greatest trip-the past and present of the Louis Vuitton Cup In 1983, the America’s Cup regatta evolved into two events. The first is the Louis Vuitton Cup, the qualifier of the America’s Cup. Only the winner of the Louis Vuitton Cup is eligible to challenge the previous American Cup champion. At that time, the leader of the ‘Baron Bich’ team invited friends who worked at Louis Vuitton to the summer resort of Rhode Island, Newport, to visit the America’s Cup. Soon, both parties discovered that the passion of the America’s Cup and the value it carries are in line with the spirit of Louis Vuitton’s brand-for many years, Louis Vuitton has been continuously exploring the meaning of travel to human beings, and the world-renowned America The regatta proved to people that the world’s greatest travel can be experienced only by breaking the waves on the ocean. From 1983 to 2007, the Louis Vuitton Cup, the outpost of the America’s Cup regatta, was held 7 times, witnessing a series of historical events such as the return of the America’s Cup to Europe after 152 years. In 2008, while defending champion Switzerland’s ‘Alinghi’ was still arguing with the American challenger ‘Oracle BMW’ over the rules of the game, the Louis Vuitton Cup and the America’s Cup sailing race broke up. Message. In 2009, the reborn Louis Vuitton Global Sailing Series (LVWS) came into people’s sight. This is undoubtedly good news for top professional players, because LVWS is second to none in the world, whether it is the setting of the schedule, the location of the races or the 5ACC class single-handed sailing boat.
The origin of J12-Chanel and the America’s Cup
The America’s Cup Regatta is the world’s earliest intercontinental sporting event and the originator of modern international sporting events. In 1851, the ‘America’ ​​sailboat owned by the New York Yacht Club was invited to participate in a competition with fifteen sailboats representing the Royal Yachts fleet. As a result, the Americas won unexpectedly and brought the trophy back to the United States, sweeping the face of the confident British. As a result, the America’s Cup regatta, the world’s top sailing challenge for honor, kicked off. This money-burning campaign, which is closely related to wealth and honor, has never really achieved fair competition. The wealthy people invest at no cost in order to make their sailboats better. In order to restrict the vessels of the sailing competition, some ‘international rules’ were successively formulated, such as the 12-meter rule of the International Sailing Federation which was applied from 1958 to 1987. Chanel’s J12 watch draws design inspiration from it. With a superior shape and advanced high-tech precision ceramic materials, it reproduces the scene of the ’12-meter class’ in the America’s Cup. .
Speaking of Ralph Lauren, everyone will always think of its iconic Polo shirt reflexively, but most people are still strange to its clocks. Ralph Lauren has been involved in the watch industry since last year, and has previously been in the European and American markets. This year, he began to enter the Chinese mainland. Many watch friends naturally classify it as a fashion watch when they see a watch produced by a fashion brand. I don’t quite agree with this view. Fashion brands are best at designing. After designing the game and borrowing the movement technology and production technology of professional manufacturers, can you say that this watch is not a professional watch?
From Polo shirts to watches, although spanning different fields, Ralph Lauren is exactly the same in the high-end positioning of the product. Ralph Lauren’s flagship watch is the Stirrup series. The stirrup-shaped design makes people know at first glance that it is the designer’s best effort and has the potential of flagship products. I took the watch in my hands and looked carefully, and found that the overall craftsmanship of this watch was indeed exquisite, almost indistinguishable from the high-end watches of professional manufacturers. Ralph Lauren watches of different styles, using Piaget, Jaeger-LeCoultre and IWC, respectively, coupled with the design of star characteristics, this fashion brand on the stage of high-end watches, has taken its own professional ‘dressing Dance steps. ‘