The Combination Of Brilliance And Elegance Tasting Patek Philippe’s Complication Timepiece Series World Time Watch

For modern ladies, the meaning of a wrist watch is no longer as simple as a timing tool, but also the wearer’s own unique charm and taste. The design of this type of watch has also changed, abandoning the traditional non-gold and diamond stacking, and thus paying more attention to the presentation of practical functions and exclusive styles. This is the case of Patek Philippe, the top Swiss watchmaking brand. Based on the traditional classic watchmaking aesthetics, it integrates complex functions other than time display and simple date display into the new ladies’ timepieces, and then uses luxury precious metals and bright Diamond embellishment creates a masterpiece for the elegant lady of the modern city. In 2017, Patek Philippe launched the World Series Timepiece in white gold at the annual Basel Watch & Jewellery Fair. The high-cold white gold case is set with sparkling diamonds, which integrates world-time functions. Decorated with blue-gray hand-carved patterns, the elegant tones under the shiny diamonds are impressive. Let’s enjoy this watch together: (watch model: 7130 7130G-014)

Twenty-four hour world time and day and night display

   Patek Philippe World Time is also known by collectors as ‘Heure Universelles (World Time)’ and is one of the brand’s most popular complication watches. In addition, brand watchmakers have added ingenuity here, integrating the day and night display function on the world time indicator dial. Through simple observation, users can intuitively judge where they are and the remaining 23 time zones. Time and day and night conditions make the world under control.

Watch real show

White gold case with diamonds 36 mm diameter
   This time, the case with 62 diamonds is made of 18K white gold and polished by a polishing process. It not only shines, but also gives the beauty of perfect and smooth lines.

   From the side of the watch, the 18K white gold case is fuller and more exquisite, blending perfectly with the lugs and full of perception. The platinum crown is engraved with the classic logo of Patek Philippe ‘Calatrava Doji’, showing the beauty of brand recognition. Surrounded by non-slip texture, the feel is first-rate, making time debugging more convenient.

   On the mature, elegant blue-gray dial, the two hands in the central hour and minute and the solid gold hour markers complement each other, making the indication of the time in the first time zone more clear and intuitive. The center plate is decorated with hand-carved patterns, which is full of ornamental. Only through the simple debugging of the 10-point single-button city button, the time in the twenty-four time zone and the local day and night conditions can be clearly displayed, simplifying the complicated world time adjustment operation, making world time clear at this moment.

   Through the sapphire crystal transparent cover, the Patek Philippe Cal.240 HU self-winding movement appears in front of the eyes, like a gold pendulum full of agility, engraved with the classic logo of Patek Philippe ‘Calatrava Doji’, showing a unique recognition beauty . It is in a corner, not overwhelming, and complements other parts, which makes people stand out. The Patek Philippe imprint is engraved on the splint, guaranteeing the watch’s excellent performance. This watch has a 48-hour power reserve and a daily water resistance rating of 30 meters.

   The bright peacock blue square scale crocodile leather strap is decorated with the same color hand stitching, which is elegant and generous.

   The 18K white gold pin buckle is also set with 27 diamonds, echoing the case, showing the overall aesthetic of the watch.

Patek Philippe Complication Timepiece World Time

Summary: Under the illumination of the light source, the visual effects of the hand-decorated pattern and the blue-gray bezel are more charming, blending with the bright peacock-colored watch, creating a unique look and feel. Echoing the 18K white gold diamond case, you want it now. If you like this precious work on your wrist, you may wish to pay more attention to it. Watch price: RMB 384,300