Swatch 51 Introduces Metal Series Mechanical Watches

Must admit that there is some tacit understanding among men. When they entered the vanity market of society, the ‘mechanical complex’ in their nature made them anxious to find a loyal comrade in arms.

When considering how to formally introduce Swatch’s ‘STEM51 IRONY’ to Swatch, we randomly asked 51 men the same question through different channels: in the era of smartphones, you will also long for a piece of Is a ‘legendary’ mechanical watch?
The men’s response was straightforward, diverse, and coincident. The new generation of men still has a high degree of character, demeanor and persistence on the mechanical watch. Let us realize that they are invited to “join Swatch’s machinery together. ‘Revolution’ will be a wonderful event. We are honored to share with you today the resonance that these men only understand, and the legendary mystery of the 51 metal series of installation.

I. What is a mechanical watch?
In the most popular terms, mechanical watches do not use batteries and rely entirely on mechanical principles to complete timekeeping. The mechanical watch corresponds to a quartz watch, and the differences between the two can be distinguished at a glance, even if they do not have complicated related knowledge: In addition to the most intuitive ‘AUTOMATIC’ words, the running time of a mechanical watch is continuous and uninterrupted, while the The second hand is one tick at a time. The reason is that the movement of the mechanical watch relies on the internal precision mechanical devices to move the whole body; and the quartz watch relies on the vibration of the quartz plate to push the second hand forward. Objectively, there is no absolute difference between mechanical watches and quartz watches, but in the eyes of mechanical enthusiasts, a legendary mechanical watch has a great heritage and expression of classics, culture and watchmaking technology, which is more secretive. The strong ‘mechanical complex’ carried by mechanical watches.

II. The character of a gentleman, the ‘mechanical expression knot’ of a man
The ‘mechanical expression knot’ will gradually increase with changes in age, experience and social status. For men, the awakening of this complex usually occurs between the ages of 25 and 35, and it always seems that there is something missing on the wrist. When facing the first formal watch in life, their choices focused on mechanical watches. It is true that the confidence and conquest of high-end watches that rely on sophisticated machinery can never be replaced by mobile phones and quartz watches. It can be said that owning a mechanical watch is a sign that a man is moving towards maturity and a wider world.

The sprouting of mechanical expression knots is probably inseparable from the nature of men who love disassembly and assembly and enjoy the joy of manipulation and control since childhood. Those tiny and delicate mechanical devices always seem to have an inexplicable appeal to men. They firmly believe that the graceful experience brought by meticulous mechanical operation is an indescribable sexiness. They firmly believe that the mechanical operation of strict silk stitching is more emotionally precise and controllable than the quartz crystal. Taking device 51 metal series as an example, the wearer can see the escapement and swing of the automatic rotor through the see-through watch bottom cover. Wouldn’t it be a respectable thing to be able to pack such a complicated process into two small pieces of glass? A mechanical watch is never an industrial product. It is a work of art, a ‘jewelry’ for men, and the most indispensable ‘high-end toy’ after a boy has evolved into a man.
III. What does ’51’ mean? Subversion and innovation in 30 years!
From the new generation of men who love mechanical watches, you can find more common features: youth, personality, appearance, life quality and career development are in a period of rapid rise. For daily accompanying accessories, usually follow the guidelines of few and fine. In other words, this watch must be present at business occasions, but also complemented by daily leisure, without losing identity and taste. It can be said that before the introduction of the 51 metal series, there has never been a mechanical watch that fits the demands of these young high-quality sportsmen. Not to mention the surprising pricing that made the legendary Swiss mechanical watch so accessible for the first time.

Inheriting the ingenious ingenuity of the previous Swatch traditional mechanical series, the 51 metal series mechanical watch introduced this time has achieved leapfrogging and innovation in technology and design. The mechanical movement module is still fixed by a central screw. It has an extraordinary 90-hour kinetic energy storage, 17 patent applications … and the common characteristics of all 51 series of Swatch devices-only 51 parts Into a mechanical movement, the parts of a general mechanical watch are at least twice his!

The number ’51’ is also related to the first Swatch quartz watch in 1983. In 1983, Swatch shocked the innovation of the watch industry by optimizing the original hundreds of quartz movement components to only 51; in 2013, this subversive innovation was upgraded to mechanical watches; in October 2016 , Swatch grandly launched seven devices 51 metal series mechanical watches! Becoming the world’s first fully automatic assembly and production of mechanical watches is a milestone in the watch industry’s technological innovation.
IV. It’s an entry model and an IT Watch!
In addition to legendary roots and advanced technology, the device 51 metal series has also attracted attention as the ‘IT Watch’ in the legendary Swiss mechanical watch camp because of its reasonable price, young positioning and extraordinary personality. It can be your mechanical watch. The first watch in the field that really comes into the room can also be the trendy choice in your collection to show the fashionable and young attitude.

As one of the representatives of Swiss watches, the advantages of the 51 metal series movement are very prominent: 90-hour kinetic energy reserve is twice that of traditional mechanical watches, which means that it is not winded on weekends. Love watches run as usual on Mondays, and the original Swiss-made watches are even higher. As a symbol of quality, the travel accuracy is also controlled to + -10 seconds per day, which is almost negligible. At the same time, the overall design of device 51 metal series is smooth and smooth. The style of strap made of 316L medical steel and leather material is combined with innovative cutting-edge watchmaking technology to create a series of outstanding designs with bold and modern design and full of unlimited power. There are seven designs including ‘device · bright arrow’, ‘device · flying’, ‘device · earth’, ‘device · north’, and ‘device · soul’, which will hit you.

After more than a hundred years leading the revival of the Swiss watchmaking industry, this time, Swatch first presented a metal series mechanical watch, which became the starting point for the general public to contact high-end mechanical watches. If you also have mechanical expression knots, if you dream of having a perfect entry-level mechanical watch, if you want to have more common topics with the outstanding men you long for … come to install 51 metal series to find you Style, join Swatch’s mechanical revolution together!