Rolex Stores Set Up In Beijing Skp To Present A Weekly Calendar Type 40 Shengdian

On November 26, 2015, in the bustling commercial and shopping mall SKP in Beijing, a new Swiss Rolex watch brand opened its Rolex store. At the same time, Rolex also held an exhibition here, perfectly presenting a new generation of Oyster Perpetual Week Calendar Type 40.

   The new Rolex store on the first floor of SKP has a great location and convenient transportation. Laser-etched aquarium glass walls are lined with soft light and wave patterns, and Rolex’s iconic golden crown can be seen everywhere on the entrance, wall, display cabinets and front door handles.
   Polished walnut display cases, bronze embellishment, Spanish beige marble from Andalusia, cream leather table tops and panelling, all match the temperament of the Rolex watches on display, creating a luxurious and luxurious customer experience space.
——Activity scene——

   At the opening ceremony, Mr. Daniel Neidhart, Chairman of Rolex China, Ms. Xie Dan, Deputy General Manager of SKP Beijing, and Mr. Li Yundi, Rolex’s spokesperson and Chinese classical pianist, attended the ribbon cutting event and celebrated the opening of the new store.

    In addition, the ‘Oyster Perpetual Weekly Calendar Type 40 Exhibition’ on the fourth floor of SKP in Beijing will also be on display for the public from now until December 8. At Baselworld this year, Rolex introduced a new generation of Oyster Perpetual Day-of-the-Day Calendar models. For this prestigious model, it incorporates new designs, including a 40mm case, and a new standard in timepiece performance New 3255 mechanical movement. The Beijing SKP’s Oyster Perpetual Weekly Calendar 40 watch exhibition looks back at the past and present legends of the weekly calendar and witnesses the continuation of history in modern times.

Day of the week 40 platinum

Week calendar type 40 rose gold

Week calendar type 40 platinum

Summary: Rolex’s weekly calendar type has always been cast in gold or platinum, and has been known for a long time since its introduction in 1956, becoming the pinnacle of Rolex’s watch technology. Because this series of watches are well received by celebrities and prominent figures, they also enjoy the reputation of ‘the watch of the head of state’. Its long-lasting appearance and long-lasting movement is definitely a watch once and for all. Interested table friends can go to Beijing SKP in the near future.