Piaget Piaget Releases Rose Gold Blue Special Edition

Bulgari and Piaget proudly present the latest members of the exciting Bulgari blue series: Piaget Possesion rose gold watch special edition Bulgari blue, with blue alligator leather watch Belt, this is a luxury timepiece designed for discerning ladies.

   Many people associate blue with the sea, others think of the blue sky, and some people think that blue is the color of freedom. However, connoisseurs of fine watchmaking always associate the Bulgaire blue series. This prestigious collection includes a selection of Swiss watchmaking art, exclusively provided by Bulgari. For the past three years, Bulgari has been reinterpreting iconic timepieces. Today, for the third time, Bulgari collaborates closely with Piaget Piaget (as far back as 1979) to create a unique, novel and elegant masterpiece of the Bulgari blue series: Piaget Possesion rose gold watch Bulgari Blue special edition.

Rose gold bezel & sapphire hour markers

   This is an exquisite masterpiece-feminine, playful and sensual. The rose gold rotating bezel is set with brilliant diamonds and gorgeous sapphires. The dial is embellished with smaller blue sapphires and serves as a time marker. Finally, the vibrant blue strap provides bold, sharp contrast.

Designed for elegant and discerning ladies

   This is a classic reproduction of Piaget’s legendary Possession series. It is designed for elegant, sophisticated and confident women, and it is the pearl of watchmaking. The ring rotates smoothly around the dial, reminding her to pursue her world and never wavering. Eye-catching colors highlight her personality, power and creativity, while the clever composition of the watch as a whole emphasizes the wearer’s uniqueness. With Piaget Possesion rose gold blue special edition Piaget watch, Piaget and Piaget are perfect companions for women who have the courage to go their own way and live according to their own rules-especially by choosing a clear style All aspects of her personality.

   The new watch conveys this impression with the smallest details. Because since Piaget Piaget was founded in 1874, the company has combined imaginative creativity with unique watchmaking and jewellery expertise and sincere enthusiasm for meticulous attention to detail. The new Piaget Possesion rose gold blue special edition is the perfect example.

   It is reported that Piaget’s Possesion rose gold watch special edition Bulgaire blue will be officially listed on September 9, 2019, and will be exclusively sold by Bulgari. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)