Passion For The Public Good Focus On Improving Product Quality! Watch House Dialogue With Mr. Liao Yu, Vice President Of Blancpain China

At a time when marine pollution is getting worse, Swiss watch brand, ‘the creator of classic timepieces’, Blancpain is devoted to marine public welfare, and continues to invest in various public welfare fields such as marine exploration, protection, dialogue and education To fulfill the lofty promise of ‘mind the ocean’ with practical actions. During the recent ‘Mind in the Ocean’ event, Watch House had the honor to interview Mr. Liao Yu, Vice President of Blancpain China, to listen to him and talk about some views on the ocean and the watch industry.
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Watch House: As we all know, maintaining and promoting the healthy development of marine ecology has always been regarded by Blancpain as one of its core businesses. What initially prompted Blancpain to launch this global public welfare activity?
Mr. Liao Yu: Maintaining and promoting the healthy development of the marine ecosystem has always been part of the Blancpain brand culture. In the 1950s, Mr. Jacques Fiechter, then CEO of Blancpain, was a diving enthusiast. Based on his own experience and needs, he set out to create a pioneer of modern diving watches. It is the beginning of Blancpain’s association with the ocean. For more than 60 years, Blancpain has been adhering to ocean-related public welfare activities, including the original marine survey plan in conjunction with National Geographic, supporting the World Ocean Summit, setting up the Blancpain Hans Haas 50th Prize, etc. Has become an important part of Blancpain’s brand culture. In addition, Blancpain also took part of the funds to actively participate in other public welfare activities, such as Only Watch’s public auction.
Watch House: Blancpain (1996) has entered the Chinese market for more than ten years. It can be said that it is a household brand in the high-end luxury watch market in China. So what is his brand charm?
Mr. Liao Yu: Yes, focus! Blancpain is very focused on many things, including research and development of watches and public welfare. In terms of movement research and development, Blancpain insists on doing it every year. Especially after the FP movement factory is fully incorporated by Blancpain, Blancpain is more focused on product research and improvement. For example, Blancpain still insists on the manual assembly and polishing of some high-end movements. This is also the embodiment of Blancpain’s dedicated character and the charm of Blancpain’s brand.
Watch House: What do you think of the luxury market that has gradually cooled in the past two years? Will Blancpain respond to market changes?
Mr. Liao Yu: All markets will have ups and downs. If a brand wants to be invincible in the market, it needs to lay a solid foundation in every link, including product manufacturing, sales, after-sales and new product development.
   First of all, no matter how the luxury market changes, Blancpain will focus on providing more and better services, improving the professional standards of front-line employees, and comprehensive after-sales service levels. Moving the after-sales service center to the sales store will bring customers more Good experience.
   In addition, in the relatively stable development period of the luxury market, everyone chooses watches more rationally, which is a rare opportunity for brands. Blancpain will focus more on improving product quality, including product research and development, manufacturing and innovation, and making good products that can be accepted by the market.
Watch House: In 2013, Blancpain launched the Fifty Fathomscaphe deep-submersible replica watch, which has won a very good response among consumers in mainland China. Do you think that this re-engraving of classic watches will become a trend for various brands in the future?
Mr. Liao Yu: The re-engraving is not only the re-engraving, but also the innovation. Blancpain will not just make a simple re-engraving. First of all, this product should evoke memories of classic products, and then add new features. For example, the fifty-year-old Bathyscaphe deep submersible uses liquid metal and silicon hairsprings, has a five-day ultra-long power reserve, and three barrels. The exterior looks like a engraved version. In fact, the movement has undergone a major upgrade. The most memorable part of the old model is retained. New technologies and processes have been added to the movement technology, and the price is relatively reasonable. This is no longer a reproduction of simple meaning, but the value significance of Blancpain’s ‘innovation is tradition’.
Home of Watches: As a brand with a history of nearly 300 years, how does Poper arrange its technological innovations on the premise of adhering to traditional and exquisite craftsmanship?
Mr. Liao Yu: As our global vice president and marketing director Alain Delamuraz said, Blancpain has always maintained its leading position in the field of innovative watchmaking. Take the Fifty Fathoms series, the Fifty Fathoms X 噚, the five-minute countdown function and the liquid metal thin film technology have reached a position that can hardly be surpassed in the field of mechanical watches. In the past 10 years, 34 new movements have been launched. The strength of this kind of movement development is also relatively rare in the field of fine watchmaking. For example, in the moon phase watch, the full moon phase in 1983, the 100-meter waterproof moon phase, the perpetual calendar moon phase, the Carrousel moon phase, and the 8th chain moon phase made Blancpain a system with a huge moon phase family Watch brands, among them, also have hidden features such as Blancpain’s original functions and patented technology. Therefore, maintaining the technical leadership of professional watchmaking is the brand foundation we have always adhered to.
   The ocean is closely related to human beings, and the destruction of marine ecology in recent years cannot be ignored. Blancpain’s generous donations to marine public welfare funded like-minded organizations to carry out related work, calling for the protection of the marine environment and awakening people’s awareness of protecting the ocean, which is of great significance. We also expect that Blancpain will present more surprises to the world.