Parmigiani Ovale ‘zoom’ Freely

The Ovale watch series is an innovative journey of Parmigiani, and this watch, like many other models, originates from the restored watch. The oval antique pocket watch created by the British jeweller Vardon & Stedman with retractable hands is a true heritage of watchmaking. It was restored in 1997 at Parmigiani in Fleurier. The design of this pocket watch is wild: charming ovals and magical complications. Two retractable hands can be extended along the oval contour of the case. When passing through a number of time scales, it shows the passage of time. With the little-known complex device of the scaler, this pocket watch seems to have life, telling us the secret of time.

The highlight of the new Ovale Pantographe is undoubtedly the complex device of the scaler that controls the zoom of the hands and represents the passage of time vividly

The new Ovale watch and the prestigious scaler complex represent two iconic features of Parmigiani. First of all, the brand’s complete independence, which is reflected in its vertical production facilities, and enables Parmigiani to remanufactured truly unique large and complex device components and create shapes that are most faithful to the original. The second characteristic is the inseparable connection between Parmigiani and the restoration of watches and clocks. The extraordinary timepieces made by the predecessors are an invaluable combination of knowledge and craftsmanship, telling us the importance of superb craftsmanship and providing an inexhaustible source of inspiration for contemporary watches. Just like oval antique pocket watches and its modern models, Parmigiani’s restoration work is an ongoing dialogue between historical masterpieces and future watchmaking explorations.
Scaler complex
The highlight of this new Ovale Pantographe is undoubtedly the complex device of the scaler that controls the zoom of the hands and represents the passage of time vividly. The pointer is mounted on the scaler, a device that gives it a telescopic function, and uses the principle of the length x to specify the coefficient to achieve movement at the farther or closer points of the ellipse. At the specific mechanical level, the cam located in the center of the movement determines the length of the entire hand and will stretch X times. In other words, this central cam measurement provides the information needed to move the hands and adjust the length of the hands according to the contour of the dial. This orbit and telescope have been carefully calculated to form a perfect, harmonious ellipse for the movement of the pointer. In addition, computer simulations ensure that the minute hand will never be shorter than the hour hand after the telescope, that is, there will be no confusion such as 12:15 and 3 o’clock.

 The basic movement used by Ovale Pantographe is the earliest movement created by the Parmigiani brand: the PF110 movement specially designed for the Hebdomadaire series. With the advent of retractable pointer modules, a new movement called PF111 combines a retractor on a manually wound movement with an 8-day power reserve

The beauty of the oval
The new Parmigiani Ovale watch series comes in several models, but all come with a unique oval case component. Michelle. Mr. Parmigiani and his team have conducted extensive research to design a perfect oval that is harmoniously proportioned and ergonomic. The main challenge in the research and development process is how to inject masculine temperament into this rounded case with feminine femininity. The oval watch series also achieves a perfect balance in gender, which is due to a number of key decisions in appearance.

Ovale Pantographe is available in rose and platinum

The first is to choose the oval shape. This decision avoids a pure oval like the handle of a basket, for example, an oval that stretches outward and looks more masculine. Afterwards, the ideal ratio must be determined between the watch case components and the bezel so that it can echo the relatively thick profile of the watch. To this end, we found a dividing line between the two major parts, creating an elegant image with sufficient height, adding a finishing touch to the rounded shape. In the end, the product has a sharp appearance through the orderly chamfering of the surfaces. This process is used to create angles and straighten rounded lines, and the resulting light effect creates a sharp look, injecting masculinity into Sona. The watch uses the same design logic as the Bugatti Supersport watch. This round watch also adds straight lines and angles, creating a light effect that makes the product more refined and gives it a masculinity. Therefore, like a telescopic pointer, the design of the Ovale series is a delicate and balanced combination of arcs and straight lines, reflecting the harmonious beauty of various styles and pretentious elegance.