Meritor Launches New Pontos S Regatta Timer Forged Carbon Watch

Swiss watchmaker Le Méridien has recently launched a new Pontos S Regatta Timer forged carbon watch. It is not a typical Le Méridien style, but it is indeed a very good regatta for regattas, and it is a joy to see the release of such a watch.
   The case of this watch is made of forged carbon. When hearing this word, senior watch fans must first think of Audemars Piguet. I believe that the official Le Méridien will also make some articles on the name of the watch . The € 7,000 price is not cheap for Le Méridien, but it is worth paying attention to compared to other forged carbon watch options. I am glad to see that the functions and materials that were previously monopolized by high-end brands are now being presented to watch fans at a more affordable price.
   This watch is equipped with a Sellita-based movement with the Dubois-Depraz 2028 chronograph module. The dial is equipped with a 10-minute countdown (10 minutes before the start of the game), which can be stopped by the button at 2 o’clock. The first 5 minutes of the chronograph number are white text on a blue background and the last 5 minutes are white text on a red background, which means that the game is about to begin. There is a delicate snail-shaped texture under the hour-division scale circle, and the white dial in the center is also treated with a snail-like pattern / sandblasting process (it may be difficult to distinguish depending on the picture, but it is particularly clear when you wear it on hand). The new Pontos S Regatta Timer forged carbon watch has a rubber strap with a carbon fiber structure and a black PVD buckle. It is limited to 125 pieces.

2015 Basel Watches In Basel: Bvlgari 100% Wrist Safe

100% Swiss-made, 100% safe, 100% luxurious and noble: Bvlgari’s latest Diagono Magnesium concept watch is a truly global initiative, and it is now the popular so-called smart electronic wristwatch Everything a table can provide is completely different. This is a self-winding mechanical watch that meets the high standards of top quality products. It is also an electronic passport that connects the watch with the wearer. The watch wearer’s personal information can be stored securely inside. The truly intelligent “wrist-vault” is the result of the collaboration between the Bulgari brand and Switzerland’s top information security and data storage company WISeKey.

Czech supermodel Eva Herzigova (left) and Bulgari Global CEO Jean Christophe Babin appear at the Bulgari Pavilion at the 2015 Basel Show

With a history of bold innovation, Bulgari’s creative style has always been in sharp contrast with the popular practices and herd attitudes of the surrounding industry, even in the so-called ‘smart watch’ theme that is widely discussed in the watchmaking industry. , Once again prove that he is different. All other watchmaking brands involved in the development of smart watches have failed to break away from existing thinking frameworks and consider this type of product as a multifunctional portable electronic tool without any high added value, or even a palmtop No electronic game machine can reflect the value of luxury boutique watches. In contrast, the Diagono Magnesium concept watch found a clear breakthrough point between the two fields, which surprised everyone that Bulgari’s innovative ability could be used in such a technological frontier. This forward-looking and practical product meets the daily wear requirements of watches in future life, and truly connects the two worlds that have become increasingly blurred.
The first luxury smart watch
The world’s first smart top watch solution-the concept being presented to the world at Baselworld-is the result of a major technological development that marks a new change in the relationship between the wearer and the watch. Most importantly, this product not only retains the value and specifications of the high-end watch itself, but also an important key that opens the door to the functionality of the digital technology era and the material life of the 21st century. The Diagono Magnesium concept watch has a crypto chip and a hidden antenna. Using Near Field Communication (NFC), this watch can be downloaded to a mobile phone (iOS or Android) with the Bvlgari Vault app installed and installed. Both systems can) send digital verification signals. The built-in hidden antenna of the watch is made of double-insulated material to avoid transmission errors. Just by placing your watch next to a smartphone equipped with an NFC chip, the Bvlgari Vault app on the phone will automatically launch. Only the owner of the watch has access to the stored confidential information, which is as safe as a bank. So far, NFC technology is one of the few methods with the highest security in the field of information transmission, because compared to Bluetooth or other wireless transmission methods, it requires the two devices communicating to be very close to each other. The potential of this technology is almost as wide as that of the digital world itself. In other words: there is no limit. In addition to the most direct use for storing various digital data, electronic payment or transfer, opening the door or Car doors, automatic phone calls, data transmission, electronic transport tickets … and so on, this list can be almost endless.

 Bvlgari Diagono Magnesium Concept Watch and Diagono Magnesium Watch

Drip-proof safety
In terms of security, the Diagono Magnesium concept watch and the Bvlgari Vault app provide the owner with a very unique but very easy to use experience. The encrypted data is stored on a cloud server in a Swiss military blockhouse in the Alps. ; In the unfortunate situation of lost or stolen mobile phone, the Bvlgari Vault app will be triggered to destroy the data by itself according to the set parameters, making it impossible for third parties to obtain it directly from the phone; later, it can be used through the Diagono Magnesium concept watch Restore and restore previously encrypted data.
This concept allows members of the Bulgari corporate ecosystem to see the immense value. In the near future, this cipher key will be used to open the door of a car or house, activate the alarm system of an apartment, or perform security Yu’s electronic payment action. For a luxury boutique brand such as Bulgari, this app can bring multiple benefits to customers or dealers at the same time-various technical information on watch, user manual, warranty, after-sales service The guarantee, automatic registration to the Leonardo da Vinci Club, and all the tracking and processing related to this watch can all be performed automatically through this system.
Sustainable innovation
The new Diagono Magnesium concept watch perfectly showcases the dual characteristics of the Bulgari brand. It is a top watch brand with deep Italian roots, just like the double genius of Da Vinci who is a great artist and scientist. It is always available. A unique approach that blends modern design concepts with the finest Swiss watchmaking expertise and advanced Swiss technology like WISeKey. The smart products of some watch brands may soon be obsolete due to the continuous advancement of technology. What we bring here is a luxury watch that is automatically wound and can be used continuously, just like Bao Like all Gerry’s fine watches! This is what Jean-Christophe Babin, Bvlgari’s global chief executive officer, said.
Replace the focus of life technology
WISeKey, based in Geneva, Switzerland, introduced this whole set of concepts at the World Economic Forum in Davos meeting. It is a response to a new trend, such as the Diagono Magnesium concept watch. Use, will redirect the focus of life and technology from different uses to users themselves, so that they have better control of personal data. Such an innovation plan is undoubtedly part of the larger architecture of the new ‘Internet of Things’ era.

Diagono Magnesium, the first new concept watch to fully protect the personal information of the wearer

The era of needing to hold several physical and electronic keys at the same time to open the door is over. The Diagono Magnesium concept watch is a key in itself, and it can always be with the watch owner. The Bvlgari Vault app is a specially developed version based on the WISeID personal cloud. The design goal is to further realize the Bulgari Trusted Ecosystem. Announced Carlos Moreira, founder and CEO of WISeKey.

2013 World Formula One Championship Re-flights Ferrari Team Officially Enter Hublot Time

The legendary Skuderia Ferrari team officially enters Hublot time

 In the past few months, the all-round cooperation between HUBLOT and Ferrari has achieved great success, and this unparalleled glory has also brought the cooperation between Hublot and this top Italian brand to a new level.

 The HUBLOT Hublot, which has become the ‘official timepiece’ and ‘official watch’ of Ferrari and Skuderia Ferrari team, will also be presented on the Ferrari team body and racer clothing on the F1 track in 2013. From the management of the Skuderia Ferrari team to the mechanics, the entire team is fully integrated into the HUBLOT family, igniting the infinite passion of Ferrari fans around the world with unprecedented magic.

 Ricardo Guadalupe, global CEO of HUBLOT, said, ‘In the past year, our cooperation with Ferrari has achieved great success at all levels around the world. Last year I We have met Ferrari Chairman Luca di Montezemolo and Ferrari Team Manager Stefano Domenicali several times at the Formula One Championship. They all agreed that it would be natural to further expand the cooperation between Hublot and Ferrari to the Skuderia Ferrari team, which will enable Hublot to closely accompany the legendary Red team to the global track, which is very exciting!

 Since the cooperation between Hublot and Ferrari in November 2011, the two sides have achieved results beyond imagination at all levels. More than 130 events have been held worldwide, and several limited-edition collaboration watches have been sold out. The brand image and visibility have been greatly enhanced, and the research and development design has been fruitful. All this has prompted Hublot to focus more on brand promotion and strategic cooperation with Skuderia Ferrari.

 This fruitful and comprehensive strategic partnership has also brought the cooperation between Hublot and Ferrari to an unprecedented height, injecting new vitality into the research and development and innovation represented by new materials for both parties.

Tag Heuer Officially Announces The Launch Of The Tag Heuer Connected Smartwatch In Taiwan!

Today, Swiss avant-garde watchmaker TAG Heuer launched the long-awaited TAG Heuer Connected smart watch in Taiwan. Brand Ambassador Lin Shuhao attended the brand’s outdoor Xinyi Square in Taipei 101 Building. Press conference held.

  To celebrate the TAGHeuer alliance with the Chinese Major League Baseball (CPBL)-becoming the official timekeeper for 2016 and 2017, Jeremy Lin for the Lamigo Peach Ape Team and the Unified 7-ELEVEn Lions Baseball Tournament at Hsinchu Baseball Stadium. kick off.
   TAG Heuer brand ambassador Lin Shuhao, as a new generation of NBA stars, pioneering on the court coincides with the innovation and avant-garde spirit of TAG Heuer Connected smart watches. Jeremy Lin also designed a unique dial for the TAG Heuer Connected smart watch, which blends oriental culture with Swiss traditional craftsmanship. TAG Heuer Connected smartwatches are available in 7 different colors of rubber straps and leather straps, priced at NT $ 49,000 and NT $ 57,000, respectively.

Jeremy Lin kicks off for Chinese professional baseball
   TAG Heuer has partnered with the Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL) to become the official timekeeper for 2016 and 2017. TAG Heuer specially invited brand ambassador Lin Shuhao to kick off the CPBL match at the Hsinchu baseball stadium tonight.

   Jeremy Lin wears the TAGHeuer ConnectedWatch smart watch, wears a white baseball shirt with the TAGHeuer logo, comes to the stadium with a smile, throws the ball in an accurate posture, and perfectly displays the TAGHeuer brand spirit: DontCrackUnderPressure (Fear no challenge, be yourself).

   LeoPoon, general manager of TAGHeuer Greater China, said: ‘We are very honored to see the enthusiastic response of the TAGHeuerConnected smart watch globally and in the region. As the first Swiss luxury partnering with technology giants Google and Intel The watch brand is not only an amazing achievement of TAGHeuer, but also an important milestone for the Swiss watchmaking industry. ‘

Junghans Rong Han Po Xing’s Max Bill-specific Art Tradition Watch

Swiss artist, architect and designer Max Bill is one of the main representatives of the specific art schools in Zurich. In the 1960s, he collaborated with Junghans Ronghan Baoxing to develop a simple and modern dial. Today, it is still produced almost intact at Junghans Ronghan Baoxing.
This design classic series continues to develop in 2010 based on the principles of talented and well-known artists of the Bauhaus: the independence of artistic style is based on mathematics / geometry, and features clear structure and precise proportions.

max bill by junghans Chronoscope
Launch of three new mechanical watches. All three watches-manual, automatic and stopwatch-reflect the aesthetic simplicity of the dial and classic flat case design.
Source: Junghans

Angular Beauty Three Recommended Square Watches

I am accustomed to seeing round watches. I do not know that square watches also have unique charm. Simple lines and angular shapes give people a new look. If you want to be different from those around you, you may choose An exquisite and unique square watch. Today, the Watch House will introduce several distinctive square watches.
TAG Heuer Monaco Series WAW131C.FC6419

Product model: WAW131C.FC6419
Domestic public price: ¥ 17000
Watch diameter: 37 mm
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 100 meters
Details of the watch: The large dial of 27.4 mm looks very individual to a female wearer. The silver-plated pearlescent dial with Roman numerals and sword-shaped blue-steel hands has no other complicated functions, which is in keeping with the simple and atmospheric tone of the entire watch. The bead-shaped crown is inlaid with a purple convex round synthetic spinel, like a finishing touch, adding a touch of femininity to this watch.

Domestic public price: 15900
Watch diameter: 39 mm
Movement type: Quartz
Movement model: BR-CAL.102
Case material: polished satin steel
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details: bellross / 54818 /
Watch Reviews: The first impression this watch gave me was the personality, the square case, the large 39 mm dial and the wide gray strap. From any angle, it looks like a neutral watch, and pink The dial just neutralizes this feeling, and it reflects the characteristics of some female watches. The metal hands and hour markers are clearly visible on the dial, and there are date display windows at four and five o’clock for easy reading. The rough design and simple colors make this watch cool.
Summary: People in life are so common that we have to keep some edges and corners properly. Just like this square watch, each one has its own personality and characteristics. It doesn’t need to cater to the worldly people and do it quietly. Just be yourself.

Constant Launches Chopard Enamel Commemorative Limited Watch

Following the ‘Chopin 200th Anniversary Watch’ launched last year in tribute to the 200th anniversary of the piano master Chopard, Frederique Constant launched the first time in 2011 with enamel dials imitating white keys. Chopin’s 200th Anniversary Enamel Limited Edition ‘, such as the piano-like white keyboard and traditional advanced enamel watchmaking technology, has transformed the king of musical instruments that has a soul since the birth of the master Chopin, the piano into a moving time craft. A limited edition model comes with a piano model box engraved with the ‘Chopin’ signature.
    Frederique Constant based on the production technology of the 200th anniversary of Chopard in 2010, and further highlights the classic features of the piano’s ivory white keys on the watch. Therefore, inspired by the same traditional art enamel technology, the ‘Chopin 200th Anniversary Enamel’ Commemorative Limited Watch ‘; this model combines the three patterns of’ pattern-like ‘radial patterns, Paris spikes and coin patterns to decorate the enamel face plate. Through the refraction of light, the’ key pattern ‘produces two kinds of light and shadow: light and dark. Like the black and white keys on the piano, the studs and coins of Paris are three-dimensionally and vividly present the traditional art of watchmaking under the shadow of light, which is rare among brands of the same price. Watch.
    Watches made with enamel dials are difficult to make, not only are relatively rare on the market, but the price is often tens of thousands of dollars, which makes it difficult to get close to them; however, Frederique Constant has been able to maintain high growth in recent years. It is the key to simplifying traditional watchmaking technology and mastering high-complex technology. The theme is to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Chopin’s birthday. In addition to praising Chopin’s best respect for the soul of the piano, he uses special The technology uses multiple processes to process the enamel surface plate, and crafts a memorable time craft for the representative master of the king of musical instruments.
    Frederique Constant’s new ‘Chopin 200th Anniversary Enamel Limited Edition’, a limited edition of 1810 pieces, limited edition and contained in the piano model engraved with ‘Chopin’ signature, following the hot sale last year, this model will still be a love A must-see for listeners and collectors of music.

Which Is Better, Citizen Or Tissot?

Brand introduction
Tissot watch
  Tissot was born in 1853 in Switzerland, the cradle of watch manufacturing. With the spirit of continuous innovation in tradition, after 150 years, the name of Tissot has been spread in more than 150 countries on five continents, becoming one of the immortal Swiss watch brands in the watch altar, and has repeatedly won international awards and Awards.
  Swiss Tissot watch with a history of more than 150 years, has been dedicated to the manufacture of precise and perfect watches since 1853. The watches produced in Le Locle’s factory in Switzerland are rich in creativity, It is famous for its superior quality and ingenious watchmaking technology. The epoch-making watch introduced over the centuries is even more talked about. The ‘Czarist Watch’ made by Russian military officers in 1904, the world’s first automatic world time watch Navigator, and the world’s first plastic Table IDEA
In 2001 and 1985, the world’s first Rock Watch made of stone was introduced. In 1988, the world’s first Wood Watch was made of wood. In 2002, the world’s first touch-sensitive watch T-Touch was launched. In 2005, the world’s first watch was launched. The touch sensor also has 150 countries’ world time watches-Navigator 3000, which shows the continuous innovation of Tissot and the reason why it is a top world brand.
Citizen watches
  The predecessor of the Citizen Corporation is the Japan Shanggongshe Timepiece Institute, which was founded in 1918. The CITIZEN chronograph product started in 1924 and is a pocket watch. At the time, the mayor of Tokyo, Mr. Goto Shinpei, hoped that this painstakingly developed Japanese-made pocket watch could become a product ‘for CITIZEN, which is close to and loved by all citizens of the world,’ so he named it ‘CITIZEN’. With such a good wish, ‘Citizen Timepiece Co., Ltd.’ (CITIZEN
Watch Co. Ltd.) was formally established in 1930. For a long time, Citizen has adopted the concept of ‘being loved by citizens and contributing to citizens’.

In addition to watches and clocks, Citizen also produces liquid light display panels, jewelry, glasses, calculators, electronic printers, miniature televisions, video cameras and other products.
  Now Citizen has developed into a huge multinational corporation. Citizen Group has 46 companies in Japan, 64 branches overseas, a total of 110 branches worldwide, and more than 26,000 employees worldwide. In addition to the watch industry, it also covers various fields such as electronic instruments, communication products, machinery and equipment. Citizen Timepiece Co., Ltd. is the core company of the Citizen Group. Citizen Timepiece Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive watch manufacturer. It integrates product development, production, and marketing. The various departments cooperate organically to respond to market demand as quickly as possible.
Which one is better, Citizen and Tissot, netizens comment
  Comment 1: Compared with Tissot watches, there is a big difference: a Swiss watch and a Japanese watch.
  Not to mention, let’s talk about workmanship and dial design. Let’s talk about Japanese watches first, although it is also very good, but overall it feels unforgiving and has no temperament. The design feels very wordy (especially mechanical watches, really not looking good). Tissot is different, simple and generous, and the price is also very high. For example, there are many movements for watches, which are the same as some Longines watches. If it is a Tissot quartz watch, it can usually be done within 2000. For mechanical watches, I recommend two models, one is PR50, 2850, and the Carson series, 3000. If you buy a counter, you will get a discount of 8.5-9%.
  I personally feel better mechanical. Either buy Casio, a few hundred dollars cheaper. Either save some money and buy a better one,
  After all, you do n’t have to change the watch all the time, you can use it for a long time, right?
  Comment 2: IMHO-I don’t think Citizen looks good. Many of them are a lot of alphanumerics at first, and my eyes are spent. . . If you don’t need it, which shows the world time is really extra. I’m not resisting such a feature, but this design is a bit too much space. Tissot watch, I personally feel pretty good
  Comment 3: Citizen, suitable for people with middle-aged people or more. Tissot, suitable for young and middle-aged people.
Citizen is more professional than Tissot, and the price is more optional. Because there are many watches of different specifications, Citizen gives a calm impression, so if you are over 35 years old, you must buy Citizen
  Tissot is targeted at young people because its spokesperson is owen. The quality of Tissot is also very good. The workmanship is also very precise. If you are a young person under 35, I recommend you to buy Tissot.
  Comment 4: Tissot is a type 3 watch, Citizen is a type 5 watch, your Citizen is all Japanese original, how can Tissot not be Swiss original, but your Citizen may be installed outside Japan, But Tissot is definitely of Swiss origin, so please check online for more charging
  Comment five: The price-performance ratio is of course high in Japan’s Citizen. To be honest, Tissot is in the middle and low range in the Swiss watch. For mechanical watches, there are several models of Tissot that are indeed around 2,000 yuan. The lowest price Tissot mechanical watch I’ve seen in a department store is 2,200 yuan, 10% off. There are also several models that cost slightly more than dozens to hundreds. After 10% off, it will be around 2,000 yuan. Citizen’s mechanical watches generally cost around 1,000 yuan, a discount is even lower.
  I’m wearing a Citizen mechanical watch. It’s been good for several years. Now the error is about 15 seconds slower every day. My suggestion is to buy Citizen.
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Hamilton Ventura: Cool Watch In Man In Black

Hamilton (Hamilton) often cooperates with Hollywood, the brand’s watches have appeared in more than 400 movies for many years. Recently, the much-anticipated film ‘Men In Black 3’ was released on May 25. The protagonist is wearing a Hamilton Ventura watch. In the latest episode, SWAT J is back in time and space, and viewers can distinguish different eras by different styles of Hamilton Ventura, because all Black Super SWATs also wear this unique watch.经常 Hamilton often collaborates with Hollywood, and the brand’s watches have appeared in more than 400 movies over the years. Recently, the much-anticipated film ‘Men In Black 3’ was released on May 25. The protagonist is wearing a Hamilton Ventura watch. In the latest episode, SWAT J is back in time and space, and viewers can distinguish different eras by different styles of Hamilton Ventura, because all Black Super SWATs also wear this unique watch.

Want To Be As Independent And Romantic As Zhong Chuxi And Miao Miao? You Need A ‘moon Beauty’ Fanghua Shuangdan’s Favorite

Recently, the TV drama ‘Youth Must Be Early’ was held in Shanghai. The first star exposure of male and female starring is the popular fried chicken-Hu Yitian and Zhong Chuxi!

The opening ceremony of the TV series ‘Youth Must Be Early’

 With her wonderful performance in ‘Fanghua’, Zhong Chuxi became the new national goddess in one fell swoop. With a sharp-edged high-end face, the fans shouted as if she saw the shadow of Shu Qi and Zhang Ziyi.

Film ‘Fanghua’ stills poster

 Due to the setting of the two heroines in the film ‘Fanghua’, Zhong Chuxi and Miao Miao are often compared by the media and the audience. The two not only staged wonderful life duels in the movie, but also lived their own colors outside the play. As the saying goes, ‘beauty is the nature of girls.’ In real life, whether they are shooting in magazines or dressing daily, Zhong Chuxi and Miao Miao each have their own styles. Zhong Chuxi is bold and independent. Romantic and fresh. However, in choosing the taste of the watch, the two have reached a consensus.

 Recently, the two wore Blancpain women’s series ‘Moon Beauty’ watches and took photos to show their unique temperament and style. As a ‘romantic choice for independent women’, the Swiss luxury watch brand Blancpain’s women’s series moon beauty watch has been loved by many Chinese and foreign stars for its vivid moon phase expression, and the moon phase face has become Blancpain’s second Logos.

Moon phase face of Blancpain
 Blancpain has five different moon phase expressions, playful and agile, different expressions, or joy, or arrogant, or ridiculous, or thinking, some playful, some sexy, but there is no lack of ‘romantic’.

Wondering what made Moon Beauty a favorite of Fanghua Shuangdan?

Today I will introduce 3 models of Huadan, let’s find out!

Blancpain Women’s Eccentric Date Retrograde Moon Phase Watch
 Although this timepiece is not from Blancpain’s traditional full-calendar moon phase series, it has the functions of moon phase profit and loss and retrograde date display. It perfectly integrates romantic feelings and watchmaking creativity, and will capture the hearts of thousands of women. At the same time, the most romantic elements in the history of Blancpain-mother-of-pearl, gorgeous diamonds, smart pointers, soft moon face, etc., are set in favor of the ‘heart’ and cannot extricate themselves.

Blancpain Women’s Date Moon Phase Watch

 This watch has a bezel set with 48 diamonds and a stainless steel case with a diameter of 29.20 mm. The delicate white matte dial features willow-shaped hands and a playful and romantic moon phase indicator for beauties. This
‘Moon Beauty’ smiled, and there was a beautiful mole on the corner of her mouth. There is also an interesting historical story-in the eighteenth-century France, the mole on the corner of a smiling mouth represents a provocative attitude. At that time, women of the court aristocracy would respond to admirers by painting a beauty mole, and the meaning changed with different positions. The location of the beauty mole on this watch means that if you meet the man you want, she secretly conveys ‘Yes,
 I do! ‘.

Blancpain Women’s Calendar Moon Phase Watch

 Stars and time are two cosmic phenomena that human beings have been obsessed with since history. The full-calendar moon phase watch is a great achievement in studying the deep relationship between astronomy and chronograph. This women’s full-calendar moon phase watch makes you look intoxicated, mother-of-pearl surface, graceful and elegant, 6 diamond hour markers, shining, moon phase indicator at 6 o’clock, delicate and vivid, platinum Case with crocodile strap. Date, week, month (full calendar) function processing is simple, clean, clear and transparent, and the balance is rare, and the power reserve function of 100 hours (without winding within 4 days) makes people unexpectedly amazed Pere’s watchmaking process has reached the point where the fire is pure.

 Blancpain believes that romance is a word above love, a yearning for the ordinary world, a serious enjoyment of life, and a state of high-level aesthetics and freedom and joy. Romantic independence does not require a figurative scale. Women start to focus on themselves, that is, they have independence. Independence does not mean refusing to care and accompany. At the same time as being spiritually independent, you can still enjoy the spark of heart and the joy of sharing.

 However, Moon Beauty is not just ‘romantic’, it is also ‘independent’. Moon Beauty is equipped with Blancpain’s 100% self-produced mechanical movement for women’s watches. Energetic, embellish the most wonderful life with the most secure company.

 Fanghua Shuangdan loves Blancpain Moon Beauty, how about you?