Certina Ds Master Now Launches Black Watch

DS Master is equipped with a cutting-edge movement, with chronograph function and astronomical accuracy with astronomical certificate. The dynamic case is complemented by a black PVD-plated stainless steel bracelet. The stylish oversized design, the 45-degree beveled toothed bezel gives people a wonderful visual enjoyment. Under the anti-reflective crystal glass is the black dial, which can be timed for 12 hours and 1/10 seconds, and there is also a small seconds counter. More detailed timekeeping can be achieved with the chronograph minute and second hands in addition to the standard hands. The hours and minutes main hands are cut out in a see-through shape to maximize the visibility of the components below. The central chronograph hand reading is an internal scale on the edge of the main dial. The date window is at 4 o’clock and is displayed horizontally. This watch is equipped with Certina DS dual insurance concept system, which is waterproof to 10 bar (100 meters). The toothed crown engraved with DS and the two chronograph buttons are polished, dazzling, and equipped with a thick PVD coating with a thick spinlock protective cover. The soft round caseback gently wraps around the wrist, making this 45mm diameter chronograph watch easy to slip after wearing. Black PVD stainless steel bracelet with foldable safety clasp and extended diving links. In addition, the gold model has been released, and some surface areas are made of stainless steel and black PVD coating. The stainless steel bracelet is decorated with black PVD coating on the middle link. All models carry a certificate from the Observatory. Certina DS MASTER black watch

Tama Hémisphères Globo Watch

Free Creation — This is a perfect description of each independent watch factory under Parmigiani. As a gift to women, this degree of freedom has more precise emotional properties, which has led to a sophisticated and elegant women’s timepiece. Based on the men’s Tonda Hémisphères model, this new lady’s new watch combines exquisite texture and master craftsmanship to interpret the artistic beauty of women’s travel.

Fully functional second time zone display
   The Tonda Hémisphères watch is equipped with a self-winding movement PF 337 independently designed and manufactured by Parmigiani. The accuracy of the second time zone is adjusted to minutes, so that it has a complete second time zone display, reflecting the brand’s unusually cherished pursuit of innovation. This perfect synchronization with local time around the world is thanks to the original mechanism (patented) in the movement. The second time zone can be associated with the main time zone at intervals of ‘full hours’ or ‘minutes’. Tonda Hémisphères watch time can therefore be synchronized with destinations in multiple non-integer time zones around the world — a half hour (or more) offset from Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). The adjustments of the watch are simple and exquisite. The main crown is used to wind the movement and adjust the date and time in the main time zone. The secondary crown is located above the primary crown and is used to adjust the minutes in the second time zone.

Pay tribute to the earth
   On previous Tonda Hémisphères watches, each time zone was equipped with a day and night display panel with clear white and black, and a small hand around it, indicating day and night respectively. On the Tonda Hémisphères Globo watch, the day and night display of each time zone is represented by a dome-shaped plate on which the image of the earth is transferred, half of which is bathed in sunlight and half is in the shadow. The small red triangle next to it indicates whether the time displayed is day or night. The watch also presents a different kind of earth-overlooking Europe at the center. The solemn earth shines in the universe of the dial, creating a poetic image.
Fresh, subtle appearance

   The dial is ivory-glossy, with a pale yellow light reflected in the silver tone, which makes the delicate movement of the watch and the indicating device gentle and harmonious. Date at 9 o’clock, and dual time zone indication. The ivory base tone cleverly captures the light, making the bezel set with 80 diamonds (0.8416 carats) more dazzling and charming. This watch displays exquisite and vivid beauty everywhere, this is the exclusive timepiece designed by Parmigiani for the energetic and confident contemporary female traveler. The denim blue calfskin Hermès strap reflects this confident vitality, elegantly highlighting the modern look of the Tonda Hémisphères Globo watch.
Movement Number: PF337
Winding: Automatic
The movement is equipped with a second time zone, which can be set precisely to the minute
Power reserve: 50 hours
Frequency: 4 Hz-28,800 vibrations / hour
Dimensions: 15 ¾ ” ‘-35.60 mm diameter
Thickness: 5.1 mm
Number of parts: 316
Number of jewels: 38
Number of barrels: two barrels in series
Decoration: ‘Geneva Ripple’, chamfered plate
Function hours, minutes
Small seconds at 6 o’clock
Date indicator at 9 o’clock
1:30 o’clock in the second time zone
Day / night indication at 6 o’clock
Hour / minute indication in the second time zone at 12 o’clock
Shape: ‘Three-segment’ round case
Size: 42 mm diameter
Thickness: 11.15 mm
Material: stainless steel
Number of diamonds: 80
Carat: 0.8416
Retouching: Diamond
Water resistance: 30 meters
Table mirror: anti-glare sapphire
Crown: 5.5mm diameter & 7mm diameter
Case back: Sapphire
Case back cover engraving: individually numbered
Material: Brass
Color: Ivory
Time scale: rhodium-plated luminous coating
Finishing: Milky
Hands: triangular hands with luminous coating
Material: Calfskin
Color: Denim Blue
Brand: Hermes
Type: Folding
About Parmigiani
   Parmigiani, a world-renowned Swiss fine watchmaking brand, was founded in 1996 in the heart of Waldtravel, Switzerland. The soul of the brand lies in its expertise in antique watch / mechanical restoration and its completely independent manufacturing capabilities. The brand focuses on independent production capacity and pursues the superbness, creativity and quality of watchmaking. Today, Parmigiani has grown into one of the very few top Swiss watch brands that are completely independently manufactured today.

Omega – 007 Agent’s Perfect Companion

Half a century has passed since the first 007 series ‘Dr. No’ was born. For 50 years, the British agent has become an insurmountable classic on the screen with a handsome, cold and passionate, witty and brave image. Whenever he is in danger, his clever mind and all kinds of high-tech luxury equipment can always help him to avoid danger. In ‘Golden Eye’ in 1995, Bond’s legendary equipment added an Omega Seamaster watch. Since then, the Omega Seamaster has become the perfect companion of 007, following him to the fire, to complete every difficult task.

 From Pierce Brosnan to Daniel Craig, Omega’s collaboration with 007 Films has spanned more than a decade. James Bond perfectly explains the characteristics of the hippocampus series-noble temperament, personable, full of adventure. In the movie, when James Bond and his partners focused their eyes on an Omega watch worn on their wrists, everyone knew that Bond’s time was up.

 As the essential equipment of the 007 agent, the role of the Omega watch cannot be underestimated. What Omega means to Bond is not just about telling time, it often helps when Bond is on a mission. In the film ‘Golden Eye’, James Bond wears the Omega Seamaster professional diving watch for the first time. The case has two built-in mechanisms: a helium exhaust valve that emits laser light and a remote-controlled mine detonation device. With the help of a laser device, Bond successfully cut a hole in the floor of a train with missiles and successfully rescued others. Later, he used the remote-controlled mine detonation device in his watch to detonate mines, destroying the Cuban terrorist satellite control room controlled by Golden Eye. In subsequent editions of Tomorrow Never Dies / 1997, The World Is Not Enough / 1999, and Die Another Day / 2002, the Omega Seamaster Professional Dive Watch is also the same It played an important role. The watch cleverly hides various small organs, such as digital display, miniature harpoon, lethal laser segment, Geiger counter that can measure the radiation level, artificial magnetic field that can make the bullet deviate from the bull’s eye, etc. It is powerful and has helped James many times Bond successfully resolved the crisis.

Beginning with ‘007 Royal Casino’ in 2006, James Bond’s watches no longer have dazzling institutions, but simply show his classic tough and handsome qualities. Some people may find it not enough, but in fact, these watches were added when the 007 novel was adapted into a movie. The author Ian Fleming only used the watch to show Bond’s taste in the original work. Because as a gentleman of noble origin, Fleming knew that a watch could be just like a top-level custom dress, which could reveal every bit of man’s taste. 007’s costume design director and Oscar winner of the best costume design Lindy Heming believes that Bond is a naval officer and an international gentleman with a thoughtful and elegant taste, so the Omega Seamaster watch is definitely His best choice.

 Undoubtedly, in addition to its relationship with the ocean, the Omega Seamaster watch and this super agent have more common characteristics-masculine and tough, elegant style, classic atmosphere, charm. Many 007 fans hope to have an extraordinary watch that accompanies Bond’s birth and death in the film, while other fans prefer their watches to have a closer connection with the secret agent in design elements. In order to meet this desire of movie fans, from 2002, Omega will launch a special James Bond 007 limited edition watch with the release of each new 007 movie. These extraordinary models have been loved by watches. Those who like it as well as 007 fans.

The Chopard Happy Sport 36mm Watch Shows Summer Colours

At the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show 2016, Chopard launched a new Happy Sport 36mm watch, which can be easily replaced by the wearer according to his mood and different seasons. Since its inception in 1993, Happy Sport freely blends various genres, stainless steel and diamonds. Timeless and transient, it is a true fashion symbol. Being stubborn is never its character. It is happy and independent, naughty and modern. Happy Sport has no fear of tradition and has its own style.

Happy Sport 36 mm blue watch

   Based on hands-on experience and the spirit of customization, Happy Sport offers women wearers the possibility to easily replace the strap in their own home according to their wishes. Color is an indispensable element that changes with the wearer’s mood. Color is a key role in this stainless steel watch, and each new strap can inject fresh energy into it.

Happy Sport 36 mm orange watch

   Happy Sport is free and enjoyable. The fusion of style and materials is the core of the characteristics, and the rubber strap is the right reminder. Black and white, enduring, are also the two colors offered by this watch. As the seasons change, Chopard introduces new, real-time trend colors. In summer, sky blue, ocean green and bright orange are the colorful choices for the Happy Sport 36mm watch’s interchangeable strap system.

Happy Sport 36 mm green watch

   Nestled on the back of the strap, Chopard’s ‘Be Happy’ blessing conveys the heart like a secret lucky charm. Of course, the essence of Happy Sport lies in five mobile diamonds, which are free from any restrictions and spin freely.

2012 Swiss Mido Watch ‘inspiration Creates Eternity-who Wears Architecture On Hand’ Chengdu Event

On November 22, 2012, the well-known watch brand with a brand motto of “Inspiration creates eternity” Swiss Mido watch held “Inspiration Creates Eternity” in Chengdu’s fashion landmark, Chunxi Road Pedestrian Street Plaza. ——Who wears the building in his hand ‘activity at Chengdu Station. Mido Watch joined hands with Asian popular star Mr. Wu Zun on the theme of ‘Inspiration Creates Eternity’ to create a gorgeous and slightly mysterious inspiration space for all guests. The architectural inspiration elements on the site will set off the Chunxi Road pedestrian street square The place is extraordinarily bright. The audience sculpted time together with Mido that night, and blended this unparalleled timeless picture and star-shimmering visual shock into the golden autumn night of Tianfu Chengdu.

   Mido’s pursuit of art perfectly sculpts the glorious past of the past. Today, Swiss Mido draws inspiration from classic architecture, and casts the eternal and timeless beauty on the wrist. When the dancer’s agile posture depicts classic buildings representing the essence of art and wisdom in each era, time is frozen in these buildings, and the audience’s thoughts travel through different time and space with this piece of architectural art. , Feel the unique artistic breath and beauty of architecture in each era. Models wearing the Swiss Mido watch series appeared on the stage. Each model seemed to represent the spirit of a classic building, perfectly interpreting the unique relationship between architecture and watchmaking. At the event site, a series of theme activities launched by Mido in 2012 were reviewed, focusing on ‘architecture’, ‘inspiration’ and ‘creation’. A highly interactive online event presents a watch space full of architectural art and creative inspiration to consumers. The online creative platform (website: http://www.midoclub.com/2012) carefully created for consumers by Mido Watch. As of the end of the event, Mido has received thousands of inspirational works from participants. Ten professional winners were selected by the professional judges. At the event, Mido announced the winners one by one and shared the works with the audience. Asian popular star Mr. Wu Zun’s inspirational work won the most popular charm award. Mr. Wu Zun himself was very surprised and thanked Swiss Mido for the surprise. As an old friend of Swiss Mido, in 2012 he and Mido joined hands again to pay attention to and participate in online and offline activities of Mido this year. At the event, Wu Zun recalled and shared the previous ‘Inspiration Journey’ very happily. Wu Zun said that Mido integrates architectural inspiration into watch design and is very innovative. Inspiration and creation are the most important for a brand or an artist. He will work with Mido to present more and better works to audiences who love him. As the winner of the most popular glamour award, Swiss Mido presented Mr. Wu Zun with an award-winning exquisite helmsman series new observatory-certified men’s watch. I hope this watch will accompany Wu Zun’s future life path, and also wish The road of artistic development can be better and better.

At the same time, charity has also become a highlight of Swiss Mido Chengdu activities. In early September, Metob announced through its official Weibo that this year’s charity trip plan to visit local children in Zongke Township Central Primary School, Yangtang County, Aba Prefecture, Sichuan Province, and called on everyone to show their love and donate living and learning items to children in Tibet. , And Mido staff will send the collected love items to the children in Tibet. The ‘Charity Trip Plan’ initiated by Mido Watch attracted the attention and active participation of all parties, and collected a large number of donated items. At the same time that the love materials were delivered to the children, Swiss Mido also donated the ‘Medo Library of Love’ and ‘Medo Music Classroom’ to Zongke Township Central Primary School, Yangtang County, Aba Prefecture, Sichuan Province.

Swiss Mido takes “Inspiration to create eternity” as its brand motto, and the simple and sincere inspiration of children is exactly the most precious wealth of human beings. This donation is a continuation of Mido’s long-standing charitable efforts to help children pave the way for spiritual growth by building a love library and music classroom. At the event site, Mr. Wu Zun reviewed the documentary photos of the Mido team’s donation into Tibet. At the same time, Mido staff also brought back the “Meidu-inspired architectural works” drawn by the children. Through these rustic works, it is not difficult to find that although children in Tibetan areas live in a relatively closed environment, the hearts of each of them Deep down there is a desire to explore the world. It is precisely the Swiss Mido’s sense of social responsibility that allows children to take another step towards their dreams. Mr. Wu Zun was very moved after admiring the children’s works. He hand-signed basketball on the scene and hoped to be handed over to the children by the school representatives to express his love. He also urged everyone to pay close attention to and participate in more public charities with Mido. At this time, the guests who came to the scene gave the most sincere blessings to the beautiful melody of the live singers to Zongke Township Central Primary School, Rangtang County, Aba Prefecture, Sichuan Province. The beautiful and big love melody wafts in the orange ocean of Chunxi Road, and this brings the warm atmosphere of love to another climax.

In a few moments, the Swiss Mido watch has given enough praises. Mido firmly believes that the real design is more tested than the current trend. Mido intends to create a watch that can be handed down from time to time, and for everyone who wears it, to record time and memorable shining moments in life. The Swiss Mido watch is always full of extraordinary innovation ability, leaving the classics forever.
About Swiss Mido
In 1918, the experienced and talented master watchmaker George Sharon founded the Swiss Mido in Zurich, Switzerland. Its name comes from the Spanish word ‘Yomido’, which means ‘I measure’. Mido aims to make a watch that perfectly combines practical functions with unlimited value. MIDO entered China for the first time in 1938, when it was called ‘meter’. In 2000, MIDO entered China again under the name of ‘Meitu’ under the SWATCH Group.
The real design is more resistant to the flow of time than the current trend. Swiss Mido draws inspiration from classic architecture, and interprets the philosophy of time and space art together with the architecture, and wears eternal architecture with inspiration and creativity on people’s wrists: from the Great Wall of China to the landmark building of New York, from the ancient The Colosseum from Rome to the Arcade of Emmanuel II in Milan, from the Sydney Harbour Bridge to the Rennes Opera House in France to the Eiffel Tower … Medieval designed the Great Wall, Bruna, Perfect, Berencelli, helmsman, commander and other series of watches, they all have a classic design to accurately interpret the ‘inspired to create eternity’ brand motto.
强调 While emphasizing timeless design, Mido is also one of the first choice brands of Swiss official observatory certified watches. For nearly a century since its birth, Mido has always insisted on manufacturing 100% Swiss-made watches with high-quality materials, precise movements, excellent waterproof performance, and long-term ownership.
The Swiss Mido watch is no longer a mechanical product that simply records time, but a symbol of taste and a timeless interpretation.

Is The Threshold Of Vacheron Constantin’s New Watch High Or Low?

Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, and Audemars Piguet. In the traditional Swiss watchmaking ‘troika’, Vacheron Constantin’s watch series are more, the frequency of new watches is higher, Vacheron Constantin’s choice is more when buying a watch. Anyone who cares about watches knows that this year Vacheron Constantin has released a new 56 series (official name is FIFTYSIX Wu Luzhi series, which means the number 56). When the Vacheron Constantin 56 series first appeared, people from all over the world were ‘shocked’ at that time, because not only the new 56 series included a steel watch, but also the price of one of the big three-handed steel watches fell directly below 100,000, and the public price was only 8 10,000, is the cheapest Vacheron Constantin. So many people directly refer to the 56 series as Vacheron Constantin’s ‘Getting Started Series’ and bring people a kind. This time with the 56 series, there is no pressure on Vacheron Constantin. However, the reality may not be so simple. The ‘gate’ of Vacheron Constantin 56 is not so good.

The full lineup of Vacheron Constantin’s new 56 series, including full-calendar moon phases, day of the week calendar, junior hand.
 Vacheron Constantin’s new 56 series contains three types of watches: three hands, calendar of the week (also known as DD), full moon phase. All three watches are available in steel and gold versions. Compared to Vacheron Constantin, which has always been dominated by gold watches, this time the 56 series has gold and steel, which is the conscience of the industry. Let’s take a closer look.
Vacheron Constantin 56 Full Moon Phase
 The price of steel shell version is 175,000, the price of gold shell version is 273000

Vacheron Constantin 56 full moon phases, gold shell (left) and steel shell (right)
 When Vacheron Constantin’s new 56 series was just announced, many players were immersed in ‘the dream of Vacheron Constantin only 89,000’, but when people saw the full-calendar moon phase in the 56 series, many senior players immediately woke up and realized The Vacheron Constantin 56 series is not a simple entry series. The steel shell version has a monthly price of more than 170,000 yuan, which is not low at all.

Gold Shell 56 Full Moon Phase
 We can tell by just comparing them. Such as Blancpain steel case 6654, IWC steel case Fei Fei, Glashütte original steel case 91, these relatively high-end steel watches, the public price is generally in the early 100,000, the price of 112,000. Obviously, Vacheron Constantin still maintains the constant price level of the ‘troika’.

Steel case 56 full calendar moon phase
 The watch is basically a penny, and a high price corresponds to high quality. If you take a closer look, you will find that the quality and configuration of the Vacheron Constantin 56 series full-calendar moon phase watch is very good. Vacheron Constantin’s 56-calendar moon phase case combines the characteristics of a round case and a turtle back case, plus the luminous surface of the disc, which has sports characteristics. The digital hour markers and luminous bars on the watch face are staggered, and the dial center, outer ring and calendar ring are decorated with 3 different types. The center is frosted grain decoration, the outer ring is sun brushed, the calendar ring is concentric circular pattern. The decoration is in place. The Vacheron Constantin 56 full moon phase uses a 2460 movement. The 2460 movement is one of Vacheron Constantin’s main self-produced automatic movements. The movement board is very beautiful. With the Geneva mark, the polishing decoration of the movement is also top-level.
Vacheron Constantin 56 week calendar

The price of the steel shell version is 133,000, and the price of the gold shell version is 248000.

Vacheron Constantin’s new 56-week calendar, gold case (left) and steel case (right)
 Less mentioned in the Vacheron Constantin 56 series is this week calendar. The price of this watch is between full-calendar moon phases and a three-hand calendar. From the perspective of a weekly calendar, Vacheron Constantin’s 56-week calendar is still a watch with a fair price regardless of whether it is a gold or steel case.
 Let’s compare them. One of the most famous weekly calendars in the world of watches is Rolex’s DAY DATE. Rolex DD has always only launched gold watches, of which the 118138 price of the belt version is more than 170,000 (gold head belt). We can see that the 56-week calendar (golden head belt) of Vacheron Constantin with a gold shell is more than 240,000. Vacheron Constantin’s 56-week calendar is in line with Vacheron Constantin’s consistent positioning and is normal.

Gold Shell 56 Week Calendar
 At the same time, we can see that the configuration and quality of Vacheron Constantin’s 56-week calendar is also at the mainstream level of Vacheron Constantin. 40 mm case, the same size as the full moon phase. Although the weekly calendar canceled the calendar ring on the outermost circle of the full-calendar moon phase dial, the scale on the outermost circle of the dial is still decorated with concentric circles. The 9 o’clock position on the dial is the day indication, the 3 o’clock position is the date indication, and the power indicator is 6 o’clock. The week dial and date dial are decorated with record patterns, and the details are in place. Vacheron Constantin’s 56-week calendar uses a 2475 movement. The 2475 and 2450/2460 movements are essentially a movement with the Geneva mark. They are Vacheron Constantin’s main movements, maintaining Vacheron Constantin’s high level.

56 week calendar in steel case
 Obviously, Vacheron Constantin’s new 56 series full-calendar moon phase and weekly calendar two watches are completely the level of Vacheron Constantin mainstream watches, quality and public price are Vacheron Constantin’s consistent level. Therefore, some foreign players have also pointed out that the two calendar moon phase and weekly calendar watches are definitely not entry-level watches.
Vacheron Constantin’s 56th and 3rd pin at a price of 89,000 is a ‘smoke bomb’.
 The price of steel shell version is 89000, the price of gold shell version is 149000

Vacheron Constantin’s new 56 junior pin, gold case (left) and steel case (right).
 Vacheron Constantin’s biggest news this year is a steel case 56 big three pin with a public price of only 89,000. This watch is like a ‘smoke bomb’, and everyone has been ‘rectified’, thinking that the threshold of Vacheron Constantin has been lowered. However, in fact, Vacheron Constantin also stated that the watch was intended to attract young people, so the public price was deliberately reduced. The reason why the Vacheron Constantin steel case 56 has a low public price is that many people already know the reason. One is the steel case, and the other is that the movement does not have the Geneva mark. The movement used by Vacheron Constantin Steel Case 56 is the common movement provided by Richemont to Cartier, Piaget and Vacheron Constantin (Vacheron Constantin No. 1326). So some players think that this movement is not regarded as Vacheron Constantin’s self-produced movement.

Vacheron Constantin new 56 large three-pin
 Several of Vacheron Constantin’s new 56 series watches, full-calendar moon phases and weekly calendars are standard versions of Vacheron Constantin. The cheapest steel shell 56 big and small pins are very similar to 1.5T BMW, 3-cylinder BMW, and also BMW. 3 cylinders are enough, but you want to experience the power, 3 cylinders is definitely not enough (i8 3 cylinders are not counted).
 In addition, Vacheron Constantin’s 56 series should be listed on September 1st, because the three-pin steel case is very affordable, so many people have booked before the sale. Although the three-piece steel case is currently Vacheron Constantin’s most personal watch, according to the current supply and demand situation, the lower the public price, the more popular the watch will be the most demanding watch.

Oyster Model: Rolex Launches New Oyster Perpetual Series

Rolex introduced the new Oyster Perpetual series. In addition to 39 mm models, there are also 26, 31 and 34 mm models with unique new surfaces. The new models complement the 31 and 36mm Oyster Perpetual introduced in 2014, forming a collection that includes a variety of sizes and attractive surfaces, fully embodying Rolex’s legendary image. The red grape-colored surface is suitable for watches of all sizes-26, 31, 34, 36 and 39 mm, which interconnect this series of watches.

   Oyster Perpetual 39 watch, model 114300-70400, 904L stainless steel Oyster case (original metal cast middle case, screw-in case back and winding crown), 39 mm diameter, Rolex screw-in screw-down case back , Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, water-resistant to 100 meters, Rolex 3132 self-winding movement, certified by the Swiss Observatory (COSC), central hour, minute and second hand, second hand pause function to accurately adjust time, vibration frequency 28,800 times / hour (4 Hz), paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring, high-performance Paraflex cushioning device, power reserve of about 48 hours, deep rhodium white sun light effect surface, oyster three-piece solid chain link 904L stainless steel strap with folding oyster buckle .
A Rolex in Rolex Watchmaking
   The function of the Oyster Perpetual series is to display the time reliably and accurately, which is the essence of the Oyster concept. This watch originated from the world’s first waterproof watch, the Oyster prototype in 1926, and Rolex built its reputation. The Oyster Perpetual collection combines the famous Rolex waterproof oyster case with a self-winding perpetual movement. The Oyster Perpetual series is a Swiss Observatory-certified precision timepiece with all the basic elements of the Oyster series. This model is equipped with a striking new surface and stands out from many watches with elegant and sporty tones.
   The Oyster Perpetual Oyster case is a solid example of solidity. The uniquely shaped middle case is made of solid 904L steel and is difficult to corrode. The triangular bottom case back is screwed tightly with a brand-specific special tool to completely seal the case, which can only be opened by Rolex watchmakers.
Oyster case, symbol of water resistance and solidity
   The Oyster Perpetual series’ oyster case is guaranteed to be water-resistant to 100 meters (330 feet), making it a sturdy and reliable example. The uniquely shaped middle case is made of solid 904L steel, which is difficult to corrode. The triangular bottom case back is screwed tightly with a brand-specific special tool to completely seal the case, which can only be opened by Rolex watchmakers. The winding crown uses a Rolex double-lock double waterproof system, which is firmly screwed to the case. In addition, the mirror is made of sapphire, which is not easy to scratch. Oyster Perpetual’s waterproof oyster case provides the best protection for a high-precision movement.
   Oyster Perpetual 34 watch, model 114200-70190, 904L stainless steel oyster case (original metal cast middle case, screw-in case back and winding crown), 34 mm diameter, Rolex screw-in caseback , Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, waterproof to 100 meters, Rolex 3130 self-winding movement, Swiss Observatory certification (COSC), central hour, minute and second hand, second hand pause function for accurate time adjustment, vibration frequency 28,800 times / hour (4 Hz), paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring, high-performance Paraflex cushioning device, power reserve of about 48 hours, champagne-colored sun light effect surface, oyster three-piece solid chain link 904L stainless steel chain strap with folding oyster buckle.
   Oyster Perpetual 31 watch, models 177200-70160, 904L stainless steel oyster case (original metal cast middle case, screw-in case back and winding crown), 31 mm diameter, Rolex screw-in caseback , Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, waterproof 100 meters, Rolex 2231 self-winding movement, Swiss Observatory certification (COSC), central hours, minutes and seconds hand, seconds hand pause function to accurately adjust the time, vibration frequency 28,800 times / hour (4 Hz), paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring, high-performance Paraflex cushioning device, power reserve of about 48 hours, red grape-colored sun light effect surface, oyster three-piece solid chain link 904L stainless steel chain with folding oyster buckle.
   Oyster Perpetual 26 watch, model 176200-70130, 904L stainless steel oyster case (original metal cast middle case, screw-in case back and winding crown), 26 mm diameter, Rolex screw-in screw-down case back , Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, waterproof 100 meters, Rolex 2231 self-winding movement, Swiss Observatory certification (COSC), central hours, minutes and seconds hand, seconds hand pause function to accurately adjust the time, vibration frequency 28,800 times / hour (4 Hz), paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring, high-performance Paraflex cushioning device, power reserve about 48 hours, olive green sun light effect surface, oyster three-piece solid chain link 904L stainless steel chain with folding oyster buckle.
Rolex movements: 3132, 3130, 2231 movements
   Oyster Perpetual watches are equipped with 3132 (39 mm), 3130 (36 and 34 mm) or 2231 (31 and 26 mm) movements, depending on the size. These three sets of self-winding mechanical movements are completely developed by Rolex. The superb design, fine production and fine-tuning of this high-quality movement ensure unparalleled performance of the watch. Each movement is certified by the Swiss Astronomical Observatory. This certification is specifically awarded to precision watches successfully tested by the Swiss Precision Timepiece Testing Centre (COSC). Balanced swing components in the 3132 and 3130 movements are the heart of the watch. They are equipped with Rolex’s patented blue Parachrom hairspring. This hairspring is made of a unique niobium-zirconium alloy cast by Rolex. It is not affected by magnetic fields. It is still extremely stable to temperature changes, and its shock resistance is ten times higher than that of traditional hairsprings.
   The Oyster Perpetual watch is fitted with a solid link 904L stainless steel oyster strap, which is stable and comfortable, and is equipped with a folding oyster buckle designed by Rolex.
Oyster strap, comfortable and stable
   The Oyster Perpetual watch is fitted with a solid link 904L stainless steel oyster strap, which is stable and comfortable, and is equipped with a folding oyster buckle designed by Rolex.

Senior Women’s Watches-some Watches Are Called ‘mysterious Watches’

In the world of high-end watches, there is a timepiece often called ‘mystery’. The reason why it is called mystery is because when you first met, you would not know It is also a watch. He looks like a luxurious necklace, or a beautiful bracelet, or an elegant brooch … but in fact, it is also a timepiece, with a mystery, beyond jewelry and timepieces … And such a landscape can only be seen in the world of high-end women’s watches.

Necklaces and timepieces
   For jewelry timepieces between necklaces and watches, in fact, this category is rare, and brands willing to spend their time on it are also a few jewelry watch brands capable of performing both jewelry and watch business. Therefore, there are few brands and products for customizing this jewellery timepiece, but almost every piece of work will be eye-catching.
Harry Winston Harry Winston Feather Necklace Watch

   When it comes to necklace watches, first of all, I still think of this feather-like necklace watch by Harry Winston, which was introduced at the Basel International High Jewellery Watch Exhibition in 2012. It was this bold design that subverted my initial imagination of the watch. After that, even after seeing more amazing designs, there was no surging and excitement.
   The biggest highlight of this work is the colorful feather decoration. Not only can the pendant worn independently as a brooch be decorated with feathers, the dial of the watch is also decorated with the same texture and color feathers. This work is not only inferior to high jewelry, but also has original charm as a timepiece.
Earl PIAGET LIMELIGHT Mysterious Necklace Watch

   White mother-of-pearl dial with Piaget 56P movement, unique style, number G0A40618.
   Piaget, a luxury jewellery and watch brand, has always been able to interpret the design of jewellery and watch timepieces, and loves it. Especially in the past two years, Piaget has always been able to play new heights for necklace watches. At this year’s Hong Kong Asian Haute Horlogerie Show, Piaget has launched several masterpieces of jewellery watches, including this PIAGET LIMELIGHT mysterious necklace watch.
   Piaget’s craftsman presents star-shaped geometric patterns with 18K rose gold openwork carving. This ancient totem pattern is inspired by architectural elements in the ancient city of Samarkand. The whole necklace is exquisitely set with diamonds, which shines gorgeously. The bigger ‘spigot’ is the mysterious timepiece hidden under the 18K rose gold necklace. It also integrates the geometric shape with the whole necklace, allowing the wearer to experience unlimited mystery fun when reading time.
CHAUMET Lumières d’ eau Necklace Watch

Champagne Paris Water Light Series “Early Snow” Set Platinum High Jewellery Watch
   This is also an orphan timepiece. The rhodium-plated white gold hexagonal case timepiece is embedded in a drop-shaped pendant carved with colorless crystal stones, so that the timepiece and jewelry pendant perfectly blend. The entire pendant and necklace is patterned with 613 brilliant-cut diamonds embellished with snowflakes, echoing the theme of this series ‘Early Snow’. The hexagonal timepiece features a mother-of-pearl dial, four diamond indexes, a quartz movement, and a two-button system on both sides of the pendant.
Bracelets and timepieces
   When it comes to bracelets and watches, it is really the most common category in high-end women’s watches. Many and many women’s watches have designs beyond the scope of jewelry and watches, and are called jewelry watches. These treasures turned into women’s designs are more advanced than jewelry and more beautiful than watches. Here we come to appreciate one or two representative gorgeous masterpieces.
Piaget Secrets of Venice High Jewellery Bracelet Watch

   The Piaget 56P movement is limited to 3 pieces and is engraved with the independent number G0A40578.
   This jewellery timepiece, which is both a bracelet and a watch, has achieved a high appearance rate after the Hong Kong Asian Horological Fair. Of course, here I have to mention again, this is really a model of jewelry watches. The design of the hollow diamond decoration pattern on the bracelet is inspired by the bridge of sighs of Venice in Water City, which translates the ancient emotional tone into a modern beauty.
Chaumet Paris Lumières d’ eau Water Light Jewellery Watch

Chaumet concealed platinum water jewellery watch in Paris
   This watch is also known for its ‘mystery’. If you do not open the cover that hides the case, this piece will be a gorgeous high-set bracelet jewelry. Rhodium-plated white gold is set with 986 brilliant-cut diamonds to imitate the attitude and color of water, which fits the theme of ‘light of water’. Hidden inside is a mother-of-pearl dial set with 4 diamond hour markers and a Swiss quartz movement. It is also a precious orphan.
Vacheron Constantin Heures Créatives Heure Discrète

   This fan-shaped timepiece is sure to be familiar to everyone, and that is the Heures Créatives series of Art Deco Heure Discrète ladies’ watches that Vacheron Constantin debuted at the 2015 Hong Kong Asian Horological Watch Exhibition, inspired by the popular ladies at the time Folding fan. In fact, Vacheron Constantin’s three works launched simultaneously in the Heures Créatives series are remarkable, which respectively represent the aesthetic characteristics of three important artistic trends of the twentieth century, including the Heure Discrète watch in the shape of a ‘folding fan’. Most are stealing the shot. The timepiece of the watch is hidden in the Art Deco-shaped folding fan shape. If you want to read it, you can peek into the delicate striped white mother-of-pearl dial window and its two hands when you rotate the fan. As a brand with deep watchmaking strength, Vacheron Constantin chose the extremely precise 1055 manual movement for this timepiece with a power reserve of about 40 hours.
Unbelievable ring and brooch timepieces
   Designs that combine timepieces with rings or brooches in jewelry are rare. Fortunately, such models exist in high-end women’s watches. The wrist watch can be many and very common, but a brooch watch or ring watch is really rare and rare.

GRAFF Mystic Sapphire and Diamond Double Brooch Mysterious Watch with 40.62 Carat Diamonds and 332.13 Carat Sapphire

Graff Red Tourmaline Mysterious Ring Watch

   The natural red tourmaline flower carved with exquisite gemstone carving technology is used as the cover, and you can admire the hidden dial with a simple push. The flower-shaped red tourmaline cover weighs 34.22 carats, and the bezel and setting are set against pavé diamonds.

Longines Csi Ascona’

Today, Longines CSI Ascona and well-known Swiss watch brand Longines held a press conference to announce the partnership between the two. Longines has become the title partner, official timekeeper and designated watch for this 4 * track obstacle event. The event will be held from July 21 to 24, 2016.

   Starting from 2017, ‘Longines CSI Ascona’ will be the first highest level international obstacle course in the Italian-speaking area of ​​Switzerland. ‘Longines CSI Ascona’ is the sixth track obstacle course held in Switzerland after Basel, Lausanne, St. Gallen, Klein Montana and Zurich. The popular watch brand Longines is fortunate to provide Professional timing services and support.

Iwc South America Chile Witnesses The Birth Of A New Star

At the end of August, IWC invited the global media to gather in Parana, Chile, where the European Southern Observatory’s headquarters is located, to participate in the official presentation of the new Portuguese Sidérale Scafusia watch. This watch has a solar day, stellar day, astronomical display and The constant-power tourbillon device is one of the most complicated watches under the flag.
    Its new appearance and technical features make all watch lovers crazy. Georges Kern, President of IWC, said, ‘IWC has reached a new benchmark with the Portuguese Sidérale Scafusia watch. Making this watch is an exciting challenge, and everyone is working together to achieve We are very proud of this unparalleled new watch, which reflects the essence of watchmaking skills and engineering. ‘

    The Portuguese Sidérale Scafusia watch was created to precisely combine different astronomical displays. When it comes to the attention of this new complex watch, the constant-force tourbillon is not the dial. However, the back of the watch is not inferior, displaying the star map, horizon, geographical coordinates, solar day, stellar day, sunrise and sunset display, and day, night and dawn hours in a small space. An integrated perpetual calendar is also shown. The automatic winder included with the watch can ensure that the watch can operate accurately even if it is not worn for a long time. In addition, this IWC also comes with a magnifying glass, allowing you to watch the night sky and comprehensive astronomical information in more detail. Every Portuguese Sidérale Scafusia watch is unique. In addition to the personalized star map on the case back, you can also personally choose a series of case materials, dial design and strap colors and materials for a full personalization. service. It is almost a custom-made collectible watch, so it takes at least a year from order to delivery.