Omega Tape Hippocampus Can Still Be Fired Without Frying?

It is not too late to get to the topic. I originally planned to write a complicated watch today, but in the end I didn’t stop the ‘temptation’ of Omega and decided to write the hippocampus. Omega is one of the watches I like to write very much. Various complex watches look interesting, but it doesn’t make sense to write them because there are too few people to buy them. Omega mainstream watch is right next to your brothers. If you like it, you can buy it immediately. I wrote about the new 2017 version of the Seahorse Aqua Terra (referred to as the Hippocampus AT) before, but at that time, the new version of the Seahorse AT was just announced, and it was not even on the official website at that time. The 2017 version of the hippocampus is now available, and Omega has added a tape version to the new version of Aqua Terra (the tape version is also the main model and advertising model). So, I want to talk to you about what I know.

Omega’s new hippocampal Aqua Terra tape version.
This time I want to change the order, let’s talk about market conditions first.

   As the main model of Omega, the hottest and most important one of the Omega 2017 hippocampus is the blue tape hippocampus. Before the 2017 hippocampus AT remodeling, the hippocampus AT was mainly two versions, steel belts and belts, and tape was mainly used in the marine universe. We all know that tape is generally used on professional diving watches. This time, Omega equipped the hippocampus AT with tape to make the hippocampus AT look more sporty (note that it just looks because the hippocampus AT is not a professional diving watch). Blue needle and blue belt, the value of the burst table.
   Because the new watch Haima just launched, the number is still relatively small. Omega dealer counter, we can see the new version of the hippocampus, steel belt, belt, blue tape version is usually out of stock. A small amount of blue tape version is mainly concentrated in Omega’s direct stores. Which stores are directly managed by Omega? Take Beijing as an example. Wangfujing apm, Dongfang Xintiandi and SKP’s Omega are all directly operated stores. Although there are many blue tape posters for the hippocampus, the watches that actually appear in the store are not particularly many. Interested brothers can go straight to the Omega-operated store. One detail to note is that the Omega Blue Tape Hippocampus AT also has different color matching (gray disk blue needle, blue disk gray needle, blue disk blue needle), there are blue second hands, there are ordinary color second hands, please pay attention to distinguish.

Omega’s new version of the seahorse Aqua Terra.
   The above is the situation of the specialty store, and the following I will talk about the situation of the secondary market. Although I am also a fan, Omega is one of my most respected watches. Compared with Rolex, Omega’s most generous place is the stable and adequate supply, and does not engage in Rolex’s ‘hunger marketing’. Omega is very friendly to the broad masses of the people, we can buy whatever you like. Unlike Rolex, ‘there are no watches in the store, there are no watches in the store’, these are not a thing for players at all, but for the general public, it is difficult to buy watches in Rolex stores. Currently outside the store, I have also seen that some watchmakers have received the Omega Blue Tape Seahorse AT, and I find the market to be good. The domestic price of the blue tape hippocampus is 40500, which is cheaper than the previous generation hippocampus. Under the factors of exchange rate and discount (because it is a new watch, there is no second-hand factor), the price is good, although it is a new watch and popular watch of Omega, the market is higher than the general situation of Omega (more expensive than the previous generation of steel belt 2 , 3,000 yuan), but it is still easy to get started (players who are familiar with the Omega market and experienced, in fact, without me, you can calculate the approximate market by yourself).
Let’s take a look at this piece of tape.

   There are three types of tape. One is that, like Blancpain 50 噚 and Omega’s ‘Dark Sea Black’, the inner layer is rubber, but a layer of canvas is wrapped on the outside, and it is not visible from the surface. One is like Hublot. Although it is tape, it is embossed with a crocodile leather pattern on the outside, and it looks very similar to a crocodile belt. The last type is pure tape such as the new watch hippocampus AT. The first two have a more formal feel because of the extra processing of the tape (wrapping canvas, embossing), which can be convenient for formal dressing. Pure tapes such as the Omega New Seahorse are generally used for professional diving watches, such as the Ocean Universe and IWC Aquatimer, which have a strong sense of movement.

A rubber strap for the new Omega Seamaster AT.
   The blue tape of the new version of the Omega Haima AT advertising model, the actual color I feel darker than some pictures. It’s beautiful to get started. A tape can generally be used for 2 or 3 years. The price of this Omega tape is okay, and it costs more than 1,000 yuan for one. The strap itself is a consumable, so change it.

Omega always looks more luxurious than its peers.
   I don’t know why, every time I hold Omega, I always feel that this watch brings us a more luxurious sense than its price. I always feel that Omega looks more luxurious than similar watches. Later, I thought about it myself, and I found that Omega’s treatment of the case and the dial is more careful, so it makes people look very luxurious. Watch case processing is nothing more than two, brushed and polished. Many watch cases are brushed over a large area, and the entire watch is matte and does not appear shiny. For other watches, the overall polishing, although the watch looks very bright, but because of the large polishing area, it is very easy to leave scratches and show old. Omega’s new version of the hippocampus AT is a brushed side of the case and a polished bezel. The side drawing, in fact, a very important role is to prevent scratching (this is a point raised by a foreigner, I think, it makes sense), because the drawing is matte, it is not obvious after scratching, and it is not easy to appear old. The bezel and lugs are polished and the watch looks bright. And because the bezel of the hippocampus AT is relatively wide, and the lugs are also polished, the polished area is large and the sense of luxury is strong. In addition, please note that the new version of the hippocampus AT has two sizes, 41 and 38. The previous hippocampus was 41.5 and 38.5, and the size of the new version has been slightly reduced.

Various versions of Omega’s new version of the hippocampus AT, we can see the effect of various straps.
   In addition to the case, Omega’s decoration on the dial is in place, and the dial is patterned. A major change in the new version of the hippocampus AT is to change the vertical dial of the previous dial to horizontal. In addition, the new version of the Haima AT puts the calendar at 6 o’clock, so the face is very balanced. Omega’s disc texture mimics the ‘yacht deck’ style. In fact, as long as we compare ourselves, we can find that Omega often has relatively complicated dial decoration in watches of the same price and level, whether it is deck stripes or water ripples. The disc stripes and three-dimensional triangular time scales make the watch flicker when light enters. Some watches of the same level are not as luxurious as Omega because they use a lacquered dial and printed hour markers. The dial is relatively simple and not conducive to reflecting light.
   The reasonable combination of polished and brushed case and the relatively complicated dial decoration make Omega stand out from other luxury watches of the same class.

Omega has completely replaced the 8900 movement on the new version of the hippocampus AT.

Calibre 8900 used by Omega’s new hippocampus AT.
   To be honest, the Omega movement has been updated quickly in the past two years, and more new numbers have been used. We know that the Omega Haima AT has always used the 8500 movement. After Omega popularized the 15,000 Gaussian anti-magnetic coaxial technology, although the Haima AT also upgraded to the coaxial coaxial movement, the movement number has not changed, it is still 8500. In the new version of the hippocampus AT, Omega changed the movement number and started using the 8900 movement. Prior to this, Omega Zunba used 8901, the ocean space ‘deep sea black’ GMT used 8906. The configuration of the 8900 movement used in the new version of the hippocampus AT is not significantly different from the Zhizheng coaxial version 8500. Omega is likely to use the new movement number directly on the new version of the hippocampus AT, forming a difference from the old model. One can tell at a glance. You do n’t need to pay attention to the words “master co axial” on the surface, the difference is the 15000 Gaussian antimagnetic 8500 or the ordinary 8500. The configuration of the 8900 is as follows, with a diameter of 29 mm, 39 gem shafts, a swing frequency of 25200 times per hour, and a power of 60 hours. , Antimagnetic 15000 Gauss.
Which rivals will the new Omega Haima AT meet?


Rolex Oyster Perpetual

Tudor Golden Axe Needle
   The official price of Omega’s new version of the hippocampus AT is 41200 for steel chain, 40500 for belt, and 40500 for tape. At this price we will encounter many luxury watches. Such as Rolex’s Oyster Perpetual, Jaeger-LeCoultre’s new master, and even Tudor’s golden axe needle. The public price of these watches is more than 40,000 yuan. Some brands have a higher positioning than Omega, and some have the same level as Omega, or are lower than Omega. In any case, we have to make compromises for every penny. For example, Jaeger-LeCoultre has a higher brand positioning and a luxurious all-gold automatic tourbillon, so it has to make concessions on the board. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual has all the features of a Rolex classic Oyster watch and white gold hour markers, but has to cancel the calendar and cancel the fine adjustments on the buckle. At the same price, Omega can always bring us more, brand status, watch decoration, movement configuration, have not compromised, and maintain sufficient supply. This is my favorite place for Omega.