Omega – 007 Agent’s Perfect Companion

Half a century has passed since the first 007 series ‘Dr. No’ was born. For 50 years, the British agent has become an insurmountable classic on the screen with a handsome, cold and passionate, witty and brave image. Whenever he is in danger, his clever mind and all kinds of high-tech luxury equipment can always help him to avoid danger. In ‘Golden Eye’ in 1995, Bond’s legendary equipment added an Omega Seamaster watch. Since then, the Omega Seamaster has become the perfect companion of 007, following him to the fire, to complete every difficult task.

 From Pierce Brosnan to Daniel Craig, Omega’s collaboration with 007 Films has spanned more than a decade. James Bond perfectly explains the characteristics of the hippocampus series-noble temperament, personable, full of adventure. In the movie, when James Bond and his partners focused their eyes on an Omega watch worn on their wrists, everyone knew that Bond’s time was up.

 As the essential equipment of the 007 agent, the role of the Omega watch cannot be underestimated. What Omega means to Bond is not just about telling time, it often helps when Bond is on a mission. In the film ‘Golden Eye’, James Bond wears the Omega Seamaster professional diving watch for the first time. The case has two built-in mechanisms: a helium exhaust valve that emits laser light and a remote-controlled mine detonation device. With the help of a laser device, Bond successfully cut a hole in the floor of a train with missiles and successfully rescued others. Later, he used the remote-controlled mine detonation device in his watch to detonate mines, destroying the Cuban terrorist satellite control room controlled by Golden Eye. In subsequent editions of Tomorrow Never Dies / 1997, The World Is Not Enough / 1999, and Die Another Day / 2002, the Omega Seamaster Professional Dive Watch is also the same It played an important role. The watch cleverly hides various small organs, such as digital display, miniature harpoon, lethal laser segment, Geiger counter that can measure the radiation level, artificial magnetic field that can make the bullet deviate from the bull’s eye, etc. It is powerful and has helped James many times Bond successfully resolved the crisis.

Beginning with ‘007 Royal Casino’ in 2006, James Bond’s watches no longer have dazzling institutions, but simply show his classic tough and handsome qualities. Some people may find it not enough, but in fact, these watches were added when the 007 novel was adapted into a movie. The author Ian Fleming only used the watch to show Bond’s taste in the original work. Because as a gentleman of noble origin, Fleming knew that a watch could be just like a top-level custom dress, which could reveal every bit of man’s taste. 007’s costume design director and Oscar winner of the best costume design Lindy Heming believes that Bond is a naval officer and an international gentleman with a thoughtful and elegant taste, so the Omega Seamaster watch is definitely His best choice.

 Undoubtedly, in addition to its relationship with the ocean, the Omega Seamaster watch and this super agent have more common characteristics-masculine and tough, elegant style, classic atmosphere, charm. Many 007 fans hope to have an extraordinary watch that accompanies Bond’s birth and death in the film, while other fans prefer their watches to have a closer connection with the secret agent in design elements. In order to meet this desire of movie fans, from 2002, Omega will launch a special James Bond 007 limited edition watch with the release of each new 007 movie. These extraordinary models have been loved by watches. Those who like it as well as 007 fans.