Obaku Harmony® Watches Are On Display At The Aros Art Gallery

The latest and best modern art museum in Northern Europe-Aros in Aarhus (Denmark) is holding a special event for Obaku Harmony® watch designer and world-renowned artist Mariko Mori exhibition.

Mariko Mori
Aros is holding a special exhibition called ‘Oneness’ for Japanese artist Mariko Mori, which will run until January 27, 2008. Mariko Mori presents the spiritual travel of space and time where Asian culture and high-tech hardware blend.
Visitors can feel an amazing field-the harmonious unity of modern materialism and spirit, especially from the spirit of Zen philosophy. This exhibition is not to be missed.

Obaku Harmony®
At the same time as Mariko Mori’s exhibition in Aros, Obaku Harmony® watches also held a special exhibition here. The concepts of Mariko Mori and Obaku Harmony® are similar, such as the minimalist modern design derived from Obaku’s Zen philosophy A hybrid, that is, throwing away all the extra stuff and focusing on the essence of all aspects of life.
The designer of the watch is Lau Liengård Ruge, Denmark and Christian Mikkelsen, who live in Hong Kong and are trained by the Aarhus school of architecture. Obaku Harmony® watches combine the reasonable Danish minimalist design tradition with the emotional value of Asian Obaku Zen, thus creating the Obaku minimalist design concept.

The Obaku logo is inspired by the words ‘Circle of Life’ in calligraphy. The symbol symbolizes the passage of time and reminds people that every day is important. In all the advertisements of watches, the ad phrase ‘forget time, grasp the present’ seems to remind us that we should live in the present.
Since opening in Aarhus in 2004, Aros has received worldwide attention and recognition, not only because of Aros’ extensive and interesting permanent collection of works of art, but also because of a series of special exhibitions including world-renowned personalities, such as Rausenberg, Bill Viola, Paul McCarthy, Olafur Eliasson, Michael Kvium, etc. Mariko Mori’s exhibition will run until January 27, 2008.
Source: Obaku Harmony
www.aros.dk and www.obaku.com