Montblanc Launches The 4810 Series In Tribute To The Golden Age Of Transatlantic

The Montblanc 4810 series debuted in 2006 and is the brand’s best-selling work. This year, on the occasion of the 110th anniversary of the brand, Montblanc follows the essence of the series and celebrates this century with the new 4810 series. The new collection respects the brand’s exquisite and long-standing watchmaking tradition, presents an outstanding, elegant and sporty design. It reinterprets the popular 4810 series with advanced complication watches, providing modern travelers with reliable and accurate timepieces.
 In 1906, at a time when manufacturing was booming, three visionary manufacturing pioneers—engineer August Eberstein, businessman Alfred Nehemias, and stationery entrepreneur Claus Voß—come to the United States to prepare for a grand vision. They invented a writing instrument using leak-proof technology and a piston converter. Engineer Eberstein is extremely visionary and has been studying micro-machine innovations in the United States and Britain for many years. His unremitting pursuit of outstanding performance, innovation and perfect quality has become the core spirit and driving force of Montblanc. The entrepreneur, Claus Voß, is very business-minded and actively pursues innovative technologies with unique development potential. By chance, Claus and Eberstein knew each other. He immediately noticed Eberstein’s engineering creativity and passion, and was convinced that he would become his best partner to complete the blueprint for the enterprise.

 In 1910, the three founders borrowed the name of Mont Blanc, the highest peak in Europe, and officially named the company Montblanc, symbolizing the unremitting pursuit of the highest quality. This dedication to perfect quality has enabled Montblanc to continue to create masterpieces, explore inspiration and develop advanced craftsmanship, and has become the core value and driving force of the brand since its establishment. Mont Blanc has an altitude of 4810 meters, and this number has always been regarded as a symbol of the brand. Today, the new 4810 series has given this number a new lease of life, symbolizing the brand’s founder’s pursuit of excellence when he started this wonderful journey 110 years ago.
 The early 20th century was a golden development moment for reform and innovation. This period marked the beginning of a new horizon, especially the transatlantic transportation that promoted the development of international business and cultural relations. Thanks to many revolutionary new inventions, such as the rise of ship steam engines and advances in navigation methods, the development of maritime transport has achieved a huge breakthrough. Passenger routes compete for the prestigious Trans-Atlantic Grand Prix-the Blue Ribbon Award. Taking into account the different routes of transoceanic vessels, the awards are based on average speed and are based on the fastest speed when traveling west along the challenging Gulf Stream. This award has attracted passengers and shipping companies seeking the fastest and strongest ships. The blue ribbon has thus become a symbol of honor and highest achievement. Its spirit is carried forward in the new Montblanc 4810 series, demonstrating top performance and excellent timepiece quality.

 In this pioneering era, major port cities have entered the most vigorous development period and become the central hub for trade, cultural exchanges and reform and innovation. Hamburg Port is one of them. As Germany’s largest port, the Port of Hamburg was quickly hailed as Germany’s ‘gateway to the world.’ As a result, Hamburg’s international trade has developed vigorously, and has become Germany’s independent luxury ocean-going passenger ship manufacturing site. The ships it built were quickly recognized and regarded as the world’s most important modern carrier ships. Montblanc is firmly rooted in this era of great change, and launched the new Montblanc 4810 series with both technology and aesthetics to commemorate this important period.
 To celebrate the 110th anniversary of the brand and commemorate the golden age that gave birth to its growth, Montblanc has launched a number of unique new 4810 series timepieces, and launched three self-developed complex function movements, namely external tourbillon stop seconds movements. MB 29.21, Shuangfei chronograph movement MB LL100.1 and World Time movement MB 29.20.
 Each 4810 series timepiece follows the brand’s elegant and rich design guidelines. The characteristic carved dial is decorated with a striking Montblanc white star pattern, rose gold Roman numerals and hour markers, a large case, and a beautifully designed sword shape. Openwork hands. The extreme pursuit of details has given this series a new look, showing that Montblanc adheres to the ‘share of passion for fine watchmaking’, and provides watch lovers around the world with advanced sophisticated functions, perfect quality and aesthetic value Timepiece masterpiece.
Montblanc External Tourbillon Slim Watch
 The new Montblanc external tourbillon ultra-thin watch as the 110th anniversary of the great contribution, the brand patented external tourbillon complex features, while equipped with a quick stop seconds device. Compared with the traditional tourbillon structure, the external tourbillon has better performance. First, the external tourbillon frame is separated from the balance wheel. Second, the frame weight is extremely small, so more accurate timing and better isochronism can be obtained. Sex. Among them, this structure has 4 adjustable gold screws and 14 fixing screws, and the diameter of these 18 screws is only 9.7 mm, which plays a very important role for the balance wheel, which makes precision and traditional watchmaking technology obtain Further improvement.
 The barrel is built into the main splint and has a 50-hour power reserve. Its position in the movement structure demonstrates the high-level R & D and testing capabilities that pursue the best balance between the barrel, the rotor and the balance wheel during the watchmaking process.
 The external tourbillon self-winding movement MB 29.21 is equipped with a new micro-oscillator decorated with a fan-shaped “Geneva ripple” pattern. The sapphire crystal back cover gives a clear overview of the movement structure, while the traditional rotor usually covers half of the movement. In addition, the entire movement structure is only 4.5 mm high, showing the extraordinary quality of its complex technology.
 The tourbillon frame displays the seconds with a red arrow and is equipped with a practical quick stop seconds device. The function of the device is closely related to the design of the brake lever. The brake lever stops the large screw balance with 18 screws and restarts whenever necessary. In order to obtain the correct angle of the end of the brake lever, the designer delves into the best geometry and dynamics, so that the user can set the time to the second, ensuring that the movement is restarted immediately. Without affecting the tourbillon frame, the quick stop seconds device can stop the balance wheel instantly, so it can prevent the balance wheel from continuing to swing and affect the accuracy of the watch. All functions and operations can be controlled by the crown at 3 o’clock, and the dial on the dial can tell the wearer the corresponding position of the crown setting: position 1 is used to wind the movement, and position 2 is used to set Time and quick stop seconds device.
 The new 4810 series uses a 42 mm case with a slightly larger diameter and a total height of 10.14 mm. The case has been meticulously adjusted in the design, such as a thinner bezel and a satin finish in the middle. Other design improvements include a chamfered finish at the vertical top, which forms a perfect arc at the bottom to ensure better wrist comfort and a more refined look.
 The upper part of the silver-white dial is decorated with a striking Montblanc hexagonal white star engraved design, and the lower part is a ‘Geneva ripple’ pattern, which sets off the delicate external tourbillon structure at 6 o’clock. The dial is exquisite and noble, with elegant rose gold-plated Roman numerals and sword-shaped hands covered with white Super LumiNova® non-radioluminescent material, which is extremely legible even in the dark. A special minute scale is added to the outer ring of the dial. The red number ’60’ is at 12 o’clock, making it easy for the wearer to read the hour.
 Montblanc 4810 series ultra-thin external tourbillon watch, with black alligator leather strap, contrasts with warm rose gold case and rose gold inlay details on the dial. This watch has passed the rigorous 500-hour quality test of the Montblanc laboratory, and has carried out more than 500 hours of real-life simulations.
Montblanc 4810 series ultra-thin external tourbillon

No. 114864
Montblanc Manufacture Calibre MB 29.21
Movement type Automatic mechanical movement, external tourbillon with quick stop seconds device
Dimensions 30.6 mm in diameter, 4.5 mm in height, 202 components, 29 ruby ​​bearings, 50 hours power reserve, flat balance ring with 18 screws, 21,600 vibrations per hour (3 Hz), flat spring, plywood Rhodium-plated plywood with long stripes, bridge plate rhodium-plated bridge plate, decorated with fan-shaped ‘Geneva ripple’
Display Central hour and minute display
Crown at 3 o’clock and quick stop seconds display
6 o’clock patented external tourbillon (one rotation per minute to indicate seconds)
Appearance parts
Case 18K (5N) rose gold case with polished satin-finished middleware
Anti-scratch, curved anti-reflective sapphire crystal
Case Back 18K (5N) Rose Gold with Embedded Sapphire Crystal Lenses
Dimensions 42 mm diameter, 10.14 mm height
Water-resistant to 5 bar
Crown 18K (5N) rose gold with mother-of-pearl Montblanc hexagonal white star logo
Dial The silver-white dial is decorated with a hexagonal white star pattern on the upper part and a “Geneva ripple” pattern on the lower part, highlighting the external tourbillon. Rose gold plated hours and Roman numerals, rose gold plated conical hour and minute hands, blue steel crown setting and quick stop seconds indicator
Strap Black alligator leather strap with 18K (5N) rose gold buckle, 500 hours quality test by Montblanc Lab