Louis Moinet Launches Time Explorator And ‘jurassic’ Tourbillon

TIME EXPLORATOR is a ‘time shuttle machine’, it is 3 meters long and 2 meters high. It is made of mahogany, and its ‘engine room’ is unique in shape, equipped with counters, controllers, levers, gear transmission chains, copper pipes and brass pipes. This ‘time shuttle machine’ enables visitors to get unexpected gains while crossing the nine different portholes presented, which is of great historical milestone. As a real treasure in human history, the TIME EXPLORATOR will be unveiled at the 2010 Basel Jewellery Show, while also providing everyone with an intriguing exploration opportunity to study poetic origins.

TIME EXPLORATOR was launched by Jean-Marie Schaller (CEO, designer, Louis Moinet) and Philippe Truan (CEO, manufacturer, Roger Truan SA)
‘Jurassic’ Tourbillon
The TIME EXPLORATOR is also the first display of the JURASSIC Tourbillon series. The dial highlights the characteristics of the true dinosaur fossil bone, which is believed to be 150 million years old. The quality and context of this precious historical relic are extraordinary masterpieces, and they have been carefully cut and polished without damage. This fossil is found in western North America and belongs to the dinosaur bone. It has been certified by Dr Andreas Stucki, a geologist closely related to the ‘Saurier Museum’ in Aathal, Switzerland.

Liang Long
This fossil comes from a family of large herbivorous dinosaurs, such as Diplodocus. Diplodocus is one of the most recognizable dinosaurs. It has a typical dinosaur shape, a long neck tail, and it has four legs. It is one of the earliest known dinosaurs. Its body may be 50 meters long and weigh 50 tons!

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Original source: Louis Moinet