Lifelike Is Like This Jaquet Droz The Charming Bird

The Charming Bird technical characteristics:
● Sapphire crystal sound system
● Singing tits moving couple device
● Limited to 28
JAQUET DROZ’s The Charming Bird has a lively moving puppet device and a gently crisp bird’s time signal, which is different from the ordinary watch, making him the focus of watch circles.
A gift for the 275th anniversary of the founding
In fact, as early as 2013, in order to celebrate the 275th anniversary of the brand, JAQUET DROZ stunning the world with this Charming Bird. After two years of improvement, The Charming Bird launched a more sophisticated version. This finished product was not only in 2015. At the Basel Watch Fair in 2014, the brand’s craftsmanship was displayed. At the end of the year’s Oscars, the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève, it won the ‘Innovative Mechanical Watch’ category award, which was the brand’s current year. representative work.
This time the blue tits are very different
Many features of this old version, such as the eccentric hour and minute dial of the JAQUET DROZ signature plate, and the spherical mirror at 6 o’clock below form the ‘8’ shape, which is like the brand’s traditional large second hand layout, which marks the brand DNA. The visual focus of the entire watch is the blue tit in the ball! Birds have always been an important creative proposition of JAQUET DROZ. Today, the brand has already used a variety of techniques to express different attitudes of birds. The birds on this watch appear in 3D, combining master craftsmanship such as carving and painting. , The clever stand inside the sphere greatly increases the eye-catching index of this watch! As long as the pusher at 2 o’clock is activated, the bird will begin to flutter its wings, open its beak, and rotate in place.
It really sounds like a bird!
What’s even more amazing is that this bird also makes a beautiful chirping sound. The brand reduced the sounding system originally used for antique bird chimes to a large extent, and concentrated it on watches with square inches, while retaining the effect of loud bird chimes. Its technical difficulty can be imagined. The movement of the movable device is driven by three cams, one of which drives the bird to rotate, the other drives the beak to open and close, the wings and bird tail move, and the three control the tone. The chirping bird sound comes from the sapphire crystal sound system in the micro-mechanical device in the movement. It is designed by the bellows and is generated by air. In order to make the timepiece sound long and pleasant, the brand presents the melody in three different tones. The brand has also conducted long-term in-depth research on the vibration of the movement parts to reduce the noise generated during the operation of the machine. As a result, the noise of the new work during the operation of the machine is almost inaudible, and the bird song is louder and longer.
Pioneering new definition of complex functions
The Charming Bird has carried forward the brand’s signature motion technology, combined with hearing and visual enjoyment, to create a life-like beauty on the wrist with soul. No other gorgeous complication is needed, this Charming Bird is shocking enough. Combined with the transparent sapphire crystal dial, the beauty of mechanical operation also brings excellent visual experience. With the black machine plate, silver gear and other movement parts, it is slightly more modern, which also makes this watch suitable Set aside from the understated elegance that is common with brands. In addition to the platinum case version, there are also rose gold case versions, both of which are limited to 28 pieces.

Feature 1: using sapphire crystal system
The inside of the movement uses a sapphire crystal sound system and an air box design. The sound tube is sapphire crystal, hard and wear-resistant; the piston is made of carbon material, which can reduce friction. The piston is used to pump and store air, and to make the sound of a time signal.

Feature two: Fine carving
Birds have always been an important theme of the brand. Starting with feather carving and finishing the delicate head and bird tail, the craftsman must be fully absorbed, and the delicate strokes and bright colors make it come to life.

Feature 3: Visual effects with a sense of technology
With a strong sense of perspective, the dial pattern and the 6-point spherical mirror surface exude a sense of technology that looks quite subversive to the classic elegance of the brand’s timepieces.

Feature four: the integration of Jacques Dro craftsmanship
The 610 movement combines the two-needle travel time, moving couple, and sounding device. The difficulty of sounding device production is significantly reduced after the system scale is significantly smaller than the antique bird chime. Interactive device on your wrist.