La Tradition Breguet Tourbillon Fusée Silicium 7047

After four years of use of various watch movements, Breguet Breguet can report the precision and satisfactory results of the balance spring with smooth silicone texture. The next step is to apply the silicone balance spring with the famous arc technology of the famous Breguet brand to the actual design. In fact, the arc technology is applied to the design of silicon bars as a representative of the world’s watchmaking technology.

Springs are usually cut from a flat surface, and generally a thin section is retained. Using silicon, due to the lack of ductility of the metal, a curved upward coil is formed, and the production process of the product needs to be completely reconsidered. Breguet’s technicians have mastered this difficult technical challenge. Regardless of the basic structure of the product, Breguet’s silicone balance springs will now exert the special properties of silicon on all Breguet Breguet movements.

Original source: Breguet
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