Junghans Rong Han Po Xing’s Max Bill-specific Art Tradition Watch

Swiss artist, architect and designer Max Bill is one of the main representatives of the specific art schools in Zurich. In the 1960s, he collaborated with Junghans Ronghan Baoxing to develop a simple and modern dial. Today, it is still produced almost intact at Junghans Ronghan Baoxing.
This design classic series continues to develop in 2010 based on the principles of talented and well-known artists of the Bauhaus: the independence of artistic style is based on mathematics / geometry, and features clear structure and precise proportions.

max bill by junghans Chronoscope
Launch of three new mechanical watches. All three watches-manual, automatic and stopwatch-reflect the aesthetic simplicity of the dial and classic flat case design.
Source: Junghans