Introduction To Tissot’s New Moon Goddess Watch

Tissot launched the most important masterpiece this year-the new Moon Goddess series. The design inspiration of the six watches is based on the moon, with the elegant temperament of women, creating the mysterious charm of the moon goddess. From dazzling diamonds to exquisite mother-of-pearl dials, the Moon Goddess series reflects the elegant mood of modern women. Tissot image ambassador Xu Xiyuan (big S) also wore moonlight white in this year’s promotional pictures, which specially performed the series of Goblin Diamond Extreme models, like a goddess of the moon. I believe that this watch will be able to win the attention of modern and fashionable ladies, become their best friends, and let the moonlight spread across the wrist.

Tissot New
Tissot Moon Goddess
Design inspired by the moon
细节 The design details of this series of watches reflect the elements of the moon. The dial is shaped like a full moon, and the full moon is delineated through the round dial. The successful design makes people instantly full of happiness. The bezel of the Supreme model is also delicately embedded with 45 top Wesselton diamonds, like the bright stars in the night sky, which complements the full moon.
The Extreme model uses a mother-of-pearl dial, which resembles the faint clouds floating in the night sky. Against the background of the moonlight, it displays colorful colors, like colorful moon patterns. Another style of dial uses late night black or moonlight silver, which outlines the nighttime infinite, moonlight smart wrist scenes, people can’t bear it.
耳 The lug design of this series of watches is also unique. On the outside of the two pairs of lugs, a meniscus shape is sculpted, and some models are also inlaid with top Wesselton diamonds in this shape, with a little bit of stars. Meniscus lugs seem normal, but the manufacturing process is quite difficult, because the lug parts are very small, it is hard to imagine that many diamonds are embedded in such a small substrate. This design undoubtedly adds to the preciousness of the watch.
Not only lugs, Tissot designers have also incorporated meniscus elements on both sides of the strap to echo the theme of the moon. There are meniscus grooves on both sides of the strap, and some models are also embedded with top Wesselton diamonds, which enhances the strap’s decoration and makes the watch a fashion wristband.
The crown of the Moon Goddess series adopts a gemstone design and is carefully carved to reflect the brilliant diamonds. The detailed processing reflects the fine workmanship of the watch.

Big S tries to interpret the goddess of the moon
大 S dedicates himself to the moon goddess, exuding true glory
Nian Tissot’s spokesperson’s congress specializes in the interpretation of this series of fine diamond models, dressed in elegant white clothes, soft posture, just like a moon goddess. Big S himself also said that this watch best reflects his mood: quiet and elegant, low-key luxury. This is the realm she wants to pursue. As an example of an intellectual lady, Big S undoubtedly spoke to the hearts of many urban women. The appearance of the goddess of the moon also caters to the hearts of fashionable women and helps them show their self-confidence and elegance.
Technical Parameters:
-With low battery display
-Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
-Water-resistant to 30 meters / 3 atmospheres
-316L stainless steel case
-Top Wesselton diamonds in three styles
Extreme diamond: 113 top Westellton diamonds, clarity VS / SI, 32/24 full cut, total weight 0.37 carats
Simple diamond model: 68 top Wesselton diamonds, clarity VS / SI, 32/24 full cut, total weight 0.17 carats
-316L stainless steel strap with push button butterfly clasp
-White rubber strap with butterfly buckle
-Black / Silver / Mother-of-Pearl Dial
Suggested retail price:
Precious Diamond Extreme: RMB 12,200
Band and lug diamonds: RMB 7,200
All steel models: RMB 2,450-2,700