Henry Moser & H. Moser & Cie 极 钛 勇者

H. MOSER & CIE, the top independent watchmaking brand in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, has always been loved by professionals who are pursuing true watchmaking but who want to maintain a low-key and restrained style. For Henry Moser, in addition to Gurung’s new high-end watchmaking technology, its insistence on self-made movements is the brand’s pride. Equipped with Henry Moser’s home-made movement HMC346, the special edition of the two places is specially designed by Henry Moser for dealer partner Hong Kong Sambo Watch. Its black DLC carbon diamond-coated Grade 5 titanium case, And for the first time, the agate grey dial technology using pure blasted ruthenium plating has demonstrated the uniqueness of this model; it is limited to 20 pieces and is only on sale in Hong Kong Sambo Watches.

H. MOSER & CIE Special Edition shows the spirit of low-key top craftsmanship

Is it thoughtful for watch lovers? Or self-esteem and dedication as a professional watchmaking brand? The story originated at the 2014 Basel Watch Exhibition in Switzerland. When the representative of Sambo Watch in Hong Kong chatted with the management of Henry Moser, it was mentioned that many customers loved the watch of Henry Moser, and even many Henry The owner of the Moser Watch. Coincidentally, these VIPs all invariably put forward the demand for a Henry Moser watch that is more low-key and restrained and has some complex functions (such as the time in the two places). Although it is a simple reflection of consumer opinions, the brand attaches great importance to it. After all, the voice of the user is the biggest driving force to promote the progress of the manufacturer! This special edition of the Brave Creator is a special edition. Its biggest feature is the first time released by Henry Moser, specially created for this limited edition watch. The hand-sandblasted ruthenium-plated agate gray dial is limited to 20 pieces. The display and sales of Hong Kong Sambo watches, in addition to specific proof that the brand values ​​and responds to the needs of watch lovers, also demonstrates the independent research and development and production capabilities of Henry Moser.
Different from Henry Moser’s general series of precious metal materials, the Brave Creator Special Edition uses the Grade 5 titanium material that the brand uses only on special models, and is coated with black DLC carbon diamond coating. Grade 5 titanium is the most advanced material of titanium for watches. In addition to its lightness, non-sensitivity and high hardness, it is the only titanium material that can be polished like precious metals or stainless steel. Therefore, Yongchuang Special Edition is just like other watches of Henry Moser. It has different decoration in details, various cuts and turning points, such as mirror polishing and hairline sanding. In addition to the black DLC carbon diamond coating, in addition to the low-key and mysterious deep black visual sense of the special edition of the two creators, it also protects the case from scratches with the surface hardness close to the diamond, making the watch more suitable for daily wear.

H. MOSER & CIE Dual Time Special Edition with HMC 346 Automatic Movement

The same low-key agate gray dial with hour, minute and small seconds indications looks like a simple time display function, but it hides the big surprise built by Henry Moser’s superb craftsmanship! Yongchuang’s two-hour special edition watch, as its name suggests, is a time watch that can accompany watch lovers to roam the world and cross the time zone. It has a red second place time zone hand hidden under the hour hand. Like a normal Dual Time watch, it synchronizes the Dual Time with the home time on weekdays, and only needs to adjust the standard hour hand to the place of travel after overseas. Time (Local Time). Brand patented double pull crown mechanism (Double Pull Crown), can accurately pull the crown to the middle position without stopping the watch operation, nor will it be mistakenly pulled to adjust the home time (Home Time) The location is in full compliance with the spirit of low-key top craftsmanship of Henry Moser.
Another important point to note is the self-winding movement HMC 346, which is assembled in the special edition of the two creators. The R & D team has devoted great efforts to independent development and testing. It is the crystallization of the pursuit of craftsmanship and practical value of Henry Moser. In addition to the patented double-pull crown mechanism (Double Pull Crown), Henry Moser’s exclusive gear tooth profile, original Straumann® double Breguet balance spring, patented replaceable Moser escapement, hardened precious metal escape wheel. The automatic disk made of 18K gold drives the winding of the barrel. In addition to its excellent winding efficiency, its power reserve time is at least 3 days.

H. MOSER & CIE special edition for the first time in both places special hand-blasted ruthenium-plated agate gray dial technology for the first time highlights the uniqueness of this model, limited to 20 pieces