Go! Follow Us To Wangfujing To See What Watches Everyone Wears

The last issue of Watch House Street Visit went to Sanlitun, a landmark area of ​​Beijing, where we interviewed watch owners who chose different watches and conducted a less in-depth but interesting trip with them. Conversation. This phase of the watch house came to Wangfujing Street, a well-known attraction in Beijing. In this shopping center with many tourists, Wangfujing Street is full of direct watch shops and even watch shops and maintenance points. I thought there would be many cousins ​​waiting for us on the street, but this time it was unexpected that the gathering place of Wangfujing cousins ​​was not on the street, but on …

Watch House Comes to Wangfujing Street

Watch brand store on Wangfujing Street

 Many people choose to watch or choose watches in Wangfujing because there are many watch shops in Wangfujing, as well as many maintenance and after-sales service points. Here you can get a more convenient and comfortable shopping experience, and you can also shop around. Choose from different brand points. In addition to brand-owned stores, general distributors like Hendry also provide consumers with more options to choose watches.

Comprehensive watch sales venues on Wangfujing Street also provide consumers with more choices

 Few pedestrians wear watches on the road

 SWAT patrolling Wangfujing Street

Touring tours

 This time, our interview encountered a bottleneck. Originally thought that Wangfujing should gather a lot of watch friends, but in fact there were not many pedestrians wearing watches on the road. What we had a hard time interviewing was an Omega cousin who was sitting on the side of the road and resting.

The Omega watch owner is wearing the Omega Constellation watch

Watch House: Where did you buy this constellation? Why did you choose this watch?
Omega Watch Owner: I bought it when I was playing in Switzerland. I went to the store and tried it, and I bought it.

 The watch owner did not have any choice difficulties when he made his choice, because he immediately started to work. This Omega constellation has a huge design on Wangfujing Street which is also particularly noticeable.

Small belfry building with Omega constellation dial on Wangfujing Street

 After meeting this big brother, we searched on the street for a long time, from the sun hanging high in the sky to the evening sundown. Finally, I met a familiar stranger again-the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Black Dial Watch (Black Steel Di). Seeing this watch, we hurriedly stopped the watch owner.

The watch owner wears a Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116520-78590 black dial watch (black steel di)

 When asked why he chose to wear this watch, the elder brother said, ‘Do you know it?’ I nodded, and he replied ‘then you know why I chose him.’ The short answer is that high recognition is the reason why he chose this black steel di.

The watch owner wears the Shine Shine series LS5867S / D-R-1 watch

 Until nightfall, we did not find a few cousins ​​willing to be interviewed. At this moment, our hearts are desperate. When we saw a cute little boy sitting by the road and resting with his grandfather, he rushed up to visit him without hesitation , (I have been desperate to interview the children why they chose the small genius phone watch).

Little genius phone watch watch owner

Watch House: Children, is your watch a little genius phone watch?
Little genius phone watch owner: Yeah, what happened?
Watch House: Why did you choose this watch?
Little genius phone watch watch owner: classmates have it, I asked my mother to buy it for me.

 After listening to the children’s answer, it seems that the economic power of the family should be in the hands of the mother. But at this time, it was late, and we could n’t find the interviewees. We started worrying—was there so few cousins ​​in Wangfujing! Where can I find so many cousins? It’s better to go to the Apple Store and check out the new iPhone (not lazy). Unexpectedly, we found the answer. It turned out that the people wearing watches in Wangfujing were in the Apple Store!

The Rolex watch owner wears a Rolex Submariner 116610LN-97200 black dial watch (Black Water Ghost)

 This is a watch owner wearing a Rolex black water ghost who chooses the latest Apple Watch Series 4. Who said that mechanical and smart watches must choose one? The pursuit of mechanical charm and intelligent life does not conflict.

Get started with the new Apple Watch

This cousin is wearing an Armani watch

Watch owner experience Apple tablet

Watch owner wears Swatch IRONY series YVS423G watch (similar models)

 This big brother is wearing a Swatch watch with a metal case, which is different from everyone’s impression of Swatch’s young style. This IRONY series is in line with the mature temperament of Big Brother.

Watch owner wears Movado Museum Series 0606179 watch

The watch owner wears a Tissot sports series T044.430.21.051.00

 The watch owner wears a Tissot Classic T035.627.16.051.00 watch

 The two young watch owners chose different Tissot watches. Tissot’s positioning and price are one of the reasons to enter the young group. In addition, they rely on the design style of the young group.

 The watch owner wears Breitling Super Marine Culture Series A1332016 / C758 / 205S / A20D.2 watch (similar)

 In fact, from the design of the dial, I have basically determined that this watch owner is wearing this Breitling Super Marine Culture series watch, but the subtle difference is that the straps of the two watches are different. There are two reasons for different straps. One is that this is another watch of the same series, and the other is that the watch owner changed the strap.

 This time the watch house went to Wangfujing, but never thought that Wangfujing’s cousins ​​had gathered in the Apple Store, which made us a good meal! The next time Watch Home goes to the street to interview is even more difficult. After all, it’s cold and everyone puts your hands in your pockets and promises me, if you meet us, please stretch out your proud wrists?- –