Fu Lu Shou Xi Is Here! A Brief Review Of The ‘beijing Fulu Shouxi B24 Long Time’ Watch

According to statistics, there are nearly 200 places in the old Beijing city with names such as “Fu, Lu, Shou, Xi, Taiping, Ankang, etc.” Expect to express your expectation of happiness through a name. Nowadays, our strong folk customs still prevail, such as Fulu Shouxi’s wine products, health products, etc. What I bring to you today is the ‘B24 Long Time Series’ high-end enamel manual produced by Beijing Watch Chang. Winding mechanical watches. There are a total of six watches in this series. Four high-end products are ‘Flu Shouxi’ with enamel dial, and the other two ‘Ruga’ with pearl-white shell are relatively more expensive. The enamel plate is lower.

 The ‘Fu’ Beijing men’s watch brought to you today uses an 18K yellow gold case, a 43mm diameter dial with a enamel-finished dial, and a rivet-type time scale with hour and minute indication functions. It was developed by Beijing Watch Factory. The B24 ultra-long power reserve hand-wound movement can travel for 100 hours when fully wound.

 The six watches in the picture above are the ‘B24 Long Time Series’ family portraits. They completely use the unified B24 ultra-long power reserve movement. The more high-end is the ‘Flu Shouxi’ with a filigree enamel dial. It is limited to 30. Release. The more value-for-money ‘Ruga’ is a pearl-shell white porcelain plate with unlimited distribution.

 Next, we will begin to understand today’s protagonist ‘Fu’, the 11 mm thick rose gold case is round and smooth, and the side of the crown of the gear type is engraved with the ‘Beijing’ trademark, perhaps to match the ‘Chinese style’ of this watch. ‘Style it, because on the day of editing, you can see that many watch crowns are engraved with the English alphabet logo of Beijing Watch Factory.

 According to the ancient saying of ‘Tianyuan place’, many buildings in Ming and Qing dynasties in China have followed this feature. Since the ‘Flu Shouxi’ series watches are ‘Chinese style’ watches, they can also be very circular in design. Highlighting the ‘Chinese style’ style, the round case design is also very similar to the overall style of this watch. According to the cultural connotation of our country, a round heart can achieve happiness.

 There is nothing special about the design of the lugs. The short and delicate lugs. At the same time, we also see the label “G750” on the material of this watch from the middle of the two lugs. The case of this watch is made of 18K yellow gold. .

 The lugs and strap details are close-up. This watch uses a brown crocodile leather strap stitched with brown silk, and the outside of the strap is simple and not embossed with a large lattice pattern.

 Pin buckle is one of our most common buckle designs. Simple and safe wearing is accepted by people. The pin buckle of this watch is made of 18K yellow gold and a brown alligator leather strap is a common combination of high-end watches.

 Most men’s watches are mostly 40-44 diameter, and this watch uses a 43 mm diameter, which is suitable for most men’s choices. From this perspective, the exquisite enamel carving process on the entire dial is exquisite. There is no doubt that the green pines leaped above the dial.

 The enamel dial with silver tire and gold wire firing has the characteristics of no discoloration and discoloration. Let’s take a closer look at the details. We can see the exquisite engraving process, especially the loose needles can be clearly seen. Scale.

 The outermost circle of the dial is marked with rivet-type time scales, and the veins of the pine needles are carved with gold threads, showing a very high level of handmade craftsmanship.

 The movement of this watch has to be said to be one of the pride of the Beijing Watch Factory. The B24 movement adopts a unique dual barrel design with two sets of escapement and balance spring system independent of each other. Can provide no less than 100 hours of travel time. In addition to providing super long power, this movement is also very beautiful in design. Through the back of the sapphire crystal glass, we can clearly see the four gold sleeves, blue steel screws and the balance wheel. The fine-tuning screws appear and disappear from time to time, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the movement in your spare time.

Summary: The market of enamel watches and ultra-long power reserve watches has always been occupied by foreign brands. The editors are very happy to see that China’s independent brands can gradually improve product quality to occupy a larger market. Beijing ‘Flu Shouxi’ series Watches rely on the power of independent research and development to make the products so delicate, it is really the pride of our Chinese watch industry. At present, the price of the ‘Flu Shouxi’ watch enamel dial is 128,000 yuan, and the pearl shell white porcelain composite dial ‘Ruga’ is priced at 98,000 yuan. Interested friends can consult the local watch store to buy.
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