Follow The Dots, Find Your Own Style!

I believe that after the release of Swatch’s new club special watch FOLLOW THE DOTS, fans will definitely be calm. Every customer who is lucky to buy this watch will be full of magic charm in this watch. Bewitched by the wonderful maze.

   The Swatch Club is a group interested in everything about Swatch. Here are Swatch fans from more than 170 countries, including loyal watch collectors. What they have in common is their love to share everything that Swatch represents, that is, the joy of life, art, creativity, fun and positive rebellion.

   Every year, the brand works closely with talented artists to create club-specific watches exclusively for Swatch members. This exciting product released this year is FOLLOW THE DOTS. The watch as a whole is made of bright blue geometric patterns and tiny colorful dots forming a swirl. The watch is also equipped with a special package. When you open it, you can see a fantasy maze rotating from the outside to the inside, and the watch is hidden in the maze waiting for everyone to discover.

   However, this time the watch can also be purchased by non-club members, which will bring closer the connection between non-club members and the club. Just follow the instructions in the package to join the club. The Swatch Club is open to everyone. The club will organize gatherings in popular areas to enjoy life with fan friends and share the joy brought by Swatch. At the Swatch Club, you can also meet many outstanding athletes, artists and celebrities. They are also friends of Swatch, and like other global Swatch fans, they also like watches like FOLLOW THE DOTS that can show attitude and tell stories.