Fashionable Moment ‘perpetual Motion’ Shanghai Bao Qilai’s First Shanghai Boutique Opened Gorgeously

Shanghai, November 23, 2017: Carl F. Bucherer, an international top watchmaking brand originated in Lucerne, Switzerland, and was founded in 1888, today in Nanjing West, Jing’an District, Shanghai 1045 Lu opened its brand new image boutique, and held a dinner party on the opening night with the theme of ‘flowing golden moments, extraordinary perpetual motion’, celebrating the brand’s nearly 130 years of international watchmaking development.
   The Shanghai boutique is the first boutique in the world with a new image of Bucherer. In the bustling center of this oriental metropolis, the boutique has built a world of Bucherer watches renowned for its quality. It will come from Lucerne. Over the past century, art has been brought to life, bringing to Chinese consumers the exquisite Swiss watchmaking traditions and the unique beauty of the brand.

   The theme of the day’s event-‘Moment in Time, Extraordinary Perpetual Action’, literally and morally, complemented the brand’s history and style. ‘Liujin’ is the same as the origin of Lucerne and echoes the brand’s new golden theme; ‘Extraordinary’ is taken from the brand’s main push this year, the ‘Mali Long Flyback Chronograph’, with the brand logo ‘Perpetual’, symbolizing the brand’s continuous The never-ending spirit of watchmaking.
Inch ‘gold’ time sets Shanghai
   The new store uses simple and elegant golden elements, perfectly integrated into the thick metropolis atmosphere of Lucerne. The boutique’s theme is unique baroque style and shining gold, which not only highlights the new brand image of Bucherer, but also shows the deep inside of the brand . The most eye-catching location of the store is undoubtedly left to Li Bingbing, the world’s first image spokesperson for Bucherer. Its golden image on the shore of Lake Lucerne not only vividly interprets the brand’s luxurious style, but also draws closer to Chinese consumers and brands. Distance.
   At the opening ceremony, Li Bingbing, the spokesperson for Bucherer’s global image, visited the Shanghai boutique to add a gorgeous star to Bucherer’s important ‘money flow’. After visiting the refurbished boutique and the exquisite watches in the store, she celebrated the ribbon with the global CEO of Bucherer SaschaMoeri and the brand executives, announcing the official opening of the boutique.

From left: Mr. Zeng Guoxiong, Honorary Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Bucherer Greater China, Ms. Zhou Yuling, Vice President of Bucherer Greater China, Mr. Sascha Moeri, Chief Executive Officer of Bucherer Global, Ms. Li Bingbing, spokesperson for Bucherer Global, Shanghai Mr. Xue Lipei, Director of Yueguan Trading Company
   Murray stated at the opening ceremony that ‘I am honored and proud to unveil the first brand-new boutique of Bucherer in Shanghai to promote our century-old watchmaking craftsmanship. The Chinese market not only has a profound cultural and historical heritage, but is also exquisite in contemporary times. Life has a positive pursuit, and being able to get more support and recognition here is of great significance to us. ‘Li Bingbing said after the event,’ being the first global image spokesperson for Bucherer and witnessing this brand in China Important milestones are also my ‘flow of money’ for me personally. ‘
Centuries of Lucerne charm
   After the opening ceremony, under the leadership of Murray Global Chief Executive Officer, new friends and old friends of Bucherer and media friends who have firmly supported for many years, were held at the Portman Ritz-Carlton Shanghai. The dinner was ‘The golden moment, extraordinary and permanent action’.

   The carefully-designed dinner scene continued the simple and atmospheric style of the brand boutique. The arc-shaped space-time tunnel with a length of tens of meters at the entrance led the guests to the starting point of Bucherer a century ago, revealing the secret of its brilliant history. Fertile soil. The elegant golden lights and the same color year logo embedded in the tunnel echo the golden elements in the brand’s genes. The ‘3D Lucerne Photo Zone’ in the banquet hall attracted guests to take a group photo and enjoy the legendary charm of Lucerne.
   At the dinner, Bucherer and a group of guests reviewed the brand’s important milestones in the past more than a century and the innovative breakthrough of Malilong’s flyback chronograph. Afterwards, in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, Li Bingbing and his media friends shared their unforgettable ‘money flow moments’ with each other. In the midst of a succession of strategies, the unique and brilliant historical tradition of Bucherer has been reinterpreted and extended in Shanghai, China.
Mali Long returns to the chronograph to witness the glorious moment of the brand

   Global CEO Murray specially introduced the ManeroFlyback chronograph released at the Basel Watch Show this year. It is available in 18K rose gold or stainless steel, each with its own unique personality. Beauty and design elements.
   The Malilong flyback chronograph is equipped with a precision CFB1970 automatic winding chronograph movement, with a power reserve of 42 hours. The timing function is controlled by a chronograph gear. The movement also has a flyback chronograph function, which can quickly execute multiple timing programs continuously. Transparent watch The back can see the exquisite craftsmanship and operation of the movement.
   The 43 mm case size is in line with today’s watch design trends. The stainless steel model is elegant and subtle. The blue dial is like the lake in the Lucerne mountains. It changes the light angle to show a hue between gray and dark blue. The hands and faceted hour-markers and grey crocodile leather strap add to the elegant temperament. The 18K rose gold model with a matte black dial exudes pure classical beauty. The tachymeter scale on the edge of the dial plus the small 9 o’clock small seconds hand and the 3 o’clock 30-minute timer have a well-balanced layout and clear hierarchy.