Excalibur Spider Pocket Time Instrument: Another Gorgeous ‘spider’ Weaves A Gorgeous Spider Web At The 2015 Asian High-end Watch & Clock Fair

Dubuis has long proved with facts: his timepieces always go far beyond the combined effects of mechanical parts. No matter how complicated the movement is and how many components it contains, it is always gorgeous with bold innovation. The face is presented before the world. With this premise, Roger
Dubuis launched the Excalibur King Series watch in 2005, and released the Quatuor four balance spring watch in this series in 2013, and launched the Spider skeleton watch in 2015; the brand is also at the same time The pocket watch industry has made some achievements, and now it is even more important in the 2015 watch and miracle-Asia’s Fine Watch Fair (WATCHES & WONDERS
2015) proudly launched the Excalibur Spider Pocket Time Instrument.

 Innovation Quartet
After the grand launch of the Quatuor four balance spring watch in 2013, it was favored by many timepiece enthusiasts and connoisseurs for its ‘Ultimate Challenge to the Effect of Gravity’, which made them fortunate to appreciate the operation of the RD101 movement quartet. People are fascinated and admired. Excalibur
Spider Pocket Time
The most noticeable part of the movement carried by Instrument’s timepiece is the four balance springs, which work in pairs and can immediately offset the running errors caused by position changes. This highly efficient quartet enables the movement to achieve an amazing frequency of 16 Hz, thus ensuring impeccable travel time accuracy.

RD101 movement
 In addition, patented Roger
Dubuis Roger Dubuis dual moon-shaped storage display, it is creative, accurate and reliable, beautiful and intuitive expression of the time remaining in the watch’s stored power. In order to make this movement beyond the group, Roger
Based on the representative dual flying tourbillon technology developed in 2005, Dubuis started a 7-year R & D process and created five sets of differentials, which once again enhanced the 590-component Precision and reliability of the movement.
 The interpretation of the Spider hollow timepiece
 The exclusive technical features of the ExcaliburQuatuor watch have never been seen before, combined with Roger
The Spider skeleton concept introduced by Dubuis in 2015 presented a stunning new look. Excalibur
The Spider watch reflects the timeless nature theme through the fine weaving of the spider web, bringing an innovative and comprehensive interpretation of the hollowed-out art, extending this art beyond the movement, creating a hollowed-out case, bezel and Hands, even the crown.

Dubuis created a contemporary skeletonized movement with architectural beauty for the watchmaking industry, and now has a new interpretation of the creation of this 100% skeletonized timepiece. Such a concerted commitment to watchmaking fits perfectly with Roger
All of Dubuis’ timepieces are certified by the Geneva Seal for their relentless spirit. Applying such avant-garde skills to the design of the watch obviously provides a perfect presentation for the ultimate quality of the timepiece.
 Mr Gregory Bruttin, director of production strategy for the brand, was asked about Excalibur
In the meaning of the word ‘Spider’ in the name of the Spider series, he always mentioned ‘the patience, rigor and innovation in the silkwork woven by resourceful spiders. They are new and complex every day. Weaving patterns with patterns, and constantly making and adjusting their craft creations according to the new environmental situation. This is the same as ours at Roger
Dubuis works very similarly. In this brand new watch series, we not only try our best to make use of the expertise and knowledge we have accumulated in the hollow-out process, but also apply it to all aspects of the watch. ‘
 From your wrist to your arms: Excalibur Spider Pocket Time Instrument
 Some would call it the world’s best product at this time, while others would consider it ‘pure’ to reflect the true meaning of its polysyllable name. Excalibur Spider Pocket Time
The Instrument Pocket Time Chronometer features the design features of the Excalibur King series, including an avant-garde grooved bezel and an easy-to-grab crown.

 Due to the RD101 movement, this pocket watch also has the extraordinary performance of Quatuor four balance spring watch and mechanical device full of architectural beauty. It was launched with the Excalibur at the Geneva International Haute Horlogerie 2015
Like the Spider watch, it is made of contemporary high-tech titanium alloy. It not only incorporates the hollow-out concept of the Spider model into its design, but also surpasses it, and hollows out the crown protection device at 12 o’clock. In addition, this timepiece, modeled on a typical pocket watch, has a large case with a diameter of 60 mm. The recessed treatment on the side highlights the hollow-out effect.
 Relative to Excalibur
Quatuor watch, this dial extends greatly outward to release more space to show the charming and complex look of the movement. This bold and true-to-life approach echoes exactly the second half of its name, ‘Time
‘Instrument time meter’ meaning.
Perfect contradiction: chain or base, unlimited creative freedom
 The concept of this work goes far beyond the creation of ordinary timepieces, and it turns out to be a real mechanical work of art, a carefully designed timepiece that can be viewed from all angles. Whether it’s hanging on a bracelet that gives the legendary pocket watch a contemporary look, or hanging on a special base, Excalibur
Spider Pocket Time Instrument enjoys extraordinary creative freedom.

 The hollow-out art is fully played here. Its chain structure is presented in a volume that is between reality and reality, while its delicately carved base and the timepiece are delicately integrated into an inseparable and complete work. This symbolic base is reminiscent of the device used by a watchmaking workshop to measure accuracy, and the beautiful lines and cutouts of its bracket can add glory to any elegant interior space.
 Finally, it must be emphasized that this new superb timepiece can effectively offset the impact of gravity on the accuracy of the timepieces that are often placed vertically, thereby complimenting the watchmaking tradition and the original mission of the tourbillon. Its Quatuor four-spring balance wheel technology that challenges the gravity, naturally presents Pocket under the packaging of the Spider hollow design concept and the classic styling elements of the Excalibur King series.
The appearance of the time instrument in Time Instrument’s arms provides the most exquisite contemporary interpretation of the superior craftsmanship of horology.
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