Elegant And Slim Tasting Vacheron Constantin Pink Gold Rock Grey Dial Watch

Not only is the return of aesthetic simplicity, but also the ultimate representation of technology. Ultra-thin timepieces have become increasingly thinner and more sophisticated to meet the demands of contemporary people for watches, making them one of the most ideal timekeeping companions on the wrist. Swiss high-end watch brand Vacheron Constantin has been committed to the creation of thin and elegant timepieces. Just like the classic 18K 5N pink gold heritage series ultra-thin perpetual calendar watch, the platinum version of the ultra-thin perpetual calendar watch launched in 2016, etc., are the brand’s ‘milestone’ -like excellence in the pursuit of the ultimate slim timepiece craft Results. Adhering to the thinness and elegance of Vacheron Constantin’s heritage series, the brand launched a new ultra-thin perpetual calendar watch in the heritage series at the SIHH in Geneva in 2017, inheriting the beauty of the classic watch series. The new style of rock grey disc faces the viewer. (Watch model: 43175 / 000R-B343)

Extreme watchmaking skills to create accurate and convenient perpetual calendar functions

Watch part dial display
   The biggest highlight of this watch, in addition to being slim, its perpetual calendar function can automatically identify 31, 30 and 28 days of the month, extrapolating the leap year cycle and the special situation of February 29 that occurs once every four years. This complication features a stunning micro-mechanical mechanism to ensure it performs automatic mechanical corrections based on calendar changes. Therefore, the wearer does not need to manually adjust the perpetual calendar function until March 1, 2100. It saves the trouble of having to manually adjust the ordinary calendar every month with less than 31 days, which is very convenient.
Slim and beautiful

Watch display
   It can be seen that although the watch is extremely thin, it has not diminished its due beauty. In order to make the watch fit the slim theme, the traditional watch usually tends to flatten the design of the time-marking part, which lacks fullness and three-dimensionality. However, this watch uses K gold three-dimensional hour scale and three-dimensional ‘bead’ minute scale, making the watch’s dial more ornamental.

Watch case and lug display
   Unlike gold, which is as luxurious and flattering, pink and rose gold materials always exude a mild, low-luxury luster, showing a different beauty between the wrists. The case of this watch is composed of 18K 5N pink gold, which is soft and delicate after polishing, showing the unique characteristics of the material itself, which is very beautiful.

Watch dial display
   Against the background of a pink gold case, the rock-gray disc surface appears more elegant and refined. The monthly dial at 3 o’clock, the weekday at 9 o’clock, and the monthly dial at 12 o’clock constitute the perpetual calendar on the watch. This complex watch function, with its reasonable layout, also adds to the unique connotation of the watch. . The central two-pin design makes this perpetual calendar watch look more simple, comfortable and full of charm.

Dial perpetual calendar ribbon display
   The exquisite and full disk design can often see Vacheron Constantin’s very detailed processing, showing the brand’s outstanding watchmaking technology and full sincerity to the wearer.
Moon phase function is more expressive

Dial moon phase display window display
   The moon phase display window is located under the rock gray dial. The pink gold moon phase profit and loss display and the blue electroplated chassis complement each other, showing the unique style of this magical function of the moon phase.
Slim from excellent core

Watch movement display
   As we all know, the thinness of a watch is determined by the thickness of the movement. Developed by Vacheron Constantin watchmakers, the 1120 QP automatic movement raises the watch’s slimness to a new level. Although it is equipped with an accurate and complex perpetual calendar indicator system, the thickness of its movement is only 4.05 mm, making it a slimmer watch. The design laid the foundation. The hollowed-out rotor makes the watch movement more ornamental. In particular, the center of the rotor is the icon of Vacheron Constantin’s ‘Maltese Cross’ logo, adding a unique connotation and charm to the watch.

Watch overall display
Summary: With a Mississippi alligator leather hand-stitched strap, the texture is comfortable and it has been processed by riding stitching. The large checkered ornament on the strap is more attractive. The entire watch looks mature, low-key, luxurious and profound. The style is more business-oriented. With its thin, elegant appearance and extraordinary inner core, it has won praise from viewers at the exhibition, and it is also a classic timepiece of this year.