Constant Launches Chopard Enamel Commemorative Limited Watch

Following the ‘Chopin 200th Anniversary Watch’ launched last year in tribute to the 200th anniversary of the piano master Chopard, Frederique Constant launched the first time in 2011 with enamel dials imitating white keys. Chopin’s 200th Anniversary Enamel Limited Edition ‘, such as the piano-like white keyboard and traditional advanced enamel watchmaking technology, has transformed the king of musical instruments that has a soul since the birth of the master Chopin, the piano into a moving time craft. A limited edition model comes with a piano model box engraved with the ‘Chopin’ signature.
    Frederique Constant based on the production technology of the 200th anniversary of Chopard in 2010, and further highlights the classic features of the piano’s ivory white keys on the watch. Therefore, inspired by the same traditional art enamel technology, the ‘Chopin 200th Anniversary Enamel’ Commemorative Limited Watch ‘; this model combines the three patterns of’ pattern-like ‘radial patterns, Paris spikes and coin patterns to decorate the enamel face plate. Through the refraction of light, the’ key pattern ‘produces two kinds of light and shadow: light and dark. Like the black and white keys on the piano, the studs and coins of Paris are three-dimensionally and vividly present the traditional art of watchmaking under the shadow of light, which is rare among brands of the same price. Watch.
    Watches made with enamel dials are difficult to make, not only are relatively rare on the market, but the price is often tens of thousands of dollars, which makes it difficult to get close to them; however, Frederique Constant has been able to maintain high growth in recent years. It is the key to simplifying traditional watchmaking technology and mastering high-complex technology. The theme is to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Chopin’s birthday. In addition to praising Chopin’s best respect for the soul of the piano, he uses special The technology uses multiple processes to process the enamel surface plate, and crafts a memorable time craft for the representative master of the king of musical instruments.
    Frederique Constant’s new ‘Chopin 200th Anniversary Enamel Limited Edition’, a limited edition of 1810 pieces, limited edition and contained in the piano model engraved with ‘Chopin’ signature, following the hot sale last year, this model will still be a love A must-see for listeners and collectors of music.