Carl F. Bucherer Presents The Swan Swan Watch

The ARRIVAL Swan Swan watch created by CARL F. BUCHERER is a tribute to the Bucherer family and its company, while praising Lucerne, the birthplace of the brand. This jewellery has an extraordinary design set with more than 1,300 diamonds, demonstrating the highest standards of Bucherer’s traditional jewellery skills.

   Surrounded by mountains, Lucerne has picturesque scenery. This small city is a popular holiday destination. It is fun and has the reputation of ‘Switzerland’. Lucerne, full of ‘Mediterranean’ style, has attracted countless tourists from all over the world to enjoy the most natural and pure scenery.

   In addition to special attractions such as the world-renowned Chapel Bridge and Mount Pilatus, countless swans on Lake Lucerne make this small town particularly charming. Wandering along the tranquil lake, the viewers are all attracted by these fabulous animals. The swans slid noblely and elegantly on the surface of the lake, and the clear and translucent water immediately turned into the glittering ‘Swan Lake’.

Infinite dreams come true

   In addition to Lake Lucerne, the swan (a symbol of dreams in mythology) also breathed life into another landmark in Lucerne, the Schwanenplatz. In 1888, Bucherer was founded in Kapellgasse and opened its first branch here in 1894. For more than 120 years, Carl Friedrich and Louise Bucherer have realized their entrepreneurial dreams here, laying the foundation stone for the future of fine watchmaking. With a long tradition, Bucherer has been managed by family members. Today, Jörg G. Bucherer, the third generation at the helm, still inherits the philosophy of the founder of the brand. In 1919, Carl Friedrich Bucherer created the first watch series, which became the basis for Bucherer’s development. Since 2007, the brand has also developed its own movements in watch factories, creating a series of perfect timepieces that combine technology and aesthetics, so that the brand will always ‘go to the forefront of the times’.

Traditional jewellery craftsmanship shines

   Bucherer adds a new member to the ‘Ariega’ collection, which is full of femininity-the Ariega Swan watch. The name of this timepiece pays special tribute to the Bucherer family and at the same time witnesses their successful entrepreneurial dream in Lucerne many years ago. The name of the watch is also based on influential symbols, myths and romances. Just like its ugly gray ‘Ugly Duckling’, it finally turns into a white and charming swan, and the Sally Swan watch from Alija also interprets its new story in the series.

   This masterpiece is richly decorated with embellishments. The case and dial are set with 348 and 137 diamonds respectively. The crown is embellished with a beautiful diamond. The number of diamonds refined is 844. Each diamond is of exceptional quality, giving the entire Alija series a new glow. Each jewellery is inlaid by hand, ingenious, reflecting the highest standards of jewellery skills of Bucherer. The refined watch resembles a swan’s slender neck and gently wraps around the woman’s slender wrist for extra comfort when worn. The dazzling Alanya Swan watch, equipped with quartz movement and hour and minute display, is perfect and magnificent, both inside and outside.

Extraordinary timepiece, classic symbol

   The beautiful Alanya Swan Swan watch, let the wearer reveal the eternal charm, just like a swan, a loyalty to his partner throughout his life. This jewellery made of platinum will make every woman love it.

   In addition, the image of ‘swan’ in art and literature also brings extraordinary value to this noble watch. More than 1,300 white diamonds are reminiscent of the pure chastity of a swan. The watch also blends the elements of lake and air, like a swan swimming elegantly from time to time, sometimes flying high.

   The curved case showcases the graceful lightness, like a female graceful figure. This watch also shows the beauty of the swan flying in the air to overcome the gravity.

   The Alanya Swan watch is highly enviable and astounding to viewers!