Athens Cask Watch Recommended 273-68/412 Men’s Watch

The earliest time in Athens began to make sailing clocks in 1846. The Athens brand, which started from making sailing clocks, has a very absolute position in diving watches. Athens created a patented dual-window large date window display watch (Patent No. CH 688 671) in 1995, making the date display at a glance. The patented large date window display technology was first applied to the revolutionary Ludwig perpetual calendar in 1996. Watch.
This version introduced today belongs to the brand’s Michelangelo series. This series has basically been discontinued and is not common on the market. Its significance lies in breaking the tradition and thinking spirit.
 Michelangelo is a well-known Renaissance artist. His sculptures, represented by the ‘muscles,’ are known for their strength, and they have deeply influenced the artistic trends that followed. Athens used this as its background, using a barrel-shaped case that the brand had never used before, and using Roman numerals to express its respect for art.

The case of the Athens 273-68 / 412 watch is made of stainless steel. The lugs and the case are perfectly integrated and integrated, and the barrel shape also implies classical, artistic and breakthrough. The black dial is inlaid with Roman hour markers, and the center area of ​​the dial is the functional block of the watch. From the blue hands to the functional layout, the whole is simple and reasonable. The oval shape also fits this classic temperament.
The strap is a black alligator leather strap with brown lining. If you use a word to describe it, you should use ‘elegance’.
Athens 273-68 / 412 Cask Watch has two functions: calendar display and power reserve.
The calendar display is located at 6 o’clock on the dial and is displayed in a smaller window, which is also located at 6 o’clock on the small seconds dial. From the perspective of daily wear, such a font, although small, can be clearly seen, even larger than the font of the small second dial. In addition, the calendar is a very useful feature.
The power reserve display is located at 12 o’clock on the dial and is indicated by a separate hand. The power reserve display function has many benefits. It is a measure to protect the mainspring from reminding you to wind up in time. After all, the mainspring is metal. Long-term expansion and contraction will cause metal fatigue. Watches without a dynamic storage display are generally watch friends It will be wound every day or from time to time. Increasing the frequency of manual winding will cause the metal to be more fatigued. The dynamic storage reminds the table friends that they do not need to hand-wind on a specific power reserve.

All the Michelangelo watches in Athens are designed in the style of barrel-type watches that have never appeared in other series. It is a breakthrough of the traditional circle of the brand. Designing different types of kegs is even more difficult. The ‘wine barrel’ lines in Athens are smoother and softer, and the case is fuller.
The Athens 273-68 / 412 watch uses black as the dial’s base color and gray as the main color. The overall color is too deep, and the appearance of the blue hands breaks this depth, making the watch more agile. In fact, the innovation of the Michelangelo watch in Athens in terms of craftsmanship and mechanical structure is not so significant, but its unique shape and the historical and artistic significance behind it are more valued.
 Watch details: yadian / 1996 /