Nicole Kidman Kicks Off Omega’s ‘beautiful Time’ Exhibition

Classic watches are always stunning. The time-honored advertising statement once again presents the eyes of the world. ‘Her beautiful time’ shows Omega’s commitment to women.
   Nicole Kidman is beautiful and enthusiastic. She is also known for her superb style on the big screen. As the brand ambassador of Omega, who is better than her to cut the ribbon for the opening ceremony of Omega’s ‘Her Beautiful Time’ Milanese Celebration.
   Nicole also mentioned her love for the exhibition and Milan during her visit: ‘My stage show was just staged in London two nights ago. It’s really nice to fly here from London. This exhibition is really beautiful. ; I have been Omega’s brand ambassador for ten years, I have been to many countries, and now I am back in Milan, Italy is the country I long for, and it holds one of the best places in my heart, so I call Milan my second Everyone, I’m glad to be back here. ‘
   Accompanied by Omega President Stephen Urquhart, this Oscar-winning masterpiece became the first visitor to the exhibition, visiting the dreamy products displayed in Milan’s La Triennale, and seeing the century-old beauty of Omega women’s watchmaking .
   Omega President Stephen Urquhart also expressed his feelings about this exhibition: ‘I’m not bragging about this, but no other brand except Omega can show equal quality and equal collection of female watches, and we have Nicole Kidman as brand ambassador. And cut the ribbon for us, which makes me even more proud. ‘
   Omega accompanies generations of women along the way, not only recording time, but also fashion trends. No matter how the generations change, Omega always keeps pace with the rapidly changing trend of the world and society.
   In order to present this century-long tradition, ‘Her Beautiful Time’ showcases many classic Omega watches, from the early Lèpine pocket watches to the avant-garde and revolutionary Ladymatic series, each watch exudes incredible beauty. Other more watch collections from different periods include Art Déco from the 1920s and Jewellery watches from the 1960s and 1970s.
   In addition to beautiful watches, visitors can also relive the examples of classic art and the beauty of Omega’s mission. They can see the feminine style of fashion life in all ages, whether it is dressing up for dinner, or performing sports competitions. People always reveal the essence of women’s charm, which is also the true meaning captured by Omega.
   ‘Her beautiful time’ showcases elegant space, with gold and white as the main color, 9 meters wide and 27 meters long. Different segments represent different eras. Watches and artworks are listed between the table and memory. With a fluffy white plumage flowing down from above, it is as if roaming in the time.
   This exhibition is now open to the public and will not be missed until September 25.