Big Brands Also Low-key Tasting Cartier Calibre W7100041 Watch

I brought such a watch for everyone today, no diamonds, no precious metals, pure stainless steel style weakens the sense of luxury, but strengthens the practical performance, it is from the famous Cartier watch ‘Cartier CALIBRE W7100041 watch’ produced.

 From the appearance, it must not be a noble of the Cartier family, but it must be the pride of the family. Official model W7100041.
 This is a full stainless steel watch from the CALIBRE DE CARTIER collection. This series itself attaches great importance to function and connotation in design. The point of the stainless steel watch is that its wear resistance is higher than that of the precious metal. In popular terms, it is not so coquettish. This men’s watch looks powerful.
 Following the Cartier family’s usual crown design, the crown of this watch is also embedded with a gorgeous sapphire. The royal blue fashion elements that once became popular in the fashion circle do not know if they are imitating the color of Cartier gemstones? It looks so beautiful.
 Back-to-back movements are nothing new among people who like mechanical watches, but when you see a back-to-the-head movement, you do n’t need to see the dial. Experts or enthusiasts are basically able to understand the quality of this watch Naturally, it can be seen what the back-through movement means to the watchmaker.
 The silver stainless steel case and black alligator leather strap are cool. For men with a tough guy image and a gentlemanly style, this aesthetic combination is definitely a fatal temptation.
 On the side of the watch and the side of the crown we can see how smooth and delicate the steel material of this watch case is. The hazy matte aesthetic is revealed in the faint gloss, which makes people have the desire to touch.
 With the atmospheric dial, the design of the lugs is also remarkable. Because this watch is a relatively thick model, the comfort of the lugs is more demanding. Such lugs can basically satisfy all kinds of wrists of men in terms of radian, and can also fit and stretch or bend the skin curve comfortably while ensuring free movement.
 The diameter of this watch is 42 mm. Black dial with white transferred Roman numerals. The hour markers are clear and elegant. The hands adopt luminous sword-shaped black oxidized steel hands. The calendar display window is at 3 o’clock and the small seconds dial at 6 o’clock. Functionally sufficient to meet daily needs.
 Many people think that separating the small second hand from the hour and minute hands makes no sense. But those who pay attention to the details of the taste usually like this way of designing the hands. Because this design can better highlight the beauty of the dial.
 Cartier’s CALIBRE DE CARTIER series W7100041 mechanical men’s watch uses the ETA2892-A2 as the basic movement, re-improved and polished Cal.1904-PS MC delicate automatic winding mechanical movement, unprecedented time accuracy, and stable performance in one body , Presumably no one will refuse it!

  The elutriation has become a past life, how many golden sands are shining in the pupil? A person or thing that has become an eternal person in the course of life must have shed tears of your joy and sorrow. Well, if Cartier also participated in the process at the time, maybe the end is the same, but the process must be full of texture.
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