2019 Best Hotel Of The Year Awards At The Burgenstock Resort Lake Lucerne

Swiss luxury watch brand Carl F. Bucherer and the Swiss version of ‘Gault Millau Gourmet Guide’ (GaultMillau) hand in hand each year to vote for the best hotel of the year, this year in Switzerland The BürgenstockHotel & Resort wins with a perfect overall performance. To congratulate, Bucherer combined the brand’s luxury timepiece craftsmanship with exquisite dishes from SpicesKitchen & Terrace, the resort’s restaurant, to present a series of photos full of artistic style.

 The Bucherer and Burgenstock Resorts are associated with Lucerne, the birthplace of the brand. This is the twelfth consecutive year that the Swiss luxury watch brand Bucherer and the prestigious Swiss version of the ‘Guillermo Food Guide’ jointly selected the hotel industry’s coveted ‘Best Hotel of the Year’ award. Today, the two sides announced the results of the selection together and awarded the ‘Hotel of the Year 2019’ to the Hotel & Resort Lucerne Burgenstock. The awards ceremony was held at the resort, which is located on the ridge of Lake Lucerne and enjoys stunning lakes and mountains.

Gourmet visual feast
 SpicesKitchen & Terrace is one of four restaurants in the Burgenstock Resort. It serves authentic Asian cuisine in the heart of Switzerland. The 2019 edition of the ‘Gallery Guide to Gourmet’ will highlight its unique features. The architectural design of the restaurant is shaped like a giant glass cube. Guests can have unobstructed views of the surrounding stunning scenery, while admiring the chef team to cook Far Eastern cuisine in the open kitchen. To express congratulations, Bucherer took inspiration from the variety of cuisines served at the resort, combining the most popular rare dishes from SpicesKitchen & Terrace with the brand’s fine selection of timepieces to present a series of beautiful photos. The different series of watches from Bucherer from Switzerland collided with Chinese, Indian, Thai, and Japanese cuisines from the restaurant, creating a wonderful artistic spark. The Genstock resort is a perfect example of heritage, enthusiasm, independence and meticulous shared persistence.

Legendary hotel history
 The Burgenstock Resort also has a long and glorious history, as does Swiss watch brand Bucherer. The Grand Hotel in the resort was completed in 1873 and has a magical appeal. It has hosted many prominent celebrities such as film superstars Chalie Chaplin and Sophia Loren for more than 100 years. ), Audrey Hepburn, and former Secretary-General of the United Nations KofiAnnan. The brand-new Burgenstock Resort project has been planned for nine years and officially opened on August 28, 2017, witnessing the perfect combination of historic architecture, contemporary architectural aesthetics and sustainable environmental protection concepts.

From Lucerne, Switzerland
 In his speech at the awards ceremony, SaschaMoeri, CEO of Bucherer, said: ‘Burgenstock Resort has always been committed to upholding the highest standards in the industry. Bucherer and the resort also have a long history. The bloodline and charm of Lucerne, Switzerland, this marvelous fate and common philosophy connect us both. ‘Murray was accompanied by UrsHeller, the editor-in-chief of the Swiss version of the’ Guillermo Food Guide ‘ , Each presented a Bucherer watch to Bruno H. Schöpfer, Managing Director of the Bürgenstock Selection Group, Robert P. Herr, General Manager of the Bürgenstock Resort, and Mike Wehrle, Director of Catering, respectively. The words ‘HoteloftheYear2019’ are engraved on the case back to recognize the resort’s outstanding achievements.