Eternal Moments In Awe-inspiring Balance: Patek Philippe Automatic Winding Chronograph (On)

Patek Philippe is one of the very few independent watch manufacturers in the world that emphasizes handcrafting. From simple performance to ultra-complicated watches, each is a crystallization of traditional watchmaking art, a treasure that is passed down from generation to generation. . Patek Philippe’s chronograph is more famous for its superb performance and beautiful design. With the turbulence of home-made movements in recent years, Patek Philippe has also released a number of chronographs equipped with home-made movements, and established the great kingdom of self-made chronographs in a few years.
   In recent years, the brand’s innovation and the public’s vision have mainly focused on the chronograph bracelet, including the 5204 double-second perpetual calendar chronograph last year, the 52.7 million calendar chronograph in 2011, and the 2010 and 2009 5170 and 7071 chronographs for men and women. However, if we trace it back, we will find that the most important reason why Patek Philippe can quickly complete the puzzle of the homemade chronograph kingdom in a short period of time is actually the brand launched in 2006 and was first equipped with brand homemade The chronograph caliber 5960 automatic calendar chronograph and the Nautilus 5980 automatic winding chronograph achieved great success as soon as they were launched. What are the charms of these two watches? As soon as they are listed, they have been sought after by fans, and they have been so strong for so long that they are enough to promote the brand’s motivation for continued innovation and expansion of the chronograph industry.
The perfect resume of the chronograph king: the history of Patek Philippe chronograph
  Patek Philippe has a long tradition of making chronographs, and it has been more than 150 years. The earliest chronograph of the brand came out in 1856, belonging to the pocket watch style. This chronograph pocket watch is equipped with a large seconds hand and a seconde foudroyante hand on the attached display, which can be used as a timekeeping with a quarter-second accuracy. Starting in the mid-nineteenth century, Patek Philippe used Victorin Piguet & Fils’ basic movement to make many superb chronograph pocket watches. As for Patek Philippe’s first chronograph appeared in 1923, this is a watch with a two-second chronograph performance (Rattrapante), at that time can be called the leader. This 33mm Officier-style epoch-making watch set a record for 2,973,500 Swiss francs at the Antigoron auction in 1999.
   Speaking of Patek Philippe’s chronograph masterpiece, we must mention Ref.130 chronograph. This is the first chronograph after Patek Philippe officially gives the model number (Reference). It is also a series of chronographs and double seconds in the future. The origin of chase hands, perpetual calendar chronograph. Based on the outstanding achievements of Ref.130, Patek Philippe has been producing the first perpetual calendar chronograph Ref. 1518 since 1941. The brilliant achievements of Ref.1518 inspired the subsequent Ref.2499, 3970, 3971 and the latest 59.7 million calendar chronograph. Among them, Ref. 2499 is most popular among collectors, and Gao Ling is on the list of Patek Philippe auction prices.

  5204 perpetual calendar double-second chronograph chronograph: Six years after the advent of the first contemporary 5960 equipped with a fully-made chronograph movement, Patek Philippe launched the 5204 with perpetual calendar and dual-second chronograph performance last year. The self-made CHR 29-535 PS Q bracelet movement witnessed another climax of the watchmaking kingdom’s glory.
   Patek Philippe’s most popular hand-held chronograph and perpetual calendar chronograph, including the CH 27 series of calibres used in 3970, 5070 and 5970, are modified by the calibre of Lemania. Come. After the Swatch Group officially acquired the Lemania movement factory in 1999, there have been rumors over the years that Lemania will no longer provide this movement for use by Patek Philippe, or that PP will deactivate the CH27 movement. Although not confirmed by both parties, Patek Philippe did its best to develop its own chronograph movement. At the beginning of 2006, Patek Philippe finally announced the first 5960 calendar chronograph equipped with a self-made CH 28-520 IRM QA 24H self-winding annual calendar chronograph movement. Later in the same year, it further released a self-winding self-winding 28-520C The Nautilus 5980 chronograph with chronograph movement announced the official arrival of Patek Philippe’s new generation chronograph.
   With great expectations, Patek Philippe introduced the self-made CH 29-535 PS bracelet chronograph movement to the world in November 2009, and unexpectedly matched it with the 7071R women’s watch for the first time. In 2010, it released the men’s chronograph 5170J style. . Then in 2011, Patek Philippe released a 5270G perpetual calendar chronograph equipped with a homemade CH 29-535 PS Q bracelet perpetual calendar chronograph movement; in 2012, it quickly launched a combination of perpetual calendar and two-second chronograph chronograph performance. 5204, built-in homemade CHR 29-535 PS Q bracelet movement. The speed of Patek Philippe’s achievement of the perpetual calendar two-second chronograph chronograph, which is regarded as the peak masterpiece of the chronograph, is so fast that the world can fully appreciate the amazing technological strength of the brand.

  In early 2006, Patek Philippe announced the first 5960 calendar chronograph equipped with a self-made CH 28-520 IRM QA 24H self-winding annual calendar chronograph movement in many years, which started the prelude to the brand’s home-made movement chronograph kingdom.
   Because of this, it is inevitable that in recent years, the attention of media and competing brands on Patek Philippe has mostly focused on the bracelet chronograph series. However, both discerning consumers and connoisseurs are more likely to be attracted by the two best-selling self-winding chronograph models 5960 and 5980. Investigating the reasons, the historical significance of starting the origin of the self-made chronograph movement, the stability and maturity of the precision and durability of the movement, and the variety of choices are all making these two series of watches exude the long-lasting charm, it is worth us to re- Featured presentations.
  5960P-015 calendar chronograph, platinum case, 40.5 mm diameter, matte blue dial, hour, minute, month, day, date, power storage indicator, chronograph, CH 28-520 IRM QA 24H Movement, power storage 55 hours, waterproof 30 meters.
The combination of brilliant chronological tradition and patented annual calendar performance: 5960 automatic winding annual calendar chronograph
   In early 2006, Patek Philippe announced the first self-made chronograph movement in recent years, the CH 28-520 IRM QA 24H self-winding annual calendar chronograph movement, mounted on the Ref. 5960 calendar chronograph. This epoch-making movement not only has Flyback, excellent self-winding efficiency, a vibration frequency of 4 Hz (28,800 times per hour), but also incorporates Patek Philippe’s patented Annular Calendar performance, which can display Month, week, and date. More importantly, the CH 28-520 IRM QA 24H movement not only uses the classic column wheel chronograph mechanism, the clutch device that controls the start and stop of the chronograph is changed to the vertical clutch (disc) disc clutch (disc ) To improve the problem of trembling or jumping of the chronograph second hand, and also solve the shortcomings of relay gear sets that are prone to wear after long meshing. Even if the chronograph second hand continues to run, it will not damage the accuracy of the watch.
  Chronograph 5960R-010, rose gold case, 40.5 mm diameter, black dial, hours, minutes, months, days of the week, date, power storage indicator, chronograph, CH 28-520 IRM QA 24H movement , Power storage for 55 hours, waterproof 30 meters.
   Because the problems of power loss and extra wear are solved, the 5960’s chronograph seconds hand can also double as a chronograph seconds hand, and there is no need to set a small three-hand dial on the surface to display the seconds like other chronographs. Therefore, the 5960 integral time display design is also exceptionally innovative. The three small dials of the ordinary chronograph are discarded. Only a large circular dial is provided at the six o’clock position of the dial, in red and blue. The long and short hands show the chronograph minute numbers from 0 to 30 and 30 to 60, and the accumulated time of 12 hours. The small circular window for day and night display of 5960 is also located in this disc. White represents day and blue represents night. As for the display of the week, date and month in the annual calendar, it is displayed in three display windows along the arc of the upper edge of the surface, which is equal to the time plate below the surface and reflects each other. The pointer of the power reserve indicator is located below the date display window. It has a compact shape and moves on the positive and negative symbols to display the winding state of the mainspring. The 5960 calendar chronograph currently has two models of platinum and rose gold, with a diameter of 40.5 mm. It belongs to Patek Philippe’s larger watch styles, but it is noble and meets the brand’s consistent elegant design requirements.