Galapagos Islands Watch Introduction

As an international boutique mechanical watch brand, IWC is committed to creating the highest quality haute horlogerie products. Just like the Marine Timepiece ‘Galapagos Islands’ edition chronograph, it perfectly combines the charm of the brand, professionalism and exquisite craftsmanship with creative beyond imagination.

In the center of the Pacific Ocean, about 1,000 kilometers from the South American continent, it is famous for the Galapagos Islands. Whether it is a terrestrial or marine iguana, they bathe in the sun on black volcanic rocks, looking like dragons described in fairy tales. A squadron of manta rays was patrolling back and forth on the bank. Hammerhead sharks circle in shallow waters. The biodiversity contained in this area is amazing, many of which are unique in the world, and have a profound impact on inspiring Darwin’s future evolution. However, this paradise discovered by Darwin during his expedition in 1835 is under serious threat today. The reason is precisely because humans lack care for nature. The Charles & Middot; charles Darwin Foundation works with the strong IWC partners of Schaffhausen to protect the Galapagos Islands, which has sensitive and fragile ecosystems.

IWC’s commitment to environmental protection extends not only to remote regions of the world, but also to its hometown: Schaffhausen. IWC is officially certified as a carbon-neutral enterprise, and all energy needs within the company use energy that protects the ecology. IWC has spared no effort in environmental protection issues, whether it introduces high-efficiency filtration systems, energy recycling, rainwater recycling, or the use of solar collectors, all play a pioneering role. As an international boutique mechanical watch brand, IWC is committed to creating the highest quality haute horlogerie products. Just like the Marine Timepiece ‘Galapagos Islands’ edition chronograph, it perfectly combines the charm of the brand, professionalism and exquisite craftsmanship with creative beyond imagination. The stainless steel case has undergone an intensive vulcanization process to give the model a black matte rubber coating. This watch has a compressive strength of 12 bar, and has a stylish appearance and top quality: black like lava on a volcanic island, and white like a mist covering lava. Most of the sales proceeds of this watch will be donated to the Charles & middot; Darwin Foundation, which also means that the collection of this top diving watch will double interpret its unique taste and ability to appreciate the good things in life, and move towards A completely new stage of evolution.

Marine timepiece & ldquo; Galapagos Islands & rdquo; Edition Chronograph Watch

Swiss R-one Watch

The newly released limited edition RADO R-One watch from RADO promotes watch design to break tradition and break conventions. Inspired by Star Trek’s inspiration, the watch has a vivid shape, subtly integrating various high-tech materials in an unusual way, and ending with ice-blue details. The appearance of this delicate timer looks like a picture of the Earth’s atmosphere taken from space. The silver metal and bright ice blue details contrast with the deep and mysterious black background. Three round chronograph dials set off the dial like a perfectly shaped planet, showing the theme of the future. The watch is limited to 300 pieces, each of which is placed in a delicate wooden box, which outlines the shape of the watch, and at the same time resembles a time Rado
     The shape of the automatic timer of the RADO R-One series watch is imaginative. A group of slender rectangular elements and a few soft curves are combined in a charming way, bringing the use of modern materials to a whole new Material limit. Due to the angular shape of the watch case and the seamless design of the timer button, the curved sapphire crystal is fixed on the complicated case structure, which represents a severe technical challenge. The design of the dial is focused on echoing the straight line of the pen with the perfect circle, without losing the convenience of use. The steel circular counter stands out from the sleek black high-tech ceramics, in harmony with the ultra-modern bright blue fluorescent hands and a thin straight line connecting 12 and 6 o’clock. The timer is controlled by a round, ceramic-coated steel crown and Ceramos ™ titanium carbide ceramic buttons.
New time benchmark
     The precise timepiece is perfectly presented on the dial of the RADO R-One series watch, which is a six-hand, Swiss-made automatic mechanical chronograph movement. It is one of the smallest chronograph movements in the world, but has a power reserve of 37 hours. The date window between 3 o’clock and 4 o’clock and the circular path of the digital sign are all in one go. Thanks to ultra-wear-resistant high-tech ceramics and delicately attached curved rectangular sapphire crystals, the case of this series of watches is a masterpiece of creativity and durability. Its sturdy attachment also includes a black rubber strap, its slender gray straight lines for visual coherence, and a titanium tri-fold clasp clad in black high-tech ceramic. Whether it is extremely adventurous, hoping to lead the way, a maverick wearer, or an obsessed watch collector, this innovative collection of cosmic style watches is destined to become an attractive choice.

Piaget Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Exhibition New Preview, When Fine Watchmaking Meets The Vast Starry Sky

Piaget presents three new Altiplano watches for the 2019 SIHH preview, all incorporating Piaget’s iconic classic design. The ultra-thin watchmaking process, extraordinary gem setting, extending to the hard gem application of meteorite material, has become the finishing touch of these three watches, they will be officially unveiled at the 2019 Geneva Haute Horlogerie.

From the heart of the earth to the source of the galaxy
   Gem setting is an exquisite workmanship by Piaget. As one of the traditional watchmakers who is proficient in both watch and jewellery creation, Piaget has incorporated precious gems into extraordinary watchmaking technology through excellent inlaying techniques, creating exquisite works with unique style. These colorful gemstones are gradually formed in a high temperature and high pressure environment, and they are mined and carved from the depths of the earth’s crust to create a shining light, which makes the Piaget watch more attractive.

Altiplano Meteorite Watch (G0A44051)

   The recommendation of Piaget’s new SIHH preview is the 40mm rose gold Altiplano meteorite watch (G0A44051). The dial is made of gray meteorite. The design of hours and minutes is simple and pure. The date window is set at three o’clock, which perfectly reflects the elegant and timeless essence of Piaget’s ultra-thin watch. The unique texture on the surface of the meteorite dial is the famous Widmanstätten patterns, which is the common nickel-iron crystal structure of nickel-iron meteorite. It is speculated that the history of this meteorite can be traced back to the celestial explosion of the solar system. Just as diamonds are the crystalline imprints of the geocentric world, meteorites also cast the history of the birth of the galaxy. Different from the contrasting aesthetics emphasized by the 36 and 41 mm models, the combination of the rose gold bezel and hands and the gray meteorite dial of the Altiplano 40 mm watch fully displays the subtle texture of the meteorite. Pieces.

Altiplano Tourbillon Watch (G0A44053)

   The 41mm rose gold Altiplano Tourbillon watch (G0A44053) vividly represents the vast sky, with clear white diamonds surrounding the blue meteorite dial, which is particularly eye-catching. The eccentric hour and minute display at 8 o’clock uses the classic Piaget Altiplano Barton pointer. The floating tourbillon dances continuously at 2 o’clock, like an eternal rotating star in the quiet night sky. The limited edition of the 41 mm Altiplano Tourbillon watch is an interpretation of Piaget’s extraordinary achievements in gem setting, gem dials and ultra-thin fine watchmaking techniques.

Altiplano High Jewellery Watch (G0A44076)

   The 36mm Altiplano High Jewellery Watch (G0A44076) is an essential classic in Piaget’s Altiplano elegant timepieces. It is designed for glamorous women and collectors who love classic watches. For the first time, the new work is inlaid with a long step-shaped crystal diamond that is known for its subtle low-key and elegant elegance at the same time on the bezel and the dial. The Piaget blue dial is adorned with solar radiation, limited to 88 pieces. Piaget’s unique dark blue tone lies between cobalt blue and midnight blue. It has established the brand’s unique style for decades, and it shines in the anniversary collection of Piaget Altiplano watches displayed at SIHH in 2017. The dial resembles a sky, showing a very different appearance with the change of the sun’s light. The moving light exerts dazzling magic of light and shadow, and the watch displays a vivid and charming light in the changing light.