1977 Rolex Submariner Watch Introduction

Estimated price: 3000 ~ 5000 USD
Commission price included: USD 4,625 (about RMB 30,478)
整体 [Overall description] Submarine, manufactured in 1977.
[Accessories] None.
[Diameter] 40 mm
[Condition] Three-piece set, 5513 type, equipped with 1520 movement, 26 rubies, case, dial, movement are all signed.
评论 [Review]
Rolex watch. Its durability and accuracy are widely recognized. However, I always have some doubts about the design and numbering of Rolex movements. Let’s talk about the movement first. This 5513 submariner Rolex uses a 1520 movement. The author has contacted many 1520 movements, mostly used in AIR-KING series, 5500. The year of manufacture is earlier than the well-known 1570 movement, but it has a stop-seconds function, but the later 1570 movement does not.
It is true that the price of this submarine is normal, mainly because the dial font is rewritten, which affects the value of the collection. The Rolex Submariner series has always had a good reputation in the Rolex series, and the price remains high. Judging from the transaction results in the past ten years, the trend of steady increase is particularly obvious.