Maverick Tudor P01

@ Montre Tudor SA50-60s is a bold and charming era. Many popular Rolex styles were born in that period. The protagonist of this article P01, whose prototype is exactly the product of the end of the 60s, was specially developed for the US Navy. At the heart of this prototype is a unique outer ring locking system. But at that time, its design was not good enough, nor was it durable enough. This is an inclusive defect for armaments. In addition, its operation may be slightly more complicated for naval soldiers who are racing against time. Therefore, this R & D project code-named ‘Special Forces’ was finally stranded, sealed (stopped) by a patent registration document of Rolex. Without looking at any historical background, it does look rather ‘weird’ (or ugly?). After all, this is a military design at the expense of beauty. Similarly, there are Ou Ji Ploprof and Squale’s Tiger, but they are better than the prototype of P01, and they have all been successfully launched. At the Basel 2019 watched by many watchmakers, everyone is looking forward to a small watch-back vintage Tudor Submariner, but waiting for such a ‘weird’ big guy. So no wonder P01 is widely criticized. P01 was ugly for a reason and a background, but it made me interested in it. The first is the 4 o’clock crown. At a glance, there is a kind of courage to break the tradition. At the outer edge of the end link at 12 o’clock, the baffle is lifted and the outer ring lock is released. At this time, the outer ring can be rotated in both directions. After re-clamping, it locks again. At the first glance, the end link in the 6 o’clock direction does not actually participate in the unlocking / locking operation. The 42mm frosted steel case, combined with the extension of the end links, makes the entire watch long and wide. Observing the hand shot seems to fit more closely with the wide wrist. The black dial, snowflake needles, and retro plaster hour markers (luminous) … the depth logo is printed in red, which is the finishing touch. The P01 is equipped with the MT5612 astronomical movement, as a reliable and durable self-produced model in the Biwan series, which is in line with the positioning of this watch. In my opinion, although P01 will not be a hard-to-wear watch, for most Asians’ aesthetic habits and restrained personality, it is not a commuter watch that can be well controlled like a water ghost or green bay. Therefore, I would say that P01 is a maverick, retro and avant-garde watch, even more like a stylish fashion item. Rolex’s new model has been quite satisfactory in recent years; it seems that the task of ‘charging into charge’ is given to the younger brother Tudor. This younger brother has more freedom than his older brother, and is more bold. When everyone is crying for the small watch retro diving watch, the launch of a surprise such as P01 is really ‘born to dare to do it’. Or maybe Tudor does not expect P01 to be popular in the market at all. It is more like a marketing philosophy, proclaiming Tudor’s unquestionable historical status in the field of military diving watches. I think this copy is a bold experiment, just like the charming 50’s-60’s, isn’t it? -End-Reference: COLE PENNINGTON-The Tudor Black Bay P01

La Mini D De Dior Series Watches, Mini Dials Lead The Trend Of Delicate Watches

Since its inception in 2003, the La D de Dior collection of high-end watches has drawn inspiration from the brand design elements and the evolving women’s elements, giving birth to a richly designed watch series. Among them, the La Mini D de Dior series watch created a trend of modern small dial watches with exquisite 19 mm mini dials, and has since been favored by celebrities and celebrities from all over the world.

   At Dior, a watch tells a story, and Victorire de Castellane, artistic director of Dior’s Fine Jewelry Department, knows it well, and launched Dior Fine Jewelry five years ago, then launched Her virgin watch works: La D de Dior series. This watch borrows the design elements of men’s watches from the 1970s to reinterpret the classic with a refined and beautiful style. It seems that a woman wears a men’s watch in memory of him. This watch follows the masculine charm of the men’s watch, but also incorporates a distinctive feminine temperament: only two hands, no time mark, no window, the time is presented in the simplest form. It also combines the dual skills of watchmakers and jewellers-the front design has the distinctive characteristics of Dior jewelry, and combines many materials such as gold, diamonds and decorative gems. These elegantly presented gems are carefully selected, with superior appearance and quality, making rare Dior watches rare and making each watch unique.

   The La Mini D de Dior high-end watch, measuring just 19 mm in diameter, is more charming than ever. Every time the brand launches a collection, the La Mini D de Dior watch will be reinterpreted on the basis of retaining its unique design, thus ranking among the classics.

Iwc Launches A Limited Edition Perpetual Calendar Watch

At the 80th anniversary of the Portuguese series, IWC Schaffhausen in Switzerland launched a global limited edition of 50 pieces (18 in Asia) and sold only in specialty stores in the north and south of Portugal. Moon phase perpetual calendar watch.

IWC launches global limited edition perpetual calendar watch

The Portuguese Perpetual Calendar Watch (model: 5021) is equipped with an independent perpetual calendar, complete year display, countdown to the next profitable moon, and moon phase display in the northern and southern hemispheres. It displays the moon age in the northern and southern hemispheres with unprecedented accuracy: only appears every 577 years Deviation of the day.

IWC launches global limited edition perpetual calendar watch
Today, this limited edition watch follows the current 44.2 mm case, adding several highlights to the appearance: the dial is unique in rock gray, elegant and low-key; the case has been improved from 18K rose gold to 18K red gold, The color tone is more warm; the small dial of the power reserve display has added a striking red and blue progressive indicator tone, which can tell the current power reserve status of the watch at a glance.

IWC launches global limited edition perpetual calendar watch

IWC-manufactured movement, equipped with Pellaton automatic winding system and 7-day power reserve, perpetual calendar, perpetual calendar moon phase display, north and south hemisphere moon phase display, four-digit year display, small second hand with stop device, Breguet hairspring The pendulum is decorated with an 18K gold badge.

The Extraordinary Journey Hublot Releases The Documentary ‘crossing The Sahara’ To Pay Tribute To The Elite

On February 20, 2017, Hublot celebrated its self-driving journey with the Chinese Entrepreneur Flying Club and the 16 business entrepreneurs through the Sahara last year. The Sahara documentary recreates this unique fusion journey in front of the guests.

   The documentary documented this extraordinary journey, starting in Casablanca, Morocco, through 3 African countries, with a total journey of more than 5,000 kilometers and a duration of 20 days. With the high-end services and reliable guarantee provided by a service team of about 100 people, 16 business entrepreneurs were able to drive themselves in the world’s largest desert, the Sahara Desert, to undergo a dual test of body and mind. In this 20-day itinerary, Hublot also provides adventurers with a guarantee of accurate time indication.

   In addition to the video of the event, there were some photos taken during the trip, and the wonderful moments were reproduced.

   At the scene, Mr. Loic Biver, general manager of Hublot Greater China, said: ‘Whether it is land competition, sailing or business flight, it represents Hublot’s pursuit of diversified life and the pursuit of excellent quality. .This time Hublot’s deepening into the desert hinterland is another bold development of a unique lifestyle. By exploring and experiencing with talents, returning to nature and harvesting spiritual power, we hope to pass on to more people a new and full of passion and use of it. lifestyle’.

   At the end of the event, Mr. Louis Beaver also issued a commemorative certificate for the special trip for members who participated in the sahara tour.
Summary: Since the creation of Hublot in 1980, its brand has always adhered to the DNA of respect for tradition and continuous innovation, repeatedly creating unique watchmaking materials and remarkable cross-border cooperation. After this feat of Sahara crossing, this year, Hublot will also continue to cooperate with top institutions to interpret the unique creative life concept and fusion spirit respected by its brand. Watch friends who are interested in Hublot watches can continue to follow the future trends of Hublot.

Hublot Hublot 2011 Leopard Watch Recommended

‘Undefeated Classic’ leopard climbed onto the HUBLOT Hublot surface plate with strong fashion style, and became the wildest call in Valentine’s Day on Valentine’s Day this year! Hublot’s new ‘Leopard’ series, Valentine’s Day is just listed ‘Big Bang Leopard Leopard Watch’ and ‘Steel Snow Leopard Snow Leopard Watch’, for the wild and cold and brilliant interpretation of two different fashion classics outside and restraint.
 “ Big Bang Leopard ” undefeated classic wild beauty
 Based on the ‘Fusion’ design, the classic Hublot Hublot watch, this year based on the popular Big Bang series, launched the ‘Big Bang Leopard’ model. The top-level transfer technology brings the leopard pattern to lifelike and delicate dimensions. Shaw’s texture, fur color, and touch are perfectly integrated with the case color. The ‘Big Bang Leopard Rose Gold Edition’ uses the same color of Stanley, rectangular Citrine, and the tea crystal inlaid on the dial and case. On the birth of African sunset, the golden beauty of the predatory animals on the earth and the beautiful beauty of the natural environment, also meet the natural consumers who desire wild beauty.

‘Steel Snow Leopard’ snow leopard watch is cold and enthusiastic, waiting for someone
 In addition to the ‘Big Bang Leopard’ rose gold watch, Hublot also extended the ‘Steel Snow Leopard’ snow leopard watch with the concept of leopard print. The endangered snow leopard is the most representative animal in the high mountain plateau of Asia. For example, the cool beauty cannot be approached, but the enthusiasm for the heart still needs to be developed and approached by the lover; the case of Hublot ‘Steel Snow Leopard’ is made of cold-rolled stainless steel, with precious black and transparent natural materials. Precious stones and diamonds perfectly echo the protective color of the snow leopard’s body on the plateau’s white ground, gray black spots, and natural landscapes.
The biggest winner this year, let men defeat the undefeated classic under the skirt
  Hublot’s insight into the undefeated classic leopard print is still the biggest winner this year, still with a sexy, irresistible femininity. To catch up with this year’s ‘gender mix and match style’, the suits worn at work and the little evening dresses can be mixed together. On the outside, men are rushing to bow down the sexy leopard print under the skirt, and on the inside are the leisure and aristocracy of the new era. Leopard print is essential in 2011!
Leopard series, a must-have for fashion leaders
  Hublot launched the ‘Leopard’ series of watches. The shiny and dazzling golden yellow leopard print and the low-key white snow leopard print watch all show the sense of fashion that cannot be ignored. Both models are also equipped with black ceramic watches. The choice of case, equipped with a collection-level automatic chronograph movement, the dazzling 41mm Big Bang Leopard watch and Snow Leopard watch make female consumers who like fashion trends become fashion masters this year!