Seiko Celebrates Its 100th Anniversary With A Limited Edition Collection

In order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the company’s watchmaking, Japan Seiko launched a limited edition of 39 ‘SH special edition’ watches in Japan, which were personally supervised by Shinji Hattori, The 18K white gold case and the blue mother-of-pearl watch are equipped with Credor’s 6898A movement. This watch was unveiled last week at the Seiko VIP Party in Hong Kong. It is known that there is only one in Hong Kong, and Hong Kong is also the only overseas market in the world where this watch is sold.

 The annual Hong Kong Seiko VIP Gala will bring surprises to watch fans. This year, the agent has made every effort to obtain a number of rare treasures from the factory to debut in Hong Kong, including the ‘SH Special Edition’ (SCQE001), which was originally limited to Japan, and a group of Credor that first arrived in Hong Kong. Sakurada Mori

 A limited edition of 39 “SH Special Editions”, one of the limited edition collections launched by the brand to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the watchmaking, was released in June this year, but because it is only available in the Japanese market, this watch is not too Many overseas watch fans noticed. According to the person in charge of Tongcheng Clocks, the agent of Hong Kong, it took a long time to successfully persuade the factory to assign this one to Hong Kong, which is very valuable.

 The design concept of this special edition is derived from the scenery of Shonan Beach in Kamakura, Tokyo. The reverse case is viewed with a magnifying glass. The movement looks like a painting, which includes a whale with glasses, an angry shark, a cute jaw crab, a sailing boat and so on. It is known that the entire engraving design is supervised by Shinji, the president of the clothing department, and hand-polished by the Credor watchmaker. The meticulous process is no less than any top Swiss watch.

 The surface of the blue mother-of-pearl is also different. Since Shonan Beach is located on the coast of Tokyo and borders the estuary, the blue sea water has a gradual effect. Therefore, the surface is made of pure silver to create a gradual gradient effect. As for the 6898A movement, which is Credor’s most advanced work, the thickness is only 1.98mm, and the power reserve is about 37 hours.