Tag Heuer’s Brand New Big Challenge Jd.Com’s Football Heat Rekindled Moment

[May 26, 2017, Beijing] Adhering to the supreme pursuit of sporting spirit and infinite love, the Swiss pioneering watch brand TAG Heuer has once again launched the ICON challenge and released its vitality. Wanton passion! On May 26, Tag Heuer debuted at JD.com headquarters with a new and upgraded version of ICON Challenge. This is also after the official entry of JD.com in 2015 to reach a full-scale e-commerce cooperation agreement and the debut of JD.com’s special Super League watch. TAG Heuer and JD.com have once again joined forces to collide again in an unprecedented way, to enjoy the vertical and horizontal race of the football stadium together and every second counts! Mr. Wang Lin, Sales Director of Tag Heuer Zenith China, Ms. Chen Lin (Belinda), General Manager of the Watch & Clock Business Department of Jingdong Mall’s Fashion Department, and other guests attended the event to personally challenge the new project. What’s more worth mentioning is that the two players in this pioneering challenge were not professional football players, but Zhai Xiaochuan, a Beijing basketball player and Zhao Jiwei, a Liaoning male basketball player. They showed their skills at the event site, perfectly interpreting the pioneering spirit of # DontCrackUnderPressure #.

   The newly-designed ICON challenge all highlights the integration and connection of the football stadium and the timing world-the mutual acceptance of multiple modules, the football game challenge area, photo area, watch display area, historical interaction area, and so on. The sports genes in Tiger Heuer’s blood tell the indissoluble bond between the brand and football! What is even more exciting is that the opponent of this big challenge is the Tag Heuer global brand ambassador international football star Cristiano Ronaldo. If the challenger can successfully challenge Ronaldo’s record, it will be completed in 10.1 seconds. The task is not only regarded as a challenge to success, but also given an exclusive commemorative gift from Tag Heuer. When the natural nature of fearless challenge and the aggressive fighting spirit are ignited instantly, the charm of football will sweep the entire capital!

   Mr. Pan Jinji, General Manager of TAG Heuer Greater China, said: ‘The new and upgraded ICON Challenge of TAG Heuer as our event throughout the year, close to consumers, shows the brand’s innate sports genes. This time we will The first stop of the big challenge was set up at JD. Not only because JD is one of our closest e-commerce partners, we also hope that through the JD platform, the competitive spirit of football and Tiger TAG Heuer will be ‘under no pressure’. Pioneering spirit is passed on to more watch lovers and consumers! ‘

   Zhao Jiwei, a famous male basketball player who came to help out, said at the event site: ‘I am very honored to participate in the launch event of Tiger Heuer’s new ICON Grand Challenge. Being able to participate in cross-border football challenges is inherently innovative for me. And the basketball court Similarly, the football game is also coexisting with pressure and opportunity. Through today’s activities, I have experienced the power of ‘no fear under pressure’! I believe this sentence will also inspire me in my future games, let me go forward and play Your best self! ‘

   Another player Zhai Xiaochuan also shared: ‘The spirit of competitive sports has always been regardless of the type of sport and regardless of national boundaries. Today I came to the launch event of the new ICON Grand Challenge of Tag Heuer, which made me realize this more deeply. . No matter where you are, whether you are a basketball player or a football player, you will fight hard for victory and race against time. This is the charm of sports and the charm of Tag Heuer’s ‘Fearless under pressure!’

   TAG Heuer’s pioneering spirit of ‘no fear under the weight of pressure’, looks at the future in today’s increasingly fierce competition, continues to practice innovation and breakthroughs, relying on Jingdong, an influential e-commerce platform, to brand Closely connected with young consumers, we have achieved better, more breakthrough and more pioneering cooperation. The new big challenge event set off at JD.com will surely pass Tag Heuer’s enthusiasm for football and its full support for China’s football career to the more young generation who love football through JD.com’s dynamic platform!
TAG Heuer Challenge-Jingdong Station
Time: May 26, 2017
Venue: Jingdong Group Headquarters, Yizhuang Economic Development Zone, Beijing

In Just A Few Years, See How His Way Of Playing The Watch Can Be Fast, Ruthless, And Quasi-big Move!

The watch is a very wonderful object. Although the casing is small, it contains endless ingenuity. Although not everyone is obsessed with it, it also attracts a lot of heroes. And how crazy this ‘folding waist’ can be, if you are not in it, you may not understand the taste. But the madness referred to here is not the kind of showy and unrestrained consumption. Many fans who collect and watch watches are very rational. They spend a lot of time researching the information of watches that they are deeply interested in. In the online world or watch When friends meet, they exchange ideas with other enthusiasts at the same time, and obtain first-hand information at the same time. Once the prey is determined to be far away, they will immediately start after buying the ticket. Become something in someone else’s pocket. What is very different from previous impressions of watch collectors in the past is that a new force is emerging and becoming the main force in the above group. They are under 40 years old, and some are even under 30 years old. , Pursue a good quality of life, and at the same time have a passion and love from the heart for watches. More importantly, they have their own opinions on the choice of watches, and are not affected by marketing words. They are willing to devote more energy to gaining new knowledge in the field of loved watches, and choose a watch that suits them. Andy is Among them are typical representatives. I met Andy and I was at a party of my cousins ​​half a year ago. At that time, I was just tasting homemade cooked steak with a few friends who have a common interest in watches, drinking whiskey and smoking cigars, and bringing my own watch with us. The thought of everyone talking about watches completely turned into a group of big boys discussing their beloved toys, and they turned into a chat all night, and left reluctantly until the early morning (and this occasional party actually developed in the future) Into a fixed is also unexpected). Andy wore a Richard Mille RM35-01 that night. At that time, he felt that he was gentle in appearance, wearing a white shirt with a tailored fit and clean, but wearing such a brash watch, but when he started talking about his ‘into the pit’ The road to watches has aroused my great interest. He said that his experience of playing watches all the way can be categorized into three periods so far, the first period is the ignorant period. He has been interested in watches since he was a child, and he was particularly obsessed with cool electronic watches in elementary and junior high school. And having a truly meaningful watch in life is the limited edition Omega Seamaster 007 given to him by his father in college. At the time, the watch simply represented a transfer of emotion to him, that’s all. I just like to watch and enjoy, but I have no desire to learn more. Only after he entered the workplace did he start to ignite his passion for watches and enter a period of crazy love. He recalled that when he first entered the workplace, he found that many people in the company carried Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, which caused him great curiosity, and he secretly thought that there would be a cool watch called a head in the future. He then took the time to find his favorite watch, and then started the first IWC TopGun ceramic perpetual calendar watch in his life. At the same time, he also came into contact with Panerai, and what really made him into the crazy period was to see Bronzo, a Panerai bronze watch. When he realized that the watch could play such a unique feature in the material, he began to spend a lot of time researching the watch, starting from scratch. According to his own statement, as long as he had a Panerai store at that time, he would be there, and he ‘doed it’, and in three short months, he bought 3 Panerai watches, and even included The global limited edition of 99 Pam 604. The enthusiasm has been ignited. Of course, after starting the new loot, Andy also wants to share his joy of owning these collections, so he began to share photos on Instagram. I did not expect that this inadvertent move will bring in his watch playing process. More surprises. He later came into contact with Lange during the affair. He said that Lange’s efforts in polishing the movement opened up his brand-new vision, and the delicate texture and calm appearance perfectly matched his usual dress style. (His own description is that Lange and his favorite Tom Ford suit is the perfect complete set). At the same time, he still frequently publishes photos of daily clothing and watches on Instagram, and even created the #langenation tag, which has caused a wave of discussion about Lange watches in the watch circle on this global hot social platform. As a result, he also recognized more global enthusiasts and collectors. He said that in addition to his own research, communication on Instagram is also a platform for him to gain knowledge of watches and clocks and grow rapidly. Because the new media is full of people, everyone can express their views, and once you have the same passion and really love collecting wristwatches Watches are the same. The information obtained, whether it is style, trend, or market, is very real and timely. Of course, you must add your own experience to judge in order to understand or find the watch you are interested in. I’m curious how he stepped into Richard Mille, who is both extreme in style and performance. He said that at first he didn’t feel Richard Mille, but he was curious as to why it was so popular and sought after, so he went to the store to try it on with a tentative attitude, and felt the real experience of getting started. Try to be a customer. ‘ He was inconceivable for a craft that looked so huge but was so light and strong in performance, and the domineering design collided with his formal style to create another conflicting aesthetic. ‘On the other hand, it also represents the little release of the wild face in me,’ he said. I asked him, from Panerai to Lange to Richard Mille, it’s difficult to think of a jump span like this one who has only started collecting watches for 4 years. What is your standard? He said that now that his collection of watches has entered a stage of self-knowledge, only by knowing himself can he know what style he wants to start with. First of all, you must find the characteristics of this brand or this watch that appeal to you, and then experience the feeling after getting started. If you feel unwilling to take it off, it is already in your pocket. In addition, don’t limit yourself, think that you are only suitable for certain styles or materials of watches, you should keep an open mind and try boldly, because in the end, it is your own aura that controls the watch, not subject to it. Of course, the premise of this aura development is that you have to learn how to match the watch with the dress at the right occasion, and occasionally jump out of the frame to try different ‘playing methods’. Only then will there be unexpected surprises, and the more you can accumulate experience, Knowing what suits you, because playing with the watch itself is a very interesting thing, and giving yourself too much restriction loses the original happiness. He also said that at the beginning he also had self-restricted conditions. For example, he once felt that he was not suitable for Patek Philippe, because he always felt that it was a watch of his father’s generation and he had not yet reached that stage. It was only after an in-depth exchange with Mr. Michael Tay of Australia and Hour Glass that he gained a new understanding of the background and work behind Patek Philippe watches (though before that he already had a Nautilus 5711) Then, at a Patek Philippe dinner hosted by Hour Glass, he had the opportunity to have a close and in-depth exchange with Mr. Yves Cavadini, the vice president of global sales of the brand. And this exchange brought out a story worth sharing with you, and Andy will share it with you in the future, it is worth looking forward to. Finally, I asked him what was the biggest gain on his way to playing the watch? He joked that of course he had a lot of treasures that would laugh when he looked at them. He said that in fact, the biggest gain was to meet many enthusiasts with the same enthusiasm along the way. When you talk about watches, you always want to stop, some even become friends, meet occasionally or regularly, drink whiskey and smoke cigars, relax and relax. Feel free to speak, simple and beautiful. And life, isn’t it just to find your own passion in your daily life and enjoy it to the fullest? Looking at the joy that he showed when he talked, I could feel that love. And I really believe that with passion, you can love your life more, like Andy.