2013 Basel Watch Exhibition Tudor New Watch Summary

Responsible for commenting on the Tudor booth: Tudor is the brand that I am most pleased with this year. I am glad that Tudor finally has his own DNA this year, and for the first time has his own exclusive booth. To sum up The characteristics of the Tudor booth this year are as follows:
1. Tudor’s booth this year still uses the inherent red and black color scheme, which complements Rolex’s green.
2. The most special watch of Tudor this year is the Fastrider in cooperation with Ducati. This is the first time that Tudor has used a ceramic case.
3. Another highlight is the Heritage Chrono Blue chronograph. The blue canvas strap matches the theme of Monte Carlo.
  [Watch House Special Report] On April 25, 2013, the annual watch industry event Basel International Watch Fair kicked off. The Watch House team went to Switzerland to give everyone the first time in front Bring exhibition coverage. The following is the details of Tudor’s 2013 new products organized by the Watch House.

 Heritage Chrono Blue

 In order to make Tudor’s new Heritage Chrono Blue more perfect, the watch comes with two straps: one is a discount stainless steel strap, and the other is a reinforced textured strap with a buckle. The textured strap is made in cooperation with a long-established traditional textile workshop. Its color tone and the unique color of the surface cleverly ensure comfortable wearing. This carefully crafted chronograph, while drawing inspiration from history, is yet more modern.

More watch details: New Fastrider Black Shield

 Either of these two models is enough cool, of course, Tudor gradually got rid of the ETA movement team, joined the tide of self-produced movement, which seems to have become another very exciting brand The important reason

More watch details: Heritage Advisor

 The new Advisor watch can also be paired with a black woven flower stripe strap, adding a sophisticated and luxurious fashion classic temperament, highlighting the brand’s pursuit of innovation. Tudor’s use of textured straps for watch design not only highlights the essence of traditional craftsmanship, but also allows the wearer to express his personal style while ensuring comfortable wearing.

More watch details: Junyao Calendar 26mm

 With the classic retro and exquisite style of the brand, and interpreting elegance and refined temperament, the Tudor Junya series has a variety of styles and different functions to choose from: 42mm Junya double-digit calendar type, 36mm and 31mm calendar types, 39mm Beautiful models such as the day of the week calendar. Now, this series has added the highly eye-catching 26mm style, its smooth touch, elegant temperament and mysterious charm bring exquisite embellishment to women’s wrist.

More watch details:

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Bvlgari Presents The New Serpenti High Jewelry In 2012

In 2012, Bulgari presented the brand-new Serpenti series of high-end jewellery and watches. The classic ‘snake’ shape was re-interpreted with precious metals and bright gems. Their exquisite craftsmanship transforms the charming posture of snakes into dazzling treasures.
   Bvlgari’s new Serpenti series of crafting illustrations will take you to discover the wonderful moments in the birth of luxurious jewelry and appreciate the charm of Bulgari’s exquisite craftsmanship. From meticulously drawn design artwork to the perfect combination of every delicate component, jewellery and watch treasures forged through many steps, interpreting Bulgari’s elegant tradition and unique aesthetics.
   The Bvlgari Serpenti series necklace is striking with rich and luxurious pavé diamonds. The three-dimensional sexy snake head is exquisite and inlaid with diamonds. The abstract geometric lines are perfectly fused, and the perfect balance is achieved with ingenious gestures between the intricacies of the snake body shape and the exquisite simplicity and purity of the overall design.
   The craftsmanship of the Serpenti series of top jewelry necklaces is in the same vein as the Bulgari traditional jewelry series. They all use precious metal structures and are hand-cast by the lost wax method.
   The delicate snake head of the necklace is decorated with pavé diamonds by the skilled Bvlgari jeweller. In order to simulate the elegant and perfect outline of the snake head, the three components are decorated with pavé diamonds and are gradually connected from small to large, which form the head of Serpenti’s elegant and luxurious snake necklace.
   The precious metal material of the 5 rows of white gold bracelets of the Bvlgari Serpenti series bracelets is made of ruby ​​and diamond. The main body of the snake-shaped bracelet is connected by a series of components to simulate the snake’s natural scale. The side and bottom of each component are hollowed out. After setting the diamond, the light can still pass through the center, highlighting the wonderful inlay.
   The scales of the snake are covered with rubies, and also brilliant-cut diamonds. In order to achieve the curvy effect of the bracelet, the bright-cut diamonds are regularly set around the goose-cut ruby. According to the needs of the scales of the snake body, the perfectly cut ruby ​​and the brilliant cut diamond shine brightly, showing the wonderful beauty of each other. Each scale of the snake body is connected to each other through a hinge. Eventually, the gold hinges connecting the components disappeared out of sight.
   Each Serpenti bracelet contains platinum springs inside, making the bracelet extraordinary. Pre-connected scales run through the spring one by one to form a snake body. Skilled Bulgari jewellers have once again completed the precious and exquisite masterpieces of Serpenti’s top jewelry collection.

The Encounter Between Art And Time

Brands in two different fields of watchmaking and ballet take this opportunity to join hands in the creative world. The unremitting pursuit of dynamics, time and excellence is precisely the philosophy that watchmaking brands and ballet companies will guard together in the years to come.

  Jaquet Droz was fortunate to welcome some members of the Lausanne Bega Ballet at the DesAteliersd’Art in LaChaux-de-Fonds. Through the unique creative work of Jacques Dro Art Workshop, the management team and dancers of the Lausanne Bega Ballet Company are delighted to open the door of watchmaking crafts and experience the magnificent style and art of Jacques Dro watchmaking.

  Jacques Droe and Lausanne Bega Ballet are not far away from each other. They are both located in the beautiful hinterland of Switzerland. Therefore, they should understand each other better to understand the reason why they are attracted to each other. The elegant ballet posture and precision-operated timepieces dance dynamics and time into a harmonious and moving picture, telling the wonderful life and the preciousness of time. Art and watchmaking, two terms that don’t seem to belong to the same world, blend and complement each other at this moment.

  Some collaborations are even more rare, for example, a passionate avant-garde watchmaker and an extraordinary artist each share a unique perspective on life, rich history and a bright future. One is dance wizard Maurice Béjart, who is a loyal guardian of contemporary dance art. Born in Marseille, France in 1927, he died in 2007 and is known as a ‘legend’ in the dance world. He has a free and active mind and a broad vision. He started his ballet career in Paris, France in 1946, and has lived in Brussels, Belgium for 30 years, creating many famous twentieth-century ballets. He then moved to Switzerland, introducing a revolutionary and lively performance method to Switzerland, and in 1987 established the Lausanne Bega Ballet. He has led dance groups touring around the world, traveling throughout Africa, Asia, the Middle East and even the United States. He pursues perfection in his stage performance. His orchestrated works, such as the famous Sacreduprintemps (1959), Symphoniepourunhommeseul, and Oiseaudefeu, have become a model of contemporary ballet, and are now performed by GilRoman and dancers from the Lausanne Bega Ballet Carry it forward.

 The other is a legend of another era. Born in 1721 in the Jura region of Switzerland, Pierre Jaquet-Droz was one of the talented watchmakers of the Enlightenment. He is an outstanding technician, an unparalleled businessman, and a veritable artist. He is good at understanding and even predicting the tastes and needs of male and female customers of the same era. His clockwork, musical timepieces, crafts and automatic dolls conquered the royal courts of European countries. Today, Marc Alexander Hayek, President of Jacques Dro, has a unique vision, which not only rejuvenates the brand, but also strengthens the brand’s ambition that has remained unchanged since its inception: the use of superb watchmaking technology, combined with exquisite decorative arts, makes time荏苒 Ambilight.

  Ballet and watchmaking, time and art. This is a great trip, but it is also an exciting attempt. The pointer is like the dancer’s flexible limbs. The ballet dancer expresses the creative emotion with the dance steps. The elegant and dignified ballet pushes the dance to the peak of elegance. Similarly, the hour hand tells the passage of time, and the exquisite hands fully interpret Jakodro’s artistic charm.

  Today, Jacques Droe and ballet are no longer two parallel lines, but a harmonious artistic whole. Jacques de Lore and Lausanne Bega Ballet will use the charm of art to spark the moment into eternity. This is an artistic journey beyond the times, Jacques de Lo and time will witness you.

The Most Amazing Lineup Of Car Stars Gather At The 2015 World Championship.

World Chess Championship is such a race. During the two-day World Chess Championship, top car stars will gather in London to compete for a lifetime of rare opportunities.
   At present, at least five drivers who have galloped in this season’s F1 race have decided to participate in this hegemony, which is a rare opportunity to admire the looks of the world champion drivers up close.
   Four-time F1 world champion Sebastian Vettel, 11-time F1 Grand Prix champion Felipe MASSA, 10-time F1 podium, and 2012 World Chess Championship Romain Grosjean, three F1 Grand Prix champions Daniel Ricciardo, F1 stars and 2015 Le Mans 24-hour endurance champion Nico HÜLKENBERG will show their skills, Take on the champions of other top racing competitions.

   In addition, the nine-time champion of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Tom KRISTENSEN, FIA World Auto Rally Champion Petter SOLBERG, FIA Formula E Championship Champion Nelson Jr. PIQUET Jr) and two-time British Touring Car Championship champion Jason PLATO have also confirmed their participation. However, this is not a championship for 4-wheelers only. Five-time 500cc World Motorcycle Championship champion Mick DOOHAN and two-time World Motorcycle Championship champion Jorge Lorenzo will undoubtedly put pressure on the rest of the drivers, creating a fierce competition for championship Atmosphere.
   It is expected that more drivers will participate in the future, and you will definitely enjoy it!
   This tournament sponsored by TAG Heuer will be staged at the main stadium of the London Olympics on November 20th and 21st.
   Do n’t miss it!