Buben & Zorweg Time Box Singapore Grand Opening

Buben & Zorweg recalls its long tradition, it is always closely connected with the fast-growing Asian Economic Zone, and is also proud of the New Year’s start: the luxury brand hosts an event celebrating another boutique in Singapore ‘ION Orchard’ shopping and leisure comprehensive experience business center opened.

The gongs and drums are ringing together, exorcising ghosts and eliminating evil. In the traditional Chinese way, two dancing lions greet the arrival of the owner of the Buben & Zorweg boutique.

The climax of the boutique opening ceremony was a lion dance show, symbolizing joy, happiness, wealth and success.
Singapore’s top business center, ‘ION Orchard’, enjoys a worldwide reputation. Not only has it been peculiar in construction, it has won many awards, but many famous luxury brands have settled in the center. Buben & Zorweg time treasure box boutiques settled in this famous business center, and they operate together with famous luxury boutiques such as Louis Vuitton, Patek Philippe, Cartier and Cartier. The large-scale business center has a total of 8 floors and brings together the world Major brands.

Christian Zorweg, Jimmie Tay, General Manager, Tempo Luxe, and Max Goh, Sales Manager

Buben & Zorweg’s moonlight treasure box workshop masterpiece now has the perfect display platform

The highlight of the event was a lion dance show. The lion dance ceremony symbolizes joy, happiness, wealth and success. About success: Buben & Zorweg’s new time box will be operated by the sales subsidiary Tempo Luxe, which makes General Manager Christian Zorweg particularly happy: ‘Our partnership with Tempo Luxe means that we have a large local partner that can provide Our customers provide the best service. Pursuit of perfection is our philosophy, and we are happy to meet the requirements of our customers through local companies. ‘The owner of the Tempo Luxe subsidiary is Mr. Jimmie Tay. He is not only responsible for the boutiques in Singapore, but also Responsible for sales throughout Southeast Asia.
Source: Buben & Zorweg

Van Cleef & Arpels Lady Arpels Jour Féerique Watch

LadyArpels Jour Féerique watch, 41 mm white gold case with round diamonds; white gold bezel with round diamonds; white gold crown with round diamonds, white gold, yellow K Gold and rose gold dial set with round and rose-cut diamonds, round yellow sapphires, round garnets, mother-of-pearl, turquoise, enamel, miniature painted white alligator leather strap with white gold pin buckle, inlaid A round diamond manual winding mechanical movement is unique.

ourFéerique watch Indus wood case 150x200x118 mm

   The warm sun nourishes all things, and the fairy steps out of the arc swirling dance under the caress of the sun, dancing with diamond wings in a graceful posture, flying towards the transparent clouds.
Multiple craftsmanship interweaves the subtle three-dimensional layers on the dial. In the foreground, the contours of the sun are undulating and hollowed out, and yellow sapphires and garnets are inlaid at the same time.
The three types of gold use a combination of frosting and polishing to depict the warm and gentle sunlight, so that the dial is soaked in soft light, showing a thriving scene. Turquoise, mother-of-pearl, enamel and dazzling diamonds dye the hazy or translucent colors of the eastern horizon of the sunrise. The delicate layering comes with the undulating gems. The elegant fairy slightly lifted the delicate face made of rose-shaped diamonds. The light and elegant figure was even more graceful under the skirt. The skirt was hand-painted with blue and yellow gradient colors. The golden watch case is engraved with the beautiful shadow of her resting on the branches, and the warm sunlight shines a soft light on everything.

Hand carved clouds on the case back
VanCleef & Arpels
   This time, the family once again blended high-end jewellery making into fascinating watch making, tempered into a number of masterpieces of high-end jewellery watches, and dazzled the time. This year, the family continued to draw inspiration from the beautiful nature, and took the theme of flowers to condense the beautiful rhythm, lively vitality and eternal transformation of nature into eight gorgeous flower watches. Whether it’s a one-of-a-kind piece or a reproducible design, these eight watches transform the fascinating scenes of flowers into square inches and compose a delicate and touching time poem.
The Secret watch series is eye-catching in style, continuing the long-cherished ‘hidden’ theme, subtly hiding the dial in the flower buds, bringing infinite surprises at the moment of its blooming, fascinating. This elegant and creative collection allows the wearer to read time implicitly while maintaining elegant manners. The flowers made of magnificent gems reveal the secrets of time vaguely. A glimpse of the glory among the flowers makes the hidden secrets flow in the eyes.

Le Jardin Van Cleef & Arpels
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The Watch Is Also Dual-use? Watch Pocket Watch Can Be Done In One Piece Chopard L.U.C Series New Real Shot

[Special Report from Basel of Watch House] On April 25, 2013, the watch industry event Basel International Watch Fair kicked off. The watch house team went to Switzerland to give everyone in front Bring the report of the exhibition as soon as possible, and send the new beautiful pictures of major brands as soon as possible. Here are some of Basel’s new products. The latest Chopard L.U.C series watches are in real shooting. If you like friends, you can see them first.
   The latest Chopard L.U.C series watches are full of creativity. The dial can be separated from the strap. Buy one to have both a watch and a pocket watch. The pocket watch is also equipped with a beautiful chain for different combinations.

   The pictures and information collected by the reporting team in front of the Watch House will be uploaded to the special topics in Basel, so stay tuned.
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Lost Pocket Watch ‘resurrection’ Opus8 ‘preservation’

Popular watch models launched by various brands, top watch brands Breguet and Harry Winston each launched a high-priced watch that attracted the attention of collectors. One is the rebirth of an old pocket watch nearly 200 years ago. , A creative mechanical watch that looks like an electronic watch.
Breguet’s four-year-old Mary Anthony pocket watch, currently only one

Breguet released the “Mary Anthony” pocket watch created by 12 watchmakers for four years at the Basel Watch Fair yesterday. It can be said to be a watch legend of the ancient and modern fair. Almost 200 years ago, the admirer of the French queen Mary Anthony knew that she liked Breguet’s watch, so she commissioned the founder Abraham-Louis Breguet to create a gold pocket watch, which must have all the time systems such as the three questions, the perpetual calendar and the power reserve display The watchmaker can do the function.
Unfortunately, this watch was completed in 1827, at which time Queen Mary had died for 34 years. The pocket watch later wandered among different collectors and was finally hidden in a museum in Jerusalem, which was stolen in 1983. Four years ago, Breguet decided to remake this watch, and convened a team of 12 watchmakers. Based on photos and book descriptions, it took 823 parts and four years to complete this pocket watch, and plans to launch this year. Coincidentally, Mary Anthony pocket watch appeared magically this year. The owner expressed his willingness to sell this pocket watch through the French Louvre, which has a relationship with Breguet.
Ji Baozheng said that it is still in the appraisal stage, and it has not been confirmed whether it is the genuine product of that year. For this newly created pocket watch, Breguet held an international media press conference during the watch exhibition. The press conference insisted that the pocket watch could not be exposed, but it only appeared in less than ten minutes. Hayek, the president of Swatch Group, was like a child showing off toys. He was holding a pocket watch in the hands of a large number of media, and immediately returned the pocket watch to the box ten minutes later. Hayek said that if production is scheduled in the future, at most one or two a year.
Harry Winston’s creative watch series ‘Opus 8’, with a window dug in the middle of the back of the watch, only to know that it is a mechanical watch
Harry Winston’s ‘Opus’ creative watch introduces new models every year. It has become a watch collector’s locked collection. It is reported that a Japanese collector already owns eight full-series Opus works (Opus 3 has high production difficulties, (Not currently available), Taiwan also has collectors of digital Opus creative watches. Its inspiration originated from the electronic watches in the 1970s. At that time, Casio electronic watches became very popular, which caused traditional mechanical watches to be unpopular, and the movement factories closed and closed, which can be said to be a milestone for human timing tools.
However, Feng Shui is taking turns. Today, electronic watches are regarded as bargains. Instead, mechanical clocks are brought back to life. They are regarded as the ultimate expression of human wisdom and craftsmanship. The designer of ‘Opus 8’ is impressed by Frederic Garinaud. He said that when he was eight years old, he played the Casio electronic watch for the first time and since then fell in love with its modern appearance and full of rhythmic pleasure. This ‘Opus 8’ is what he wants to make modern people through complicated mechanical watches and craftsmanship. Feel the modern simplicity of the electronic watch again.
The surface looks like an electronic watch, but when you turn it to the transparent window on the back, you can clearly see the movement of the movement. There is also a pattern on the back like a circuit board with a small grid to display the date. The price is 13.087,000 yuan, and it is limited to 50.