Chopard Co-president Karl-friedrich Scheufele Wins Gaïa Spirit Of Enterprise 2019

Recently, the 25th Gaïa Awards was unveiled at the famous Club44 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. The visionary Chopard co-president Karl-Friedrich Scheufele received the 2019 Gaïa Spirit of Enterprise in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the watch industry.

Chopard Co-President Karl-Friedrich Scheufele

  At the awards ceremony, Régis Huguenin, curator and chairman of the jury of the International Watch Museum, personally awarded Karl-Friedrich Scheufele this honor, not only for his contribution to the international influence of the Chopard family business He has made extraordinary contributions, and also commends his infinite passion for the watchmaking industry, and harmoniously blends humanistic spirit, ingenious craftsmanship and extraordinary innovation with full inspiration. At the ceremony, Karl-Friedrich Scheufele’s family and other guests witnessed this glorious moment.

The Schafer family with JackyICKX

  As a close friend of Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, the legendary racer JackyICKX also attended the ceremony, paying tribute to him with a lively speech: ‘Karl Frederick He has always put people at the heart of Chopard. ‘

Jacky ICKX

  In the award speech, Karl-Friedrich Scheufele emphasized: ‘Technology must serve people, and companies must be people-oriented.’ When thanking the jury, he said: ‘I am very moved and very Glad to hope that this award goes to all Chopard employees. ‘

Foresight of family business

Karl Scheufele, Karin Scheufele, and Karl-Friedrich Scheufele

  The Schafer family has a dream and inherits the concept of increasingly sophisticated heritage, intending to make Chopard into an outstanding high-end watch and jewelry brand. In 1996, Karl-Friedrich Scheufele founded ChopardManufacture, and in 2015 launched the Chronométrie FerdinandBerthoud precision timepiece brand. In more than 20 years as Copard Chopard’s co-president, he has demonstrated his tireless efforts and enthusiasm, making Chopard’s glorious watchmaking history reappeared and once again among the top watch manufacturing companies.

ChopardManufacture creates excellence

  ‘No matter what kind of difficult challenges you face, always aim at excellence and make dreams come true.’ This is the mission that ChopardManufacture has set for itself. As a vertically integrated independent company, Chopard has the necessary resources to meet daily challenges, including top-notch watch creations and sophisticated watch movements that are both sophisticated and innovative. Karl-Friedrich Scheufele’s watchmaking factory in Fleurier, Jura, Switzerland, for the production of certified high-end watch movements. Adhering to the concept of integrated production, in less than 20 years, Chopard finally has a cutting-edge and excellent watch factory by virtue of this aggressive decision. In addition, the location of the watch factory is also conducive to the development of the L.U.C series of watches, named after the founder Louis-UlysseChopard.

  The production of L.U.C series watches is completed at the factories of Chopard in Geneva and Fleurier. Movement design, movement component manufacturing, traditional handmade decoration, gold smelting, case pressing and manufacturing, surface treatment, polishing, assembly, adjustment and quality control. Chopard has expertise in every manufacturing process and applies these cutting-edge technologies Into the production of all LUC series watches.

Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, master of legend

  The ambition of Karl-Friedrich Scheufele gave birth to the Chronométrie Ferdinand Berthoud precision timepiece brand. Named in 2006, he intends to revive the legend of Ferdinand Berthoud, the watchmaker, and inherit his spiritual heritage and extraordinary accomplishments.

  The 18th-century watchmaker was commissioned to make timepieces for the French king and navy. Chopard inherits his spirit of innovation and relentless pursuit, reinterprets timepieces in a modern way, thus creating this outstanding watch series, and issuing an eternal invitation to the world to explore the mysteries of the world of watches and clocks.

Unique Gaïa Award

  In 1993, the International Watch Museum established the Gaïa Award to recognize people who have contributed to the watch industry in different fields. The awards are divided into three major areas of watch manufacturing history, technology and industry, all of which have unique meaning and are designed to recognize the most outstanding contributors. The International Clock and Watch Museum is located in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the ‘World Cultural Heritage City of Watches and Clocks’. The museum has a rich collection of clocks and watches, and it has a strong atmosphere of watchmaking culture from the museum to the entire city. The founder of the Gaïa Award hopes to use this award to further promote the call of spirit inheritors in the field of watchmaking and to spread the outstanding watch culture to the world.

Winners of the 25th Gaïa Awards 2019

  Due to the strict restrictions on the application of the Gaïa Award, the honor of the award far exceeds the award itself. Candidates are recommended by third parties. The jury members are composed of people from Switzerland or other countries. Each judge has a different cultural, journalistic, scientific, and economic background. Each individual’s contribution is evaluated in a fair manner, and one or more awards are finally selected. By. The curator of the International Watch Museum serves as the chairman of the jury to ensure the independence of the jury.