Innovative Breakthrough Hublot Mp-09 Dual-axis Tourbillon Watch

Hublot vowed to push the limits of multi-axis tourbillon watches, and another brand new work (MP) was launched at the Basel Watch Fair. It all started with this extraordinary idea: a fully visible double-rotating tourbillon. In this regard, Hublot designed this exquisite self-produced movement, and created a new original case to highlight the movement’s mystery 100%. Practicality determines the sense of form, which also follows the design philosophy of the Hublot “MP” watch, that is, developing an exclusive movement for original functions, and specializing in external parts to highlight the characteristics of the movement.

   The Hublot MP-09 dual-axis tourbillon watch is equipped with the excellent performance of the MHUB9009.H1.RA automatic winding movement, with a 5-day power reserve. The dual-axis tourbillon exhibits the extreme beauty of mechanical movement. The first axis rotates every minute and the second axis rotates every 30 seconds, which is pleasing and interesting.

   The hand-held MP-09 Tourbillon dual-axis watch also stands out for its original date adjustment system. The design is original and practical, and the calendar can be adjusted quickly in both directions by simply pushing up and down. Multi-layered dial structure, alternating black, white and red, makes the MP-09 more elegant. Near the hour and minute display, the date display is arranged in two semi-circles, which can be changed instantly at different levels. A 5-day power reserve display is provided at 9 o’clock.

   In order to highlight the movement as much as possible-the ‘beating heart’ of the watch, the professional watchmakers in Hublot Watchmaking Factory have created a unique case for MP-09. The dial has a large hollow window at 6 o’clock. Through the super-complex three-sided sapphire mirror, the frenzied swing of the dual-axis tourbillon can be seen at a glance. This dual-axis design can overcome the influence of gravity more than the ordinary tourbillon.

   The watch integrates a number of Hublot iconic designs, including a 49mm diameter case and a water resistance of 30 meters. There are two styles: titanium and king gold (bezel / upper and lower plates / back). . As a super-complex watch with cutting-edge technology, Hublot’s MP-09 dual-axis tourbillon watch is issued in a limited edition worldwide: a limited edition of 50 titanium editions and a limited edition of 20 gold editions.

Bell & Ross A New Realm Of Fine Watchmaking Process

At the beginning of the launch of the BR-X1 series by Bell & Ross, it marked a new page in the brand’s legend. This is a sophisticated high-tech chronograph that distributes the personality of a sports watch. With the birth of a new high-end watch series. The design innovation of the BR-X1 series is inspired by aviation flight instruments, and the new member of this series-the tourbillon chronograph has been available in 2015.
   This BR-X1 tourbillon chronograph combines the aesthetic elements of Bell & Ross and top watchmaking technology in one, but the surprise is more than that; all because the brand is committed to the pursuit of top performance, everything Keep improving and take the already stunning BR-X1 watch to a higher level with a skeleton movement.

Timing functions, complex machinery, forward thinking
   BR-X1 CHRONOGRAPH TOURBILLON SAPPHIRE As the name suggests, the crystal glass case fully sees the movement’s flying tourbillon and the elegant single-press timing system. The two complex timepiece functions are driven by the exquisitely crafted hollow movement.
   The transparent case and dial are like an exclusive perspective window, which will be full of details and complicated timing system. At a closer look, you can see the column wheel, second timer and half-instant jump pointer below the 12 o’clock position. (Usually a traditional sliding pointer), and a 100-hour (minimum 4 days) power reserve display at 9 o’clock.

   The masculine temperament is displayed everywhere, the movement structure is meticulously avant-garde, the bottom plate and the pillars are cut from a piece of metal, the hollow craftsmanship is almost perfect, and the start, stop and zeroing procedures of the timing system are all visible.
   10 o’clock is a 30-minute timer and 2 o’clock is a 60-second timer; the joystick-style single button on the 2 o’clock side is responsible for controlling the start, stop and zeroing of the timer function. Such an exquisite production will definitely be appreciated by watch fans. .
   BR-X1 CHRONOGRAPH TOURBILLON SAPPHIRE The skeleton is singular, the transparent skeleton presents the internal structure in front of you, and you can see the differential device of power reserve and clockwork drum through the back of the table, and you can enjoy the & character sign flight from different angles The wonderful dynamic of the tourbillon frame is undoubtedly a first-class visual enjoyment.

Crystal Treasure
   The jewels of nature are amazing. Among them, sapphire is representative in the precious gem category. From a scientific point of view, the mineral name of sapphire is corundum, which is the second-hardest substance. It is second only to diamonds and hardly wears. The watch industry also refers to synthetic crystal glass as sapphire. This new BR-X1 CHRONOGRAPH TOURBILLON SAPPHIRE crystal glass case contains the wonderful craftsmanship of Bell & Ross watchmakers.
   The crystal clear crystal glass case sees through the movement structure and the operation of different parts; the case is cut from a single piece of crystal glass, and the process is very complicated. It takes a long time to cut and polish the case. The case is composed of nine crystal glass components, including the ring, case back, bezel, table mirror, and four shock-proof rings, which are then densely set by screws; such a complicated case structure is a challenge to the manufacturing technology of the watch factory. Realize the value of its rare watches.

Limited release of 5 pieces
Technical specifications
Movement: Movement number BR-CAL.28. Wind the tourbillon manually. One-button column wheel chronograph. 282 parts, 35 gems, 21,600 vibrations / hour. 4 days power reserve.
Function: Hour and minute hands. Timekeeping function: 30-minute timer at 11 o’clock, 60-second timer at 1 o’clock. Power reserve indicator at 9 o’clock. Flying tourbillon at 6 o’clock.
Case: 45 mm in diameter. Sapphire crystal glass.
Dial: skeleton. Metal applique indexes with Superluminova inserts. Metal hollow Superluminova hour and minute hands.
Strap: translucent material.
Buckle: pin buckle. Polished steel.