2015 Basel Watches In Basel: Bvlgari 100% Wrist Safe

100% Swiss-made, 100% safe, 100% luxurious and noble: Bvlgari’s latest Diagono Magnesium concept watch is a truly global initiative, and it is now the popular so-called smart electronic wristwatch Everything a table can provide is completely different. This is a self-winding mechanical watch that meets the high standards of top quality products. It is also an electronic passport that connects the watch with the wearer. The watch wearer’s personal information can be stored securely inside. The truly intelligent “wrist-vault” is the result of the collaboration between the Bulgari brand and Switzerland’s top information security and data storage company WISeKey.

Czech supermodel Eva Herzigova (left) and Bulgari Global CEO Jean Christophe Babin appear at the Bulgari Pavilion at the 2015 Basel Show

With a history of bold innovation, Bulgari’s creative style has always been in sharp contrast with the popular practices and herd attitudes of the surrounding industry, even in the so-called ‘smart watch’ theme that is widely discussed in the watchmaking industry. , Once again prove that he is different. All other watchmaking brands involved in the development of smart watches have failed to break away from existing thinking frameworks and consider this type of product as a multifunctional portable electronic tool without any high added value, or even a palmtop No electronic game machine can reflect the value of luxury boutique watches. In contrast, the Diagono Magnesium concept watch found a clear breakthrough point between the two fields, which surprised everyone that Bulgari’s innovative ability could be used in such a technological frontier. This forward-looking and practical product meets the daily wear requirements of watches in future life, and truly connects the two worlds that have become increasingly blurred.
The first luxury smart watch
The world’s first smart top watch solution-the concept being presented to the world at Baselworld-is the result of a major technological development that marks a new change in the relationship between the wearer and the watch. Most importantly, this product not only retains the value and specifications of the high-end watch itself, but also an important key that opens the door to the functionality of the digital technology era and the material life of the 21st century. The Diagono Magnesium concept watch has a crypto chip and a hidden antenna. Using Near Field Communication (NFC), this watch can be downloaded to a mobile phone (iOS or Android) with the Bvlgari Vault app installed and installed. Both systems can) send digital verification signals. The built-in hidden antenna of the watch is made of double-insulated material to avoid transmission errors. Just by placing your watch next to a smartphone equipped with an NFC chip, the Bvlgari Vault app on the phone will automatically launch. Only the owner of the watch has access to the stored confidential information, which is as safe as a bank. So far, NFC technology is one of the few methods with the highest security in the field of information transmission, because compared to Bluetooth or other wireless transmission methods, it requires the two devices communicating to be very close to each other. The potential of this technology is almost as wide as that of the digital world itself. In other words: there is no limit. In addition to the most direct use for storing various digital data, electronic payment or transfer, opening the door or Car doors, automatic phone calls, data transmission, electronic transport tickets … and so on, this list can be almost endless.

 Bvlgari Diagono Magnesium Concept Watch and Diagono Magnesium Watch

Drip-proof safety
In terms of security, the Diagono Magnesium concept watch and the Bvlgari Vault app provide the owner with a very unique but very easy to use experience. The encrypted data is stored on a cloud server in a Swiss military blockhouse in the Alps. ; In the unfortunate situation of lost or stolen mobile phone, the Bvlgari Vault app will be triggered to destroy the data by itself according to the set parameters, making it impossible for third parties to obtain it directly from the phone; later, it can be used through the Diagono Magnesium concept watch Restore and restore previously encrypted data.
This concept allows members of the Bulgari corporate ecosystem to see the immense value. In the near future, this cipher key will be used to open the door of a car or house, activate the alarm system of an apartment, or perform security Yu’s electronic payment action. For a luxury boutique brand such as Bulgari, this app can bring multiple benefits to customers or dealers at the same time-various technical information on watch, user manual, warranty, after-sales service The guarantee, automatic registration to the Leonardo da Vinci Club, and all the tracking and processing related to this watch can all be performed automatically through this system.
Sustainable innovation
The new Diagono Magnesium concept watch perfectly showcases the dual characteristics of the Bulgari brand. It is a top watch brand with deep Italian roots, just like the double genius of Da Vinci who is a great artist and scientist. It is always available. A unique approach that blends modern design concepts with the finest Swiss watchmaking expertise and advanced Swiss technology like WISeKey. The smart products of some watch brands may soon be obsolete due to the continuous advancement of technology. What we bring here is a luxury watch that is automatically wound and can be used continuously, just like Bao Like all Gerry’s fine watches! This is what Jean-Christophe Babin, Bvlgari’s global chief executive officer, said.
Replace the focus of life technology
WISeKey, based in Geneva, Switzerland, introduced this whole set of concepts at the World Economic Forum in Davos meeting. It is a response to a new trend, such as the Diagono Magnesium concept watch. Use, will redirect the focus of life and technology from different uses to users themselves, so that they have better control of personal data. Such an innovation plan is undoubtedly part of the larger architecture of the new ‘Internet of Things’ era.

Diagono Magnesium, the first new concept watch to fully protect the personal information of the wearer

The era of needing to hold several physical and electronic keys at the same time to open the door is over. The Diagono Magnesium concept watch is a key in itself, and it can always be with the watch owner. The Bvlgari Vault app is a specially developed version based on the WISeID personal cloud. The design goal is to further realize the Bulgari Trusted Ecosystem. Announced Carlos Moreira, founder and CEO of WISeKey.