What Will Sihh Geneva Watch Show Show On The First Day Of 2017?

The 27th International Salon of High Watches (SIHH) was officially opened on January 16, Switzerland time. Geneva Salon Internatinal de la Haute Horologerie, referred to as ‘SIHH’. In addition to the traditional Lifeng Group’s watch and jewelry brands Cartier, Earl, Vacheron Constantin, Jaeger-LeCoultre, IWC and so on. In 2017, SIHH will also join Kering’s Girard Perregaux and Athens, as well as five independent watch brands. Unlike previous sessions, this year SIHH left the last day to the public in addition to the traditional invitation letter system, saying goodbye to past ‘closed-door’ exhibitions.

   Because the media preview on the first day was half a day, there were relatively few brands to preview, only two brands, Parmigiani and Koperfuss.

   Parmigiani’s ‘Tooth Ring’ new Toric series watches, Parmigiani has released a number of Tonda watches this year, but I don’t think there is a traditional flavor in this Toric series. The hand-made ‘rings’ used by him were used by Parmigiani when he debuted. This year, the brand’s most traditional things are taken out and reinterpreted. The junior pin is displayed with the date, which is neat and clean. Although it is just a simple watch, it is more attractive. The case diameter is 40.8mm and the thickness is 9.5mm. It is equipped with a PF 331 self-winding movement and provides a 55-hour power reserve. Red and white gold, with white and black dial, a total of 4 models. Both are priced at 148,000 RMB.

   After 11 years of research and development, Coperfuss has released the new Grande Sonnerie big self-sounding watch. At three o’clock, the small dial can choose between big self-talk, small self-talk, and silent mode. In addition, it is equipped with a minute repeater and its brand’s most representative 24-second tourbillon. The movement consists of a total of 935 parts. This watch is expected to be limited to 5 to 8 pieces per year, priced at 8,450,000 RMB.

   Although there are not many brands on the first day, there will be more wonderful watches tomorrow, so stay tuned.
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How Do Women Buy Watch Jewelry To Be Considered Financial Freedom?

Some time ago, I posted a hand drawing in the circle of friends, and then found that the two-level differentiation in the comment bar was extremely serious. Girls who pass by basically shout ‘beautiful’. Men who like watches and some girls who have been driven by their fellow men will say that they are not good-looking, do not feel, and will not buy. This has always been a phenomenon that rabbits find very interesting. There is always a gap between the traditional aesthetic dominated by men who love watches and the public aesthetics of the market. Basel has a true story: a brand owner picks up a new watch and asks the media (you (Yes, men dominate, and there are very few women like rabbits.) Which one do you think looks good? As soon as the media answered, he immediately turned to the sales behind him: ‘Order another one.’ This is not a joke, but the industry’s default rule ‘watch editors like watches that are not watched by the market.’ This is an aesthetic difference, including the different understandings of watches by men and women. I have to say that once it comes to professional watches, girls who have just started are always crushed by male aesthetics (especially male watch friends, who give you 10,000 crit every day). At this time, if you don’t have any discretionary money in your pocket, I bet you can hardly buy a watch you really like. Because when it comes to shopping, men prefer value for money, and women love beauty. Why do male watch friends find this Dior ugly? Because it is the proper fashion watch. In the eyes of most watch-loving men (slightly researched on watches), watches must withstand technical analysis, such as movement, polishing, parts assembly, and it is best to tell historical stories, so men think this watch is too expensive That is, the price is low. But women are simple, as long as they look good, they like them. Many years ago, I knew a female boss who bought a Cartier for six or seven hundred thousand. Faced with the appearance of drooling, she said lightly: ‘Actually, I don’t know what this series is, it looks good anyway.’ For a moment I thought it was called ‘violent heaven’. It wasn’t until a few years later that I understood that money was willful. Another thing was that there was enough free and disposable money to pay attention to the so-called buying common sense and doorway (I’ve seen one buy Several PPs didn’t know the person of Rolex Daytona. I wanted to save him at that time, but the money was for me. More than one girl in the background asked me this question: ‘I like Jaeger-LeCoultre’s round watch (dating series), but my husband said that the square table (flip series) is good, and I have been tangled for half a month, how should I choose (this is a (A common problem, not a coincidence). ‘My previous reply was definitely:’ It must be flipped. ‘Now the rabbit has faced the market demand, and dating can sell to the top three positions of China’s mid-to-high-end women’s watches. It is not easy because as a product The first watch designed exclusively for girls, it has insight into the preferences of most women at first glance. ‘Who pays? What do you buy for your money? If your husband has money, try to persuade him, and admit it if you don’t.’ I said, of course I personally like to flip, ‘Even if you fail to win, the worst result At least it is recommended by Sister Bunny, right (very terribly, is there any wood?). ‘At this time, what you need most is actually a wallet completely at your disposal. Some time ago on Weibo, some girls mentioned the stage of financial freedom for girls, including milk tea freedom, cherry freedom, lipstick freedom, hotel freedom, bag freedom, and house purchase freedom. But in fact, I think girls’ resistance to buying jewelry watches is much greater than buying bags, because most men do n’t know anything about bags. Even if they buy money for you, you do n’t dare to say more. At most, they tremble, but watches interfere with you. Most of the opportunities are. ‘I’m also a bit masculine. Although I let my wife choose the table herself, I couldn’t help trying to persuade her.’ I did a small survey in the group yesterday. A rabbit fan told me in private that he first narrowed the scope of the list. After that, he always tried his best (brainwashing) to get his wife to accept the Rolex diary of his choice. Although many times, the choice to be persuaded is not bad, but after all, there is less opportunity for independent decision. Even if you choose to pay for the teaching costs and buy lessons, it is also a growth experience. Mature aesthetics begin with economic freedom and experience consumption step by step. Last week, a girl asked me, ‘Can Sister Bunny recommend good-looking earrings? I want to buy some collocations.’ I said ‘TASAKI’ without thinking, and then she quietly searched the price and said, ‘Buy one or two for more than 10,000 Yes, I ca n’t help buying more. ”Then I thought of a little-known young jewellery brand’ Hertz ‘(a certain treasure has a’ Hertz ‘shop, or I can pay attention to the WeChat public account’ Hertz ‘ Herse ‘), almost two or three hundred. A long time ago, everyone would say: ‘Sister Bunny, what you push is not cheap.’ But after I came into contact with more and more young rabbit fans, I also realized that consumption is a gradual process, and it is best It is a self-reliant process. Instead of spending other people’s money and accepting each other’s broken thoughts, you may not buy the things you want. It is better to face the income squarely and choose the most suitable and favorite at the moment. After all, it is free. What’s more, mature consumption is not only about heroes based on price. You can own Patek Philippe and Tissot watches at the same time, and you can also buy Hai Rui Winston and Huxleys at the same time. There is no contradiction. Who is not wearing a Chanel jacket and a bunch of Uniqlo at home? . These four are red ghost crystal, amethyst, pearl tourmaline, and pearl blue topaz ring. Interestingly, the boss of Hercules is a rabbit that changes like a fake one. Fan, who has been paying attention to gossip rabbits for more than half a year, has also started a business on the way. As a ring control, she bought all the brands and finally decided to do it herself, because too many girls want to have affordable and good-looking jewelry to achieve self-recognition as the first step in life. In my opinion, financial freedom has not always been enough to eat and drink while lying in bed, but you know that you can support yourself no matter how the society changes. The rabbit left 2 questions: 1. Whose money does it usually cost to buy large items of luxury goods? 2. Does your husband or boyfriend interfere with your preferences? Welcome to leave comments and comments, your understanding of girls’ financial freedom, and male fellows to leave messages for equal opportunities. Come on, speak up. The gossip rabbit is only original, welcome to repost!