Introduction Of Three Breguet Traditional Series 7057 Watches

For the Breguet Tradition series, tradition and innovation are coexisting. At Baselworld 2011, the series also added a 40mm diameter model equipped with a 507DR movement: 7057.
 There are three versions of the 7057 watch: one with an 18K white gold case and a smoke-grey NAC decoration movement. The other two are in 18K rose gold case, with rose gold decoration movement or smoke gray NAC decoration movement. The surface decoration of this smoky NAC movement is a smoky platinum group precious metal alloy precipitate formed by electroplating.

Left: Rose gold case with rose gold decorative movement 7057BR / R9 / 9W6
Right: White gold case with smoke-gray decorative movement 7057BB / G9 / 9W6
Like the previous 7052, the arrangement of both sides of the center plate of the 7057 watch can show almost all components including the splint, gears, escapement, and the famous ‘old-fashioned’ hand-cut pare-chute shock absorber .

Left: White gold case with platinum decoration movement model 7057BB / 11 / 9W6
Right: Rose gold case with smoke gray decoration movement 7057BR / G9 / 9W6
┬áThe hour and minute display of the watch is located at 12 o’clock on the dial, and a power reserve display is provided at 11 o’clock. The manually-wound 507DR movement has a diameter of 14.5 legal minutes and 34 stones, and achieves a 50-hour power reserve at 21600vph. The movement is equipped with a linear fork lever escapement, Breguet balance wheel, Breguet hairspring. Water resistant to 30 meters.