Stainless Steel Eccentric Two Time Zone Watch

Le Méridien launches Bentao series stainless steel eccentric two-zone time zone watch
After the titanium series limited edition watch received good market response, Le Méridien launched the Bentao series eccentric two-zone time zone watch, incorporating stainless steel elements into the product. The uniqueness of the new watch lies in its eccentric principle of functional design and the pure and delicate characteristics of watch design and construction.腕表 The special feature of this watch is not only the use of eccentric faceplates in the time zones of the two places, including the local time display of hours, minutes and seconds in an eccentric manner. The face of the local time is slightly offset to 10 o’clock, with thicker lines indicating the hour scale and thinner lines indicating the minute scale. The second time zone panel between 2 o’clock and 5 o’clock also has a surprisingly bright sun and moon dial, which can clearly show the day and night in the second time zone. On the sun and moon dial, the sun and the moon are designed at the same time. The special day and night display mode is separated by a matte and bright sapphire crystal. This watch is 43mm in diameter, the crown is protected by a bridge, and the upper bridge is equipped with a button to adjust the second time. Including two time zone hands, minute scale, moon pattern on the sun and moon dial, and the dial below the date display, all coated with luminous paint for easy reading at night. This hand-decorated ML 121 movement, its additional performance and innovative mechanism are developed by Le Méridien.

Zenith Zenith Releases Three Themed Models At Siar 2018

Zenith has launched an exclusive special edition DefyZeroG timepiece designed for Latin America, opening up a new source of inspiration and using the baroque gorgeous imagination-skull, pirate and Our Lady of Guadalupe, and in 2018 Exhibited at the International Exhibition of Fine Watches (Salón Internacional Alta Relojería, abbreviated as SIAR).

 Salón Internacional Alta Relojería (SIAR for short) is an important reference for the promotion and sales of high-end watches, and it is the first highlight of the Latin American luxury industry in the fall. The 2018 event will be held from October 16th to 18th, at which time the brand, as the industry leader, will seize the good opportunity to launch a set of unprecedented DEFYZEROG special editions. Equipped with a small and fine-tuned ‘gravity control’ gyro module, Zenith is writing a bright future for watchmaking with these outstanding timepieces in the DEFY series.
 Zenith presents SIAR watches for the majority of visitors, with three unique aesthetic inspirations that are eye-catching. The extraordinary DEFYZEROGVIRGENDEGUADELUPE presents the revered image of the Catholic Virgin in the small chapel of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City. The manifestation of the Virgin Mary prompted the Aztecs to convert to Christianity, occupying a special place in Mexican religious life, a symbol of dedication, and a reflection of national pride. The skull has long become a fashionable trendy design. Zenith launched DEFYZEROGSKULL to give the theme a special Mexican style-Diasdelos Muertos, the Mexican Day of the Dead, which is an extremely popular festival in the country, consisting of celebrations, parades and family gatherings. When it comes to skeletons, we must mention DEFYZEROGPIRATES. This timepiece provides a great opportunity for sailing lovers to sail, travel to exotic islands, explore hidden treasures, encounter stubborn sailors, and go to dreams. Adventures in the sea.
 All three DEFYZEROG limited edition models are available in titanium, yellow gold and rose gold. They are slightly retro-aged to highlight the engraving. DEFYZEROG’s unique skeletonized dial, with a colorful Mexican-themed decoration, is housed in a 44mm case with a decorative back and is equipped with the same metal strap and folding buckle. Each treasure deserves a special treasure chest, and each DEFYZEROG comes with a customizable box that expresses each theme. To provide sufficient power for the fastest departure, the core of DefyZeroG is equipped with a fast-moving ElPrimero 8812S manual-winding movement with a vibration frequency of 5 Hz, and a power reserve of up to 50 hours ensures sufficient power before ocean navigation stops at the next stop reserve.

Special Exhibition ‘glashütte In The East German Age-watchmaking Between 1951 And 1990’, Germany’s Glashütte Watch Museum

25 years after the reunification of East and West, the German Glashütte Watch Museum held a special exhibition showing the outstanding achievements of Glashütte’s former designers, watchmakers, toolmakers and Precision machinery. Despite the difficulties, the museum has successfully preserved the precious watchmaking traditions of the East German era.
   With the establishment of the VEB Glashütter Uhrenbetriebe (abbreviated as VEB GUB), Glashütte opened a new chapter in history. From 1951 to 1990, the state-owned enterprise produced many products and equipment for scientific research and daily life. At this special exhibition, various products of this period, including watches, marine clocks, special machinery, wall clocks and different types of timekeeping products will be presented to the world.
   Before 1990, the Glashütte People’s Watch Factory became the largest employer in the region. In addition to producing watches, it also undertakes other tasks including talent training and organizing employees’ leisure activities, which will also appear in this exhibition.
   The museum displays a range of products, tools, special equipment, teaching materials, drawings, and numerous historical photos of the time. The sales and marketing methods of the East German era are also reflected in original promotional videos and product manuals. From June 12th to November 1st, 2015, this special exhibition will be open to the public at the Glashütte Watch Museum in Germany. At the same time, the museum will provide guided tours for a fee of 6.50 Euros.

Traveling The World Nonstop Stopper Blancpain 12 Days Long Power Tourbillon Watch

If morning peaks, meetings, and investment are the main themes of your life, then the significance of travel is that at three points and one line of life, a section of SOLO has finally appeared. Travel the world and enjoy the convenience and reliability of a luxury sports or business travel watch. Travelling with a tourbillon? It really hurts. However, the watch can only be placed quietly at home? That does not lose the meaning of its rotation? When you go out, you also need a long-powered watch!

   Of course, this depends on its powerful Cal.242 automatic winding movement,
243 parts, with a diameter of only 30.60 mm and a thickness of only 6.10 mm, are equipped with a silicon spring and a pallet for reducing the influence of magnetic fields. On the 12th, Honghuang’s power only relied on a clockwork box. For the entire watchmaking industry, it is also necessary to worship Blancpain watchmakers.

   The 7-day holiday may have only used half of its power. In fact, the power reserve of the Blancpain long-powered tourbillon on the 12th is sufficient to support the watch to run for about 14 days. For the sake of conservativeness, it is set as the 12th. Of course, with those watches that can only run for 4 and a half days, but have to say 5 days. This is Blancpain’s low-key, no exaggeration, no impetuous, would rather say less, never say more!

   Speaking of impetuousness, the appearance of this watch is surprisingly low-key. This is not the kind of exposed art form of the Impressionist or Expressionist school. If you want to compare it, this dial design can be called Chinese freehand landscape painting. Simplicity is a mood that cannot be described by Western painting. The dial and painted Roman numeral hour scales are fired from bright fire enamel. It is also paired with Blancpain’s signature double-layer bezel and hollowed-out willow leaf hands known as the ‘first needle in the world’. They are simple and beautiful. Yan. This belongs to the spring and white snow in the design of the watch, which is subtle rather than the hustle and bustle of the plate.

   12 o’clock on the surface of the plane to make perfect flying birds, is naturally a one-minute flying tourbillon of Blancpain. The reason why it is called a flying tourbillon, I believe that my cousin who is familiar with the tourbillon mechanism has long understood it. Just as Blancpain President Mark Hayek said, the existence of a fixed tourbillon table bridge is really unsightly, making it impossible to watch the perfect operation of the tourbillon. Just like breaking the bond, you can fly freely.

   The tourbillon on which the watch is equipped is Blancpain’s largest tourbillon mechanism. It can even allow you to appreciate the full picture of the balance wheel and escapement in more detail, letting people enjoy the watch in the constant speed of the tourbillon. ‘Tick’ operation.

   Through the sapphire back, in addition to the exquisite mechanical structure, the shape of the oscillating weight is more eye-catching. The design of openwork and openwork opens up a larger space for viewing the delicate decoration of the movement’s bridge below. Blancpain cleverly expands the outer edge below the surface of the oscillating weight and extends beyond the circumference of the movement to compensate for the lost weight of the openwork and to ensure the optimization of winding efficiency. On the back of the case, there are two more worthy of play, the hub-shaped gear known as Blancpain wheel, which is unique to Blancpain, and also for marriage with Lamborghini.

   Blancpain’s traditional fine-grained pattern decoration on the bridge of the movement’s traditional movement, all use hand-carved noose pattern, lightly turn the watch, the beautiful light flowing between the lines, flowing light, like the poetry of vision, the dance of light and shadow.