High Animal Series Jewelry Animal World Moving Freely

Panda Fengyi will set off again and arrive in Malaysia yesterday (May 21). The giant panda Scarlett, who watched TV for the treatment of depression, and 2 tons of flowers to form a giant QR code successfully attracted Tourist eyes, the national treasure is really busy! In fact, many high-end jewellery brands love to create jewelry from animal series, so that gems and animal shapes want to combine to create a luxurious mobile animal world.

 Boucheron Panda Ring

 Gems are formed by the continuous grinding and tempering of nature, which is the gift of nature. Now more and more designers choose to use gems to make things that are closest to nature, including cute little animals. Under the inspiration of designers, a lot of gorgeous animal jewelry with different shapes are born. Naturally, letting animal shapes and jewels blend together perfectly seems like a natural fit.
 The Boucheron panda ring is another masterpiece of the designer’s perfect fusion of jewellery and animals. This ring shaped a cute giant panda sleeping on a bamboo. The emerald-inlaid emerald bamboo is lifelike, as if it were The moso bamboo, black sapphire and diamond inlaid giant pandas are even more dynamic and lifelike.

 Boucheron Danger Ring

 It is an instigator on the apple tree in the Garden of Eden. It is also a representative of evil and gloomy ‘villains’ in the general sense. It has irreplaceable symbolic significance in the world, especially in Europe, where the high jewelry is born. When the jewelry designer interprets this ‘symbol’ with bright and colorful jewelry, it will collide with many ‘contradictory beauty’ in human nature, which will move people’s hearts or win strong recognition. In the East, snakes are considered to be one of the ‘big four spirits’ and can be widely accepted. No wonder the world of snakes is invincible.

 Tiffany peacock brooch

 In the 17th and 18th centuries, the symbolic trend of jewelry design became more obvious. At that time, people liked to engraved ‘inscriptions’ on jewelry, and wrote attitudes about love or current feelings. Themed jewelry became a fashion.

 Tiffany Penguin High Jewellery

 Tiffany’s most talked about color-Tiffany blue, is itself derived from the robin, which is exactly the color of the robin eggs (Tiffany blue was also originally called robin blue). A tiny robin is always placed next to the delicate key pendant in the display window of the Tiffany store to attract customers. For example, watch fans in the watch industry must think of the ‘animal forms’ of some watch brands, such as IWC’s bat-shaped bridges, Blancpain’s nautilus rotors, etc. Design?

Dior Incroyables & Merveilleuses Papillon de Paradis Cocktail Ring

 Dior fish-shaped high jewelry ring

 Dior’s fine jewelry combines a variety of materials to create a charming style. Each piece of jewelry has a deeper meaning and story behind it. These jewels include precious stones of various sizes, decorative stones, and a large number of opals. The exquisite decoration conveys the texture like a high-end custom fashion lining. Whether it is a delicate butterfly on a cocktail ring or vivid fish and waves on a fish-shaped ring, it all reflects the brand’s pursuit of fine workmanship.

 Chopard’s Precious Polar Bear Ring Limited Edition

 A translucent polar bear walks among the light flying snowflakes, like a winter wonderland.
 Chopard’s animal jewelry series have been well received by the public since its debut. 150 amazing and unique artworks, from exquisite bee brooches to precious polar bear diamond watches, from smart bird earrings to elven monkey accessories, each looks so gorgeous.

 Piaget Limelight Garden Party white gold and red tourmaline ring

 Van Cleef & Arpels Amentha clip fish jewelry

 Tiffany Fine Jewelry Brooch

The Soul Of Saxony Music Lange Strongly Supports ‘conductor Zheng Mingxun And Dresden National Orchestra China Concert’

The Dresden National Orchestra is the musical soul of Saxony, Germany. This oldest and most traditional orchestra in Europe has been an indispensable cultural identity of Saxony since its birth in 1548. In November 2015, Lange strongly supported the concerts of the Dresden National Orchestra in Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin. The orchestra will perform ‘Beethoven’s Second Symphony’ and ‘Mozart: A’ under the guidance of conductor Zheng Mingxun. ‘Piano Concerto No. 23 in Major,’ and ‘Mahler’s Fourth Symphony,’ etc.
An 1815 UP / DOWN watch next to the metronome, taken at the Semper Opera in Dresden

   As the royal capital of Saxony, Dresden is the leading precision technology capital. It has famous watchmaking geniuses such as Gutkees and Lange, and is also a favorite place for the goddess of music and art. It has made Richard Wagner, Richard Strauss and Karl Maria von Weber and many other great music masters.
   In the 19th century, the strongest electorate of the Saxon Wetting dynasty, August I, who loved art and culture, drove the construction of Dresden into a large number of houses including the Semper Opera House, Zwinger Palace, and Green Dome A luxurious royal city with Baroque elements. It was at that time that the Dresden National Orchestra, the then Royal Saxony Orchestra, had its own new home: the Semper Court Theatre (the Semper Opera House). The famous designer Gertfried Semper was commissioned by August I. In 1838, he designed this palace theater, which is based on the early Italian Renaissance style, and has both the Greek Collins stigma and the French Baroque carving. Ferdinando Adolf Lange followed his teacher, Gutkez, then the watchmaker of the Saxon court, to build the world-famous five-minute digital clock for the Semper Court Theatre. The Semper Court Theatre is a place for the Dresden National Orchestra. Under the five-minute digital clock created by Lange, the orchestra’s frequently played music for the royal and famous families includes not only Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and Men The classic works of masters such as Delsson, as well as the new masterpieces of Richard Wagner and Richard Strauss, were released at that time.
   As the music leader of the Semper Court Theatre, Leipzig-born Richard Wagner grew up in Dresden. His musical career is closely related to the Dresden National Orchestra. Wagner, employed by the Saxon royal family, is the chief musician of the Nassem Court Theatre. He worked closely with the Dresden National Orchestra and successfully premiered a number of operas such as ‘The Wandering Dutchman’ and ‘Don Wise’, which not only strengthened his position, but also broke the traditional opera with new structural elements. The old stalemate laid the cornerstone of modern opera.
   The friendship between Richard Strauss and the Dresden National Orchestra has lasted for more than 60 years. He has nine operas, including ‘Salome’, ‘Electra’ and ‘Rose Knight’, all of which have collaborated with the Dresden National Orchestra and premiered at the Semper Court Theatre. And his ‘Alps Symphony’ is a grand symphony poem dedicated to the Dresden National Orchestra. With colorful images of nature, such as night scenes in the mountains, wonders in the forest, and the peak of the rising sun, his works express Richard Strauss’ passion for the Dresden National Orchestra.
   In 2007, the Dresden National Orchestra won the International Traditional Music Cultural Heritage Protection Award of the European Cultural Foundation in Brussels. To date, the Dresden National Orchestra is the only classical orchestra to receive this award.
   In its long history of almost five centuries, the enthusiasts of the Dresden National Orchestra have a lot of names. Looking back at the 100-year history that has just passed, the heavyweights standing on its podium include Ernst von Schock, Karl Bem, Kurt Sandring, Herbert Bron Stet and Fabio Louisi and many other masters. At present, the current conductor Christian Tillerman not only makes this orchestra dominate the major German music festivals, such as Bayreuth Wagner Festival in Bavaria, Shostakovich in Saxony, Switzerland The International Music Festival has also moved the orchestra to Austria every year since 2013 and has performed on the famous Salzburg Easter Music Stage in April.
The 1815 RATTRAPANTE PERPETUAL CALENDAR watch and Beethoven’s ninth symphony sheet music were placed on the podium, taken at the Semper Opera House in Dresden.

   In 2015, the symphony of the Dresden National Orchestra’s performance season, from Russian soul figures Tchaikovsky and Shostakovich to Italian opera king Rossini, from Baroque masters Handel and Bach to Vienna music The classics Schubert and Beethoven spanned centuries, from the romantic representatives Schumann and Weber to the modern Richard Wagoner, Bruckner and Mahler. In addition to symphony concerts, the Dresden National Orchestra also has powerful chamber music and outdoor concert programs, and festival concerts held at Dresden’s landmark Notre Dame Cathedral are also a traditional feast.