36 Another Annual Masterpiece Of The Movement The Mp Calendar And Mp Calendar Moon Phase

In the spring of 2016, Glashütte originally launched Senator Excellence watch, equipped with the new Calibre 36 movement, laying the foundation for a new generation of outstanding timepieces: the first use of a silicon spring, a single spring to achieve 100 Hour power reserve, Glashütte original certification, timeless craft aesthetics. Once launched, the market has been hotly debated and highly regarded by consumers. In the autumn of 2016, there are new models of the MP MP Calendar and MP MP Moon Phase Watches. Both products adhere to Calibre 36’s consistent pursuit and commitment to accuracy, lasting power, stability, and timeless beauty. With large calendars and moon phases as new highlights, Glashütte’s original and unique watchmaking art is highlighted.

Glashütte Original MP Excellence new series (from left):
Congressman’s Great Calendar Watch, Congressman’s Great Calendar Moon Phase Watch, Congressman’s Excellence Watch

Original certification: a commitment to superior quality

The Congressman Excellence Series fulfills a new commitment to quality. Regardless of whether it is a junior hand, a large calendar, or a large calendar moon phase, each watch has been inspected by the factory in Saxony for 24 days, and its rigor exceeds the complexity of the German observatory test. This check is consistent for all watch models in the range. The logo engraved on the back of each case is quality certification. In addition, the owner of the parliamentary Excellence watch series will be provided with a test certificate unique to his watch, with important test data. The unique online page also provides more detailed data and inspection process information of this form.

Excellent Shuangjie, only because Glashütte original

The Senator Excellence Large Calendar Watch is equipped with a practical and generous large calendar function. The coaxial large in-plane calendar enables precise midnight date conversion. Coaxial two-plane digital discs eliminate the need for a separator between the two date digits for excellent readability. The precise instant jump mechanism makes the midnight date conversion more accurate. With exquisite details, practical functions also become decorative elements. The large round calendar window is elegantly integrated into the dial, and the two delicate layers enhance the visual depth like a picture frame. The ivory background accentuates the dark black numbers.

Senator Excellence Calendar with a practical and elegant calendar function

The Senator Excellence Grand Calendar Moon Phase Watch combines the date display with the original Glashütte classic feature of the moon phase. A round of silvery moons run in a curved window between 10 and 11 o’clock. The moon phase dial is made by complicated manual work in its own dial factory in Pforzheim, showing 122 years of accuracy. The moon’s elegant curves are carefully cut with diamonds, and dazzling against the starry electroplated blue background.

Senator Excellence Grand Calendar Moon Phase Watch combines date display with the original Glashütte classic feature of the moon phase

Excellence 36 new movement: a mark of precision and intelligence

The Calibre 36 caliber serves as the basis for the new parliamentary excellence series and is designed entirely according to the needs of modern life. The innovative silicon hairspring guarantees the best accuracy. With just one barrel, it can provide a power reserve of more than 100 hours at a frequency of four hertz (28,800 vibrations per hour), guaranteeing longer operating time. Calibre 36, as a new member of Glashütte’s original and growing movement series, has double guarantees in stability: in addition to the compact design, there is also an innovative slot design that fixes the movement in the case. Make travel time more accurate and stable. Precision craftsmanship and the unique structural design of Glashütte ensure that all members of the parliamentary Excellence watch series are harmonious and perfect from the core mechanical mechanism to the gorgeous appearance.

The foundation of precision and intelligence-Calibre 36

Glashütte’s original quality guidelines for the Calibre 36 movement also apply to the large calendar and moon phase modules. Both features are as good as the product as a whole, not only following stable design principles, but also setting new benchmarks in ‘user-friendly’ design. In addition to the date of the new model, the moon phase can also be adjusted. Pull the crown to position 1 to wind the watch, position 2 to adjust the date and moon phase, and position 3 to correct the time. Thanks to the fine gear operation, the moon phase adjustment is more accurate: according to the revolution cycle of the moon 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes, and 2.9 seconds, theoretically only one day of error is required every 122 years.

Glashütte’s original quality guidelines for the Calibre 36 movement also apply to the large calendar and moon phase modules

Both watches have a case diameter of 40 mm and are made of polished or satin-finished rose gold or stainless steel. Through the thin bezel and curved sapphire crystal glass with anti-reflective coating on both sides, silver frosted dials, laser-engraved black hour markers, and matching track-type dials can be observed. The fine black minute scale in stainless steel is laser-engraved and plated, while the minute scale in rose gold is bright red. Two timepieces with pear-shaped blue-steel hands and a delicate second hand ensure legibility. A black Louisiana alligator leather strap and buckle ensure wearer comfort.

From left: Senator Excellence Calendar Moon Phase Stainless Steel, Red Gold

The new MP MP and MP MP Moon Phase Watches debut at the Glashütte Original Boutique in China.